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Ft Lauderdale courier service
Ft Lauderdale courier service

As a company, you need to ensure you’re providing top-level service to everyone you do business with. This means partners, customers and other businesses in your area. If you have regular shipping requirements, you need to work with an experienced courier service that has the resources and capabilities to offer quick and reliable delivery and pick-up. The company you hire is an extension of your business. Not only are you trusting them with your products and important documents, they’ll also be the point of contact for the recipients. It’s important you do a little homework before choosing a Ft Lauderdale courier service.

Below are some tips on what to look for.

Can They Meet Your Needs?

Before you decide on a company, you need to determine exactly what your shipping needs are. Do you require national freight shipping or mainly just need on-demand courier services in Ft Lauderdale?

The frequency with which you’ll need service along with the size of your packages also comes into play.

You need to make sure the company you hire can easily accommodate very large deliveries if you expect to have them. You should also be upfront about how often you’ll need deliveries and pick-ups so a business can let you know if they can handle the workload.

Consider whether you often require speedy, rush services. This is very important if you deal with time-sensitive documents. You don’t want to end up losing business because you’re not working with the right Ft Lauderdale courier service.

Refrigerated service isn’t something every company has the capability to provide, so make sure and ask companies about that when shopping around.

Also look into their ordering process. Can it be done easily over the phone or online?

A Good Track Record

Your company’s reputation is a stake when you work with a delivery service. You need to be sure you hire a business with a track record of success.

It’s a good idea to check how long a company has been in business in your area. A good Ft Lauderdale courier service will have a strong local reputation, and that means they pride themselves on reliable transport.

A good tactic is to ask for personal referrals from other business owners or professionals you know. A personal referral is great because you get a first-hand account of how a company conducts business.

Checking online reviews is also a good way to get feedback from prior customers. Reviews are readily available on sites like Yelp, Bing, and on social media. If you notice frequent negative reviews for a specific organization, you should probably keep looking.

You can also check out a service’s rating with the Better Business Bureau and see if they’re members of local organizations like the Chamber of Commerce.

Appearance Matters

Take the appearance of a company’s drivers and trucks into consideration when shopping around. Remember, they’re an extension of your business, so it’s important they look professional.

Find out if a Ft Lauderdale courier service requires their drivers to wear uniforms. This is much better than a person in regular clothes showing up to deliver a package. A uniform helps designate them as a courier service and just looks more professional.

You should also make sure they have reliable trucks that are well maintained and look good. If a company has poor-quality transportation, this is probably a reflection of the kind of service they provide.

Do They Offer Tracking?

Tracking packages is extremely important for businesses. This is critical if you often work with time-sensitive documents and products. You and your staff need to be able to check this status of a delivery at any time.

Look into a courier service’s tracking capabilities before you hire them. Do they have an online tracking tool, or do you have to call them directly? If you rely on a courier every day, you probably want online tracking, simply for convenience purposes.

If a business offers online tracking, it should be easy and user-friendly. Have a look at their portal before you hire them and make sure it’s not overwhelming.

It’s also a good idea to ask if they will provide proof that a delivery has been dropped off. This is a great service if your office is routinely busy, yet still needs to know when a package gets delivered.

Good Customer Service

The Ft Lauderdale courier service you hire should have a track record of good customer service. This doesn’t only apply when dealing directly with you. The courtesy of their drivers when making deliveries is also important.

This all goes back to the fact that a courier is an extension of your business. Although they don’t work directly for you, they’re a part of your operation and should employ friendly and professional customer service on every delivery.

A great way to gauge this before you hire someone is through customer reviews. When people have a bad experience with a company, they want others to know. This also applies when someone has a positive experience.

Check online reviews and keep your eyes open for frequent negative comments pertaining to customer service or professionalism. You can also get a good idea how important customer service is to a company by their demeanor on the phone or via email.

Fair Pricing

Make sure the service you hire has pricing that’s in line with industry standards. They should also be upfront about all costs or hidden fees.

