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4 Reasons to Hire A Courier

January 2, 2018 Courier

hire a courier
hire a courier

The most successful businesses understand something incredibly important. They can’t do it all on their own and still be successful. They need to rely on outside sources to help them reach peak performance. Then they can focus on doing what they do best. Which is why the most successful businesses depend on a courier service to help them out. They recognize the myriad benefits. But for those companies still wondering why they should consider working with a courier service, here it is. Four reasons why every business should hire a courier.

1. Saves a Ton of Time

Imagine owning a busy investment firm. There are documents that need to get filed with the SEC in a timely manner. Documents that, if not filed, can cause a lot of problems for both the company and their clients. Most banking firms are extremely busy during working hours. They need all hands on deck. They can’t afford to send one of their assistants to file documents. It will simply take too long. They also can’t afford to wonder if the assistant got lost on the way back because they’re new to the area.

Time would be lost. Time which means money. It doesn’t matter what type of business it is. When it needs to get there, it should be outsourced and handled by the professionals. When a company moves to hire a courier, they’re doing so because they know their time is precious to them. The courier company understands that as well and works to ensure all deliveries get picked up and delivered in a timely manner.

2. Saves the Business a Lot of Money

Say a company asks an employee to run a package over to another business that’s located on the other side of the city. The employee currently earns $25 per hour. The employee takes all the major streets because that’s what they’re familiar with. They get stuck in heavy traffic. It takes them two and a half hours to make the entire trip. Which means that company just paid someone $62.50 to deliver a package. They also lost the use of their employee for any other tasks during that time.

That’s a lot of valuable time and money lost running across town. Meanwhile, their competitor knew enough to hire a courier service. They had a rush delivery to make. The courier service came promptly and because they were on a bike, managed to miss all that traffic. The courier service also was able to work with the competitor to offer them a ton of services, rates, and discounts. The competition had all their employees on deck. As a result, they were able to deliver the package and finalize their important presentation. All because they realized how cost effective it is to hire a courier service.

3. A Business Should Hire a Courier Because It’s Convenient

Bob is the receptionist at a small toy company. Half the company is away at a conference. The rest of the employees are busy covering for everyone who is gone. Suddenly, Bob doesn’t feel very well and needs to go home. But a package needs to get delivered to a VIP customer as soon as possible. The customer forgets his kids birthday party was today.

It’s extremely inconvenient for anyone at the toy company to leave their work to deliver the package. It’s even more inconvenient to tell this customer that it’s not possible. However, a courier service can pick up that delivery at any time. They can even do super rush orders that are picked up within one hour and delivered to the destination.

A courier service also offers rush service which means within 3-4 hours that package gets delivered, guaranteed. For items that don’t need to be rushed but still need to arrive that day, there’s often a 5:00 pm order available. There’s also a convenient next day service that’s also guaranteed to arrive by 5:00 pm. Lastly, if it needs to arrive at a certain time, but when it’s picked up is less important, a pre-scheduled delivery can also be made. The convenience a courier service provides is unparalleled. There are many options to choose from to ensure a package always arrives on time.

4. It’s Stress-Free

No matter if an item gets shipped locally or elsewhere, hiring a courier service just takes the stress out of delivery. Companies hire a courier service because they know they’re dependable. The couriers know where the destination locations are, so packages won’t get lost. Successful companies are too busy focusing on their work. They shouldn’t have to worry about having an internal team waiting around just in case a delivery needs to be made. It’s a waste of manpower and a waste of money. Companies also shouldn’t have to worry about losing an employee to make a delivery.

All of that is far too stressful. That’s why businesses need to hire a courier to ensure their packages are picked up and delivered on time. They deserve to work with a courier service who can guarantee great service each and every time. A courier service takes the stress out of running out to the local FedEx or UPS office. They can’t guarantee same day delivery, anyway. The post office usually means getting stuck in lines. They also can’t guarantee same day delivery, either.

No other delivery service out there can compete with a courier service.They simply don’t have the same resources. FedEx and USPS all have trucks. Parking is a problem for them. A courier will often use bikes and motorbikes to ensure a speedy delivery without the hassle of finding a parking space.

Find the Best Courier Service

Every company has different needs. Do some research to find the best courier service possible. Make sure they have a good track record for reliability. Ask business contacts if they have one they can recommend. Once the best courier has been located, contact them to ask about their rates and services. Our service is unparalleled. Contact us to work with the best.