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Safety is one of the essential features when shipping products. This especially counts when shipping refrigerated transport. This doesn’t just include food, but also includes medical supplies, sensitive artwork, and other materials that require preservation. Keeping these materials in a tight container with cold air is essential. But what about longevity in case of shipping […]


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Besides window shopping, the only real benefit stores offer is the satisfaction of having the product after checkout. But, once online retailers close this gap with ASAP courier services, it’s certainly game over for these retail locations. The shift to timely delivery has already started. Slow shipping deters 41% of Amazon buyers which has made […]


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Mark Twain is famous for having once said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Today, we could make a similar comment about the local delivery industry. When electronic messaging became popular, folks wondered if it would destroy the business of so-called “snail mail.” Today, however, courier and delivery services are a growing industry, […]