Be wary of a courier service that advertises extremely low rates. There’s a good chance they’re trying to attract quick business. The service they provide will likely be sub-par.

The company you hire should have fair rates when compared to other businesses in the area.

Find the Best Ft Lauderdale Courier Service

Finding the best service in your city shouldn’t be a problem if you follow the tips discussed above. A good rule of thumb is to hire someone you feel confident can provide reliable service and be a good representative for your business. This will give you the peace of mind that every time a package leaves your office, it’s in good hands.

We offer a full range of courier and warehousing services in the Ft Lauderdale area. Contact us today to discuss your options.


miami courier service

Many people assume that every courier service is basically the same. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t simply go with the first Miami courier service that comes along. You could be placing the efficiency and productivity of your company at risk.

But what should you look out for when choosing a Miami courier service. To help you answer this question, we’ve put together this guide. Keep reading to find out what you need to look out when picking a courier service.

1. Reliability

If you’re hiring a Miami courier service, it’s because you have a package that you want to be delivered immediately. In many cases, you can’t even wait a few hours.

Therefore, it’s important to make sure the courier service is always available and prepared to deliver your package.

In order to handle your package at any time, it’s important the company has the resources and people to complete your request.

If you hire a reliable courier service, you can have the peace of mind that your package will be delivered safely on time.

2. Size and Weight Restrictions

You may think that you can send any package through a courier service. But that’s not always the case. Many companies impose limitations on the weight and size of the packages you deliver.

This is important to know when choosing a Miami courier service for your business. However, this mostly depends on what type of business you are.

For instance, if you’re a law firm, you probably only require paper documents to be delivered. But if you’re a furniture company, you’ll need a courier service that can handle huge packages.

3. Confirmation of Delivery

Have you ever had a package delivered and spent the entire day wondering whether it’s going to arrive or not?

This isn’t as a big a problem if you receive a confirmation of delivery. Many of the best courier services provide customers with a proof or receipt that the delivery has successfully arrived at its destination.

4. Tracking Service

Confirmation of delivery services is great if it’s just a short distance. But if you’re sending a large shipment far away, you may want to monitor its progress through the process.

Many courier services provide customers with a tracking option. This way you can make sure everything runs smoothly from your office.

With ASAP Courier, you simply enter your tracking number and start tracking your package.

5. Cost Effective

The best courier services provide customers with a guarantee of delivery within a short-term period. Because of this, you should expect to pay a premium for a top service.

However, this doesn’t mean that costs and fees aren’t important. You want to make sure you get value for money.

Most courier service companies don’t provide fixed prices. Instead, you have to request a quote. It’s important to watch it for hidden additional fees or charges.

If you require a regular Miami courier service, you should request a set price for your packages. This way you can develop a fruitful relationship with the company.

6. Insurance for Your Goods

In extreme and unusual circumstances, a package or shipment fails to arrive at the destination. If this happens, you want to make sure your package is insured against damage or theft.

It is important to establish whether a courier service provides insurance in such situations. This is essential if you’re planning on using a courier service to deliver valuable goods.

7. Check out Reviews

Nowadays, bad businesses can’t last long in such a competitive climate. This is partly because if a courier company provides a poor service, customers write online reviews sharing their story with potential future customers.

Find a courier company that has a great reputation for providing customers with an excellent and timely service.

Don’t be afraid to ask other businesses and customers about the service they received at ASAP Courier.

8. International, National or Regional

One of the most important aspects of choosing a courier service company is finding one that suits your business needs. This not only includes the frequency and size of the packages, but also the distance.

Some courier companies only deliver goods within a certain region. Whereas, others provide services across the entire country. And finally, you may need to hire the services of a freight carrier for international deliveries.

9. Security Services

Depending on your business, you may need a courier service that includes a high level of security.

It’s important that the courier service never leaves your packages unattended or exposed to damage.

You can even ask the company if they have security procedures in place to ensure everything is taken good care of.

