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Delivery Courier Services: What Can I Ship, How Quickly, and How Far?

June 4, 2019 Courier

When you think of delivering a package, you’d go through your post office or FedEx or UPS, right?

The thing is, local couriers can provide as good a service at a competitive price depending on your needs.

This article will help you learn what, how long, and how far you can ship packages using delivery courier services,

We’ll go over what to expect when researching and using a local courier, from both a business and a consumer perspective.

What Are Delivery Courier Services?

Courier services get your goods and packages from point A to point B.

These exchanges can happen between businesses, or between businesses and consumers.

They can be regular deliveries, where businesses have their go-to service for all their needs or one-off deliveries in the case of consumers.

What Can I Ship?

The main difference between delivery couriers and say the post office is that couriers can ship a wider variety of products.

There are specialized couriers that can ship more than documents. They also have a more specialized process for how they ship certain packages.

This is due to the infrastructure they have in place that lets them ship out more specialized products.

Unlike the post office, which handles letters and smaller packages most of the time.

Some specialized services include

  • Sensitive document delivery for things like passports, clerk filings, and bank deposits
  • Refrigerated services for easily perishable items like seafood, pharmaceuticals or biological products.
  • Industry-specific parts delivery in auto, HVAC, and computer equipment

As a consumer or a business, you’ll want to take stock of what items you plan on shipping, and if you need it shipped on a regular basis.

This will help determine if you need specialized courier services or not.

How Quickly Can They Ship It?

It depends on what exactly you’re shipping. The heavier, larger or more specialized the service, the longer it will take.

However, in general, courier services ship at a much quicker rate than your standard mail services, as they offer a quality, premium service.

Specialization allows them to stay up-to-date with best practices and technological innovations in their industry.

They’re able to guarantee their deliveries at a much higher rate, often to a certain date and time block.

They can also pick up the packages at the consumer’s homes or a businesses’ warehouse, which increases the speed at which your package is delivered.

How Far Can They Ship It?

If the packages you need to be delivered are small and require a short distance, consider using a local courier service. Local couriers are usually more optimized for deliveries within a certain range, so it’s perfect for local businesses or people sending things locally.

If you need to ship something larger, or something over a greater distance, you’ll want to look into larger companies.

Some companies use a combination of many vehicle-specific networks involving, railroads, planes, trucks, vans, ships, and even motorcycles or bicycles to deliver goods.

You’ll want to discuss your options with both local and larger companies regardless. Local companies might have an extensive network available and a reasonable price.

Choosing the Best Courier For Your Needs

These are the main factors when considering a courier for your business or personal items.

Do You Need A Specialized Courier?

This goes with understanding what your needs are when delivering your package. For example, if you need refrigeration for your package, you’ll have to look at both local and global companies that offer refrigeration.

You’ll easily be able to filter your list if you have certain needs.

Are They Available?

This might be a given, but there is a high demand for quality delivery services. With the need for complex delivery services, you’ll want to dig a little deeper with how much capacity they currently have to take on a new client.

If you’re planning on using them regularly through your business, it pays to give them a conservative estimate on how many packages will need to be delivered on a monthly basis.

Who Do They Work With?

Having a track record with other reputable companies can go a long way to picking the right delivery courier service. Depending on what your needs are, you’ll want to do anywhere from basic to comprehensive online and in-person research.

An online presence is a telling sign that the company takes pride in how they’re viewed.

You’ll also want to look at third-party review sites and ask about any bad reviews when you’re on the phone with them.

Do They Offer Insurance? How Much?

This is something you’ll want to research on their website and re-verify the information on the phone. This will give you peace of mind and protect your company from any potential liability.

Researching the insurance policy, determining how much is covered and comparing that to the value of your items can help you make the right decision.

What’s the Cost?

Couriers are a premium service, that’s why you’ll want to get multiple quotes from multiple companies to get a fair assessment on what is currently being offered.

Making a spreadsheet can help you determine how much value you’ll receive for the price.

Courier Services Can Provide Great Value

If you’re frustrated with shipping through the post office, couriers can help alleviate a lot of those frustrations.

Check out our delivery courier services for more information.