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Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring a Courier Service in Miami

October 30, 2017 Courier

Mark Twain is famous for having once said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Today, we could make a similar comment about the local delivery industry. When electronic messaging became popular, folks wondered if it would destroy the business of so-called “snail mail.” Today, however, courier and delivery services are a growing industry, with profits of about $90 billion a year. A huge source of revenue for courier service in Miami is the local business community. Various firms often need documents and parcels delivered quickly and at a specific time, which courier services are well-equipped to do. Wondering if hiring a courier service in Miami is the right move for your business? Here are some points for you to consider.

What Is a Courier Service?

First, let’s take a closer look at what a courier service is, and how it differs from other shipping and receiving options.

Simply put, a courier service is a company that delivers documents, packages, and other parcels. These private services are able to deliver mail more quickly than the United States Postal Service (USPS). This is because they cater to a smaller number of clients, and maintain more flexible business hours.

While large shipping companies like UPS and FedEx fulfill many of these same functions, courier services are unique in that they are usually locally based. For this reason, a courier service in Miami would be well-acquainted with the South Florida region. This makes the delivery times more efficient, and the prices more affordable.

That said, even if a courier service is based in a specific geographic region, that does not necessarily mean it is restricted to that region. For instance, while ASAP Courier is a courier service in Miami, we fulfill shipments across the United States and Canada.

What Do Businesses Use Courier Services for?

Depending on your business’s specific model, you can use a courier service to address various needs.

Deliver Packages to Customers

One popular use of courier services is quickly delivering packages to customers. If your business has an online component, you can use a courier service to easily ship out products.

Courier services are also great for B2B companies. For instance, bakers, butchers, and farmers often use courier services to deliver goods to clients like restaurants and grocery stores. Here at ASAP Courier, we offer refrigerated vehicles to ensure that perishable items arrive at their location in perfect condition.


If shipping out products is a big part of your business, keeping inventory on hand can take up a lot of space. With a courier service, you can get warehouse space for your products. Then, when a purchase is made, the courier simply needs to retrieve the product from the warehouse to deliver it.

Deliver Documents

Businesses like law firms and mortgage brokers often deal with important documents that must be delivered to a specific location on the same day or overnight. A courier service can ensure that your documents will arrive on time, and will get to the designated person.

What Are the Benefits of a Courier Service

Now that we have seen what a courier service is, and what ways a business can use a courier service, let’s consider some of the benefits of courier services.


With a courier service, you will not have to drive packages and parcels to the post office. Instead, you can simply schedule a pickup online or over the phone, and have the courier come to you.

This will save your business time and money. Additionally, you will be able to focus on your work and productivity, rather than worrying about logistical details.


With a courier service, you have access to free tracking to see where your parcel is. You can use this to verify when the parcel arrives at its designated location. With ASAP Courier, you can easily track your deliveries on our website.

Additionally, you can share this tracking information with your customers so they can track their own orders. This will help grow your business since quick shipping and the ability to track orders is crucial to customer satisfaction.


Unlike big-name carriers, local courier services do not need to take packages to a centralized hub before they can deliver them to their final destination. This allows couriers to deliver packages in a more timely manner. Best of all, this benefit comes at a lower cost to you.

Save Money

If your business does a lot of shipping, you may wonder whether it would be more cost effective to hire a full-time delivery person, rather than paying for a courier service. In reality, your company will save a lot of money by outsourcing to a courier.

Keep in mind that the salary is not the only expense associated with a new employee. You must also consider the cost of health insurance, paid time off, and sick leave. Additionally, if your delivery person falls ill, you will need someone to fill in for them.

Open an Account

If you anticipate that your business will need frequent deliveries, you can consider opening an account with a courier service. By opening an account, you schedule regular deliveries and even get better prices for being a frequent customer. Additionally, as the couriers get to know you and your business better, they can tailor their service to your specific needs.

Customer Service

Our dispatchers and drivers work day and night to make sure businesses like yours have a consistent customer experience. Because we are a local company, we know our clients well and understand their unique needs.

Hire a Courier Service in Miami Today

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why so many businesses have turned to courier services to handle their shipping needs. Courier services are affordable, dependable, flexible, and even offer a personal touch to customers.

Do you need a courier service in Miami? Then contact us for a free quote. We will work with you to get the service you need.