10. Professional Customer Service

The best courier services don’t just get the job done, but they do it with a smile on their face. By providing an excellent customer service, they give you the feeling that your package is in the hands of the professionals.

It’s important that the company values customer service as much as doing the job. Employees at good carrier companies enjoy what they do and take pride in providing an excellent service for customers.

Hire ASAP Miami Courier Service Today

There are many different things to consider when it comes to hiring a courier service. While there are many courier service companies that cross of many of the above considerations.

ASAP Courier is different. They have a clear track record, with a wide range of services and experience.

If you’re looking to have your packages delivered by a professional service in Miami, you can’t afford to trust any company. Get in touch with ASAP Courier now for an instant quote.

courier cost

More than 40% of people shop online several times per month. If you’re planning to buy or sell online, you should take note that one of the biggest problems you face is calculating shipping costs. Some couriers out there can and will rip you off with their courier quotes. An easy way to avoid it is to search online and ask for quotes from several companies.

Another option is to double-check and calculate costs on your own. You can try calculating your courier cost with some tools online. Read on to learn some things you need to consider when calculating.

Start with the Package Weight

When it comes to the courier cost, weight is one of the most important determining factors. If you want to get a good calculation, you need an accurate weight estimate.

The weighing process doesn’t mean you need to have a fancy shipping scale. For most packaging, getting an estimated weight is achievable with the use of a simple bathroom scale. Before weighing the entire item, make sure to pack it first.

The packaging materials you use for the item can change the estimated weight. A bit of difference can change your courier cost.

Check the Packaging Size

When calculating your courier cost, the size of your packaging is as important as its estimated weight. For example, if you’re planning to ship a ceramic vase, you’ll need to cushion it. The vase itself won’t weigh a lot, but the box you need to ship it will be large.

The larger the box, the more space it takes on the delivery truck or airplane. With that, the box will cost more compared to a smaller package with the same weight. When you calculate the cost, measure the package dimensions to get the right size.

Determine the Package Destination

The characteristics of your package’s destination have a big impact on the final costs. Most couriers find it easier to deliver in simple urban areas. There are a lot of things to consider, but some of the extra fees you might get include:

  • Extended-area surcharges
  • Re-delivery fees
  • Building permit fees
  • Inside delivery fees
  • Liftgate fees

As a general rule, you need to consider your destination’s ease of access. Couriers charge more if your package destination is hard to get to.

Consider the Package Circumstances

If you have a package that needs extra attention or speed, you’ll need to pay more. Couriers schedule their deliveries during normal hours on business days. Your package’s courier cost goes up if you need the package delivered outside these hours.

For example, if you want your package delivered after 5 PM or before 8 AM you’ll get charged more.

Other circumstances you get charged more include:

  • Late-night deliveries
  • Weekends
  • Holidays

If you’re planning to have the courier pick up your package, make sure that you’re ready. Some couriers charge more if you make them wait for more than five minutes.

Check Your Package’s Value

Another factor to consider when calculating the courier costs is the package’s value. You need to consider the possibility of buying extra insurance to protect a valuable package’s contents.

Some courier companies have a declared value insurance coverage. The standard value is $100 but can increase depending on the item. Do some research on the item and check their value.

Account for Unexpected Charges

When you calculate your courier costs, you need to consider unexpected problems. There are a lot of things that can happen and add more costs. Some of these include:

  • Re-bills
  • Re-weighs
  • Delays
  • Damaged or lost items in transit

Another complication for calculating charges is that some couriers have their own way of calculating costs. If you plan to use a courier service, check how they calculate their costs. This allows you to adjust if you want to work with them regularly.

Ways to Reduce the Courier Cost

If you’re an online business looking to save money, there are a lot of ways to reduce courier costs. This is especially true during the holidays since some courier services add peak charges.

