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Freight or Flight!

June 9, 2017 Courier

There are very few people we entrust with our belongings, especially those which we ship locally or internationally.  When it comes to important documents, contracts, funds or even gifts, we tend to become quite anxious at the thought of not transporting and delivering these items ourselves.  However, ASAP Courier of Florida is a state of the art courier and logistics company which has a proven track record for reliability and accuracy.

Heavy Lifting

Moving can be very stressful, whether moving a home or office.  Some have a need to move across state, while others move to cross country destinations.  Very few moving companies offer same day delivery anywhere in the United States, especially with the precision and and service which ASAP courier offers.

Shipping Vs. Freight

These terms are commonly used to describe the transport of items, although there are a few key differences.  Each has it’s own advantages to both the sender and the receiver.  Both shipping and freight can refer to the transport of goods by automobile, airplane or ship.  Freight is more frequently used to describe the transport of bulk goods or very large quantities, most likely for commercial purposes.  Shipping is a more common term, as this can refer to shipping your Amazon Prime package to your home or legal contracts to your office across town.

Leaving on a Jet Plane

If air travel is needed to transport your order, you will have real time tracking available, as well as flight information.  You may speak with a logistics specialist at all times, simply by giving ASAP a call.  All details will be coordinated by ASAP Courier’s professional team, through a sophisticated system which utilizes supply chain logistics to plan and confirm each step, including customs clearance.

All pickups and deliveries are time specific, meaning that you do not have to take a day off from work or wait around for hours on a Saturday when expecting a delivery.  Additionally, all couriers complete an extensive training regimen, so you can feel confident that your goods are literally in good hands!

Road Trip

Long distance trucking is one of the most popular services which ASAP provides to customers.  Pricing is dependent on two factors: weight of the shipment and distance of travel.  Overseas pickups and deliveries are available as well, where a specialist courier and driver will await your shipment at the airport.  This is often quite more cost effective than other shipment methods, with better tracking options and customer service as well. Call Us for More Details954-527-4444