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When it comes to business, working with shipping tax can be a nightmare. The tax that’s placed on shipping goods around the U.S. can be expensive, and not knowing how to navigate the waters can place your business in choppy waters. As someone who might be new on the scene, you’ll want to know everything […]



Have you ever been outside a doctor’s office and saw a big box attached to the door? It’s not a cash box or a mailbox. It’s a box full of specimens that need to go for testing. Depending on the clinic this could be blood, urine, or skin samples.¬†Anything biohazardous¬†gets properly packaged and put in […]



When it comes to purchasing goods online, there’s always an agency that’s going to ship what you bought at varying rates. There are types of shipping, and you’ve probably heard about ‘expedited shipping’. When you don’t have time to waste, you might consider it since time is a valuable thing. But, what’s expedited shipping exactly? […]



Warehouses operations are among the fastest-growing real estate opportunities in the US. In the Miami-Dade industrial market alone, more than 108 leases were signed in the first quarter of 2018. That means 108 new places of employment opened up within three months. Warehouses continue to grow and expand. Distributors working out of these spaces need […]



It should come as no surprise that online sales in the US increased by 16% in 2017. Today, sales are all about convenience, and online shopping is just one example of how this trend is rising. For businesses who take orders online as well as over the phone or in person, delivering a customer’s order […]



Imagine if Amazon’s warehouses weren’t well organized. Employees would be running all over the place, frantically searching for customer’s items and nothing would ever arrive on time. To put it simply, Amazon would not be the hugely successful business it is today if Jeff Bezos hadn’t placed a high priority on developing excellent and effective […]