Saving on courier costs needs time investment. Here are some tips you need to remember to help control your expenses:

Get to Know Your Courier Service Representative

All courier services with national operations have representatives around the country. These people negotiate rates, answer your questions, and adjust the shipping process to make it more comfortable. You can find these representatives even in rural areas.

These agents are sales representatives, so they need to ship as many packages as they can. If you plan to use their services regularly, try to familiarize yourself with them. You might get some good deals to cut your courier costs.

Leverage Flat Rate Shipping

Most courier services offer flat rate options. It’s their way of making the process more standardized and lessen the variables associated with courier rates. Some services offer flat rate boxes free of charge, which saves you a lot of money.

Companies set their flat rates by zones or the distance of the package destination. Always ask courier representatives to know their rates. Compare and select the best price for you.

Ship Your Items in Bulk

Package volume is one of the main factors when determining courier costs. If you want to save money, ship as much packages as you can on a single account. Make sure you time it in such a way that you can pay your courier within the period they give.

Get a Courier Service to Help!

Calculating the courier cost can get confusing, especially when you consider the unexpected factors. As a rule of thumb, you need to check the weight of your item including its packaging. Expect that your costs will go up if you want the item delivered outside the normal business hours.

To make calculation easy, you can always get a courier service to help. Research on different companies and ask for quotes. Get the price that works with your budget and save on costs whenever you can.

Do you have more questions about calculating your shipping costs? Contact us and we can discuss how we can help!

Large cold warehouse

Do you feel like your refrigerated warehouse just isn’t operating as efficiently as it could be?

Are you frustrated with losing tons of time every day on mundane, mindless tasks — and even more frustrated with a loss of products and profits?

We know that properly managing a refrigerated warehouse can be a real challenge. That’s why we created this post, designed to help you uncover some of the most effective management tips in the industry.

Make this the year that you get more done in less time, stop losing money on damaged or outdated products, and even make your employees much happier.

1. Strategize Temperature

As you’re likely already too aware of, keeping the temperature consistent in your refrigerated warehouse is a huge struggle.

Not only that, but you also have to deal with regulating the temperatures required by different food items. Your tomatoes, chicken, frozen spinach, and cheese all need to be stored at different temperatures.

It can become a real headache — and often, an expensive one — very quickly.

The solution?

Start implementing product-specific “zones” within your warehouse, with each zone having its own temperature. You can then move your products into the correct zone for their shelf life, keeping in mind that these may also change when the seasons do.

If you’re concerned that zones alone aren’t enough, we also suggest hanging a curtain that’s designed to regulate and keep in specific temperatures.

2. Focus on Your Barcode System

Another incredibly important part of properly managing your refrigerated warehouse?

By implementing a thorough labeling and barcoding system. This will make checking up on your inventory incredibly easier, and will also ensure that you’re not over or under-buying certain items.

Plus, a good barcode and labeling system will also cut down on the possibility for human error within your warehouse.

3. Look at The Batteries in Your Lifts

Have you noticed that your lift trucks just don’t seem to be running for as long as they’re meant to when inside your refrigerated warehouse? Do you feel like you’re constantly having to purchase more batteries just to keep them going?

If so, you’re not alone. This is a common problem with, fortunately, a very practical solution that will help to increase your operating efficiency and save you serious cash.

Keep in mind that the overall life cycle of a large battery will be shortened by the freezing cold temperatures in your warehouse. This means that you’ll lose valuable hours off of your battery life.

However, all you need to do is pick up a battery with a higher voltage option. The voltage can help you to easily withstand the cold.

4. Automate What You Can

As the manager of a refrigerated warehouse, you know all too well just how easy it is to lose tons of time dealing with minute, mindless tasks. Often, these tasks end up slowing down your entire production schedule — not to mention, seriously stressing you out.

Tons of industries and businesses across the globe have embraced automation to make their lives easier and to free up more of their time.

Why shouldn’t your warehouse do the same?

Some of the most effective forms of automating within the cold warehouse industry include automated palletizing and automated storage.

