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6 Quick Tips for Choosing Warehouse Services in Miami

February 7, 2018 Courier

warehouse services
warehouse services

If your business isn’t constantly growing, it’s already dying. The problem with constant growth is you might end up growing out of your building. That’s a good thing, but it might mean you need some extra storage space. But choosing the right warehouse isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of factors that need to go into this decision. So let’s take a look at six tips that will help you find the best warehouse services for your business.

1. Decide on a Location

Depending on the size of your business, you may need warehouse storage in different locations. Storage services that are way out of your way will make storing and transporting products a real pain.

If you have a large business that ships products throughout the United States, or even just several hours away, you’ll want to find storage near transport routes, whether that be freeways or railroads.

Small businesses, on the other hand, that only services a local market will want storage as close to the company offices as possible. Keeping your products nearby will make accessing them quick and easy. You’ll also be able to reach them anytime you want instead of wasting important time driving there and back.

If the warehouse services you’re looking at aren’t in the best location for your business, you’re better off looking somewhere else.

2. Check the Size

You’ll want your storage warehouse to be a good size for your products. This may seem like an obvious tip, but you may be paying for extra space you don’t really need.

When in doubt, it’s better to go to small than too big. You can always upgrade to a larger storage unit if your products don’t all fit, but you may not realize your storage unit is too big.

And the biggest thing to look out for is ceiling height.

If your products fit snuggly inside the warehouse but the ceiling towers over them, you’ll be paying for all that extra space you aren’t using. This will cause costs like taxes, real estate, and utilities to go up.

You may not always be able to avoid a tall ceiling, but it’s something to consider when looking at warehouse services.

3. How Long Do You Need to Store?

Some warehouses will ask for a specific amount of storage time to list on the contract, so spend some time thinking about how long you’ll need to use it before signing anything.

You don’t want to get stuck paying for a warehouse for two years that you really only needed for one. It may be hard to know exactly how long you’ll need a warehouse up front. Maybe you can even get by with seasonal storing instead of storing your products year round.

Ultimately, it’s better to go for less time than more time. You can always renew a contract, but you can’t always back out of one if your plans change.

4. Find Someone Who’s Flexible

Your options may be limited, but if you can, get warehouse services from a company that’s is easy to work with.

It’s impossible to predict the ups and downs of a business. Even if you’re certain you’ll need a warehouse for three years, something could go wrong in year two. When things like that happen, you’ll want a company that’ll work with you.

Stick with a company that can be flexible so you don’t get stuck paying for a warehouse you don’t need. If a company doesn’t look like they’ll work with your personalized needs, you may want to avoid them.

5. Make Sure It’s Accessible

You may have to give multiple people access to the warehouse, so you need to make sure the warehouse can be easily accessible for all of those people.

Depending on your business, you may have a constant flow of products being shipped in and out of the warehouse. Before you decide on any warehouse services, talk to them about the company about scheduling.

If the scheduling doesn’t fit your business, it may slow things down and negatively affect the rest of the company, so this isn’t a question you should skip.

6. Look at the Warehouse Company’s Reputation

If the company you’re looking at has never worked with a business like yours, you may not want to be its first guineapig. You’ll want to be sure the warehouse company you end up with knows the industry well and has experience working with it.

A good way to figure this out is to talk with past or current clients. You can usually find clients to talk to by asking the company for references. But if they can’t provide any (they may not want to give clients information), you can check on their website.

Most websites may have reviews, and you may even be able to find some current clients there.

If you can’t find any clients at all, have a detailed conversation with the warehouse company about their customer service. You can usually tell if they have worked with a business like yours from the answers they provide.

But be sure to bring up even the smallest pieces of the process to make sure they will be able to specifically cater to your business.

There’s a Lot to Think About before Getting Warehouse Services

Choosing the right warehouse services takes time and patience. It isn’t something you should rush into. Take your time and look at the different options available to you. When you find a company you like, ask questions and have conversations before you make your final decision.

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