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ASAP Courier Comes to The Rescue Yet Again!

October 7, 2016 Courier

On a late Sunday evening we had one of our biggest clients in Palm Beach County call us because their driver was exceeding the DOT regulations for overtime and they needed our assistance to get it done. The driver was in Fort Pierce. I would say it was 5:15 pm and they were frantic.

ASAP Provides a logistics solution:

I contacted one of our 16′ box truck drivers who was ready and out the door. In about one and a half  hours our ever ready ASAP courier, who lives in Broward County made it up to Fort Pierce. We were able to meet with the driver off load the truck and get the job done. We also saved the client from possible fines and what ever else the DOT would have hit them with. Potentially thousands of dollars out of pocket for them. Until this day we still have the client who can call us at any hour of the day and night and any one of the 7 days and know they will have someone pick up the phone and get the job done!!

ASAP Courier has been in the Fort Lauderdale and Miami area for over 30 years as a fast and reliable delivery service. With this kind of longevity and dedication there is no other solution to your delivery needs. Call Us at: 305-947-7477