If you’re tired of spending hours trying to figure out exactly how you should pallet your products, then we know you’ll love the idea of having robots do it for you.

Even better? These robots no longer have to open and close your freezer every time they create a new pallet.

Thanks to new technological advancements, in-freezer palletizing is all the rage.

Automated storage will also help you to keep warm air out of your warehouse as much as possible. Plus, it will also allow you to fit more items into your warehouse.

5. Consider Your Employees

Of course, we know that you’re always thinking about how to keep your products safe and regulated in your warehouse.

However, are you extending that same level of concern towards your employees?

It isn’t just about being a caring boss — when people are too cold to work, their productivity goes way down. This can lead to delayed shipments, damaged products, and a serious loss in revenue.

To prevent this, be sure that you’ve given your employees proper protective equipment, and look for ways to shorten the time they need to spend in the warehouse.

6. Have a Plan in Place

Even if you’ve done everything right when it comes to managing your warehouse, unexpected delays and accidents do happen.

The trick to maintaining your efficiency in the event of a crisis it to have a plan in place well before anything actually goes wrong.

Consider possible routes you could use to re-route your shipments if need be.

Of course, above all, always be sure to properly and consistently train your employees about what to do in the event of an emergency, and make sure everyone is aware of basic safety standards.

Hire an Expert To Help You Manage Your Refrigerated Warehouse

Thanks to this post, you now have some awesome tips about how to more effectively manage your refrigerated warehouse.

Above all, remember to focus on proper temperature control, automate what you are able to, and to always have a plan in place for what you’ll do if the worst happens.

However, we know that, with everything else you have to do in a day, sometimes, the nuts and bolts of properly managing your warehouse can slip through the cracks.

That’s where we come in.

In addition to our expert warehousing services, we also offer assistance with delivery and couriers.

When you’re ready to increase your operating efficiency and your employee morale, get in touch with us for a free quote. Together, let’s get started on making a change for the better.

warehouse services
warehouse services

If your business isn’t constantly growing, it’s already dying. The problem with constant growth is you might end up growing out of your building. That’s a good thing, but it might mean you need some extra storage space. But choosing the right warehouse isn’t as easy as it sounds. There are a lot of factors that need to go into this decision. So let’s take a look at six tips that will help you find the best warehouse services for your business.

1. Decide on a Location

Depending on the size of your business, you may need warehouse storage in different locations. Storage services that are way out of your way will make storing and transporting products a real pain.

If you have a large business that ships products throughout the United States, or even just several hours away, you’ll want to find storage near transport routes, whether that be freeways or railroads.

Small businesses, on the other hand, that only services a local market will want storage as close to the company offices as possible. Keeping your products nearby will make accessing them quick and easy. You’ll also be able to reach them anytime you want instead of wasting important time driving there and back.

If the warehouse services you’re looking at aren’t in the best location for your business, you’re better off looking somewhere else.

2. Check the Size

You’ll want your storage warehouse to be a good size for your products. This may seem like an obvious tip, but you may be paying for extra space you don’t really need.

When in doubt, it’s better to go to small than too big. You can always upgrade to a larger storage unit if your products don’t all fit, but you may not realize your storage unit is too big.

And the biggest thing to look out for is ceiling height.

If your products fit snuggly inside the warehouse but the ceiling towers over them, you’ll be paying for all that extra space you aren’t using. This will cause costs like taxes, real estate, and utilities to go up.

You may not always be able to avoid a tall ceiling, but it’s something to consider when looking at warehouse services.

3. How Long Do You Need to Store?

Some warehouses will ask for a specific amount of storage time to list on the contract, so spend some time thinking about how long you’ll need to use it before signing anything.

You don’t want to get stuck paying for a warehouse for two years that you really only needed for one. It may be hard to know exactly how long you’ll need a warehouse up front. Maybe you can even get by with seasonal storing instead of storing your products year round.

Ultimately, it’s better to go for less time than more time. You can always renew a contract, but you can’t always back out of one if your plans change.

