What Is an Express Courier Service?

As the owner or manager of a business, you know just how important it is to be on time with everything that you do. When you need to get a letter or parcel somewhere and time is of the essence, an express courier service is an ideal choice. With an express courier service, you do not have to wait on the mail delivery person to show up at your address. Understanding how an express courier service works and how it will benefit you can help you to provide the best possible level of service to your customers.

What Is an Express Courier Service?

An express courier service is a keystone service for business. The courier uses up-to-date technology in order to get your letter or parcel to its destination with a maximum level of efficiency. When you need an express delivery, the courier arrives at your office upon request, scans the package into the tracking system and gets it on its way to its destination. There are many situations in which you might need an express courier service, such as when you are creating a press release, responding to a legal document or signing a contract for the purchase of real estate.

How Express Courier Services Work

To arrange for an express courier service, you may call or submit your request for letter or parcel pickup. You may schedule a specific pickup time or request that the courier arrive at your location as soon as possible. Your shipping label will include a bar code or QR code that will be used for tracking. You will have a tracking number that you can use in order to keep track of the exact location and estimated delivery time of the letter or package. You can arrange to require a signature confirmation of delivery, and insurance is also available for your packages.

The Benefits You Receive from Using an Express Courier Service

There are many benefits to using an express courier service. In most cases, your letter or package will get to its destination within 24 hours. Even international packages can arrive this quickly. You will be able to keep track of where the parcel is at while it is in transit. If an airport closure or traffic congestion is affecting delivery, the express courier service has the logistical software necessary to reroute the package and get it to the destination on time.