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5 Courier Solutions That Can Benefit Your Business

February 1, 2018 Courier

courier solutions
courier solutions

How do you know if your consumers get the products they paid for? Do they get their packages and documents on time? How can you guarantee clients they won’t be among the 11 million consumers who experienced package theft? If you try to deliver everything on your own, then you’re wasting precious resources. By this time you need to avail of excellent courier solutions that get the job done.

Not sure if your business will benefit from a courier’s services? Not sure if this is a solid investment? Here are five key courier solutions that can boost your business and guarantee client satisfaction:

Rush Delivery

Nobody likes to wait. If you don’t have rush delivery services, your clients might start looking elsewhere. Slow service and slow delivery is a path to losing out on potential leads.

One of the first solutions that courier services can give you are rush delivery options. You can now offer:

What’s the difference? Same Day and Next Day are self-explanatory. Pre-Scheduled Routing refers to the courier’s daily routes and schedule, which you can use to inform clients when they’re items will ship and arrive.

This means clients who are in a rush and need to avail of your products as soon as possible won’t look elsewhere. They get the guarantee of immediate gratification.

Of the different solutions, this is the most important. You will find that many online shoppers tend to register for monthly membership when the benefits include cheaper, quicker shipping.

Air Freight Services

Want to deliver items outside the state and to any point in the United States? Do you need freight delivery services for customers in South America? The answer is an air freight service.

Air Freight Services guarantee you can ship out large cargo to any city in the country. Some courier solutions even allow freight shipping to South American cities and major Latin American cities.

How and why is this important?

Imagine if your business is the primary supplier for a retail store halfway across the United States. How much would it cost to send out small parcels every day? Think about the time and effort you’ll waste doing so.

You can save money if you instead turn to air freight services since you can ship out thousands of parcels at once.

What if your business focuses on heavy cargo like refrigerators or air conditioning units? You won’t be able to ship those to another state by land due to the high expenses and time delays. With air freight services, you can get those anywhere your clients demand.

Last Mile Delivery

Some couriers do not deliver parcels to a client’s home. A few others do offer last mile delivery and those are the courier solutions you want to grab a hold of. You want to deliver your products to your clients’ doorsteps.

This is convenient for clients because they no longer have to get out of the house and go to the post office or the courier’s office to pick up a parcel. They don’t have to spend on gas money or waste their time on the road.

An average of 3,287 people die from road accidents each day. You can ensure your clients’ safety by letting the couriers do all the road work. Customers can stay home or in the office and their parcels come to them instead.

Items come to them and the customers have nothing else to worry about.

Do keep in mind that last mile delivery does not always mean the courier will leave packages at a doorstep or porch if no one is there to receive it. As mentioned, there were 11 million victims of parcel theft in the United States and couriers will not leave a package in a neighborhood flagged for high crime rates.

Refrigerated Services

Cold delivery is one of the most important services for business that provide meat, fish, and drinks. Courier solutions are the best services to get if your business falls into those categories or others that need a good way of keeping products fresh and cold.

Not sure if you need cold delivery services? If your business offers any of the following then you may want to consider it:

Food products like sandwiches

  • Medicine
  • Dairy products
  • Ice cream
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish

With proper cold delivery, you can guarantee clients that they’ll receive fresh products and well-kept products.


Do you have multiple branches across the country? You might need of warehousing and servicing opportunities to cater to customers. This is one of the top courier solutions you have to get, especially if you are a big business.

Couriers can provide you with warehouse storage across the country. You can then ship your products to those warehouses and the courier will then ship individual items out only when customers nearby order something.

It’s a system popularized by shopping giants like Amazon. Every online shop is now taking advantage of a similar system.

Warehousing guarantees that a customer from Seattle won’t have to wait for a product flying in from Chicago because the business has a warehouse close by. Because of this system, you can keep products close to every customer on the map and this makes same-day shipping easier to maintain.

Get the Best Courier Solutions Today

All these courier solutions will improve your business’ reputation. You’ll have more options for your clients and can now guarantee instant gratification for those who want faster delivery.

The trick now is looking for a courier service that delivers on all these solutions.

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than amazing. You don’t want to deal with couriers who lose their clients’ packages or get into accidents. You’ll want the kind of courier service that meets both business and customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far. We offer all these solutions and more. If you want guaranteed top-of-the-line service for all these options and then some, feel free to send us a message and we’ll do our best to answer any questions.