4. Find Someone Who’s Flexible

Your options may be limited, but if you can, get warehouse services from a company that’s is easy to work with.

It’s impossible to predict the ups and downs of a business. Even if you’re certain you’ll need a warehouse for three years, something could go wrong in year two. When things like that happen, you’ll want a company that’ll work with you.

Stick with a company that can be flexible so you don’t get stuck paying for a warehouse you don’t need. If a company doesn’t look like they’ll work with your personalized needs, you may want to avoid them.

5. Make Sure It’s Accessible

You may have to give multiple people access to the warehouse, so you need to make sure the warehouse can be easily accessible for all of those people.

Depending on your business, you may have a constant flow of products being shipped in and out of the warehouse. Before you decide on any warehouse services, talk to them about the company about scheduling.

If the scheduling doesn’t fit your business, it may slow things down and negatively affect the rest of the company, so this isn’t a question you should skip.

6. Look at the Warehouse Company’s Reputation

If the company you’re looking at has never worked with a business like yours, you may not want to be its first guineapig. You’ll want to be sure the warehouse company you end up with knows the industry well and has experience working with it.

A good way to figure this out is to talk with past or current clients. You can usually find clients to talk to by asking the company for references. But if they can’t provide any (they may not want to give clients information), you can check on their website.

Most websites may have reviews, and you may even be able to find some current clients there.

If you can’t find any clients at all, have a detailed conversation with the warehouse company about their customer service. You can usually tell if they have worked with a business like yours from the answers they provide.

But be sure to bring up even the smallest pieces of the process to make sure they will be able to specifically cater to your business.

There’s a Lot to Think About before Getting Warehouse Services

Choosing the right warehouse services takes time and patience. It isn’t something you should rush into. Take your time and look at the different options available to you. When you find a company you like, ask questions and have conversations before you make your final decision.

Thinking of getting a warehouse and need some shipping services? Take a look at what we offer!

courier solutions
courier solutions

How do you know if your consumers get the products they paid for? Do they get their packages and documents on time? How can you guarantee clients they won’t be among the 11 million consumers who experienced package theft? If you try to deliver everything on your own, then you’re wasting precious resources. By this time you need to avail of excellent courier solutions that get the job done.

Not sure if your business will benefit from a courier’s services? Not sure if this is a solid investment? Here are five key courier solutions that can boost your business and guarantee client satisfaction:

Rush Delivery

Nobody likes to wait. If you don’t have rush delivery services, your clients might start looking elsewhere. Slow service and slow delivery is a path to losing out on potential leads.

One of the first solutions that courier services can give you are rush delivery options. You can now offer:

What’s the difference? Same Day and Next Day are self-explanatory. Pre-Scheduled Routing refers to the courier’s daily routes and schedule, which you can use to inform clients when they’re items will ship and arrive.

This means clients who are in a rush and need to avail of your products as soon as possible won’t look elsewhere. They get the guarantee of immediate gratification.

Of the different solutions, this is the most important. You will find that many online shoppers tend to register for monthly membership when the benefits include cheaper, quicker shipping.

Air Freight Services

Want to deliver items outside the state and to any point in the United States? Do you need freight delivery services for customers in South America? The answer is an air freight service.

Air Freight Services guarantee you can ship out large cargo to any city in the country. Some courier solutions even allow freight shipping to South American cities and major Latin American cities.

How and why is this important?

Imagine if your business is the primary supplier for a retail store halfway across the United States. How much would it cost to send out small parcels every day? Think about the time and effort you’ll waste doing so.

You can save money if you instead turn to air freight services since you can ship out thousands of parcels at once.

What if your business focuses on heavy cargo like refrigerators or air conditioning units? You won’t be able to ship those to another state by land due to the high expenses and time delays. With air freight services, you can get those anywhere your clients demand.

Last Mile Delivery

Some couriers do not deliver parcels to a client’s home. A few others do offer last mile delivery and those are the courier solutions you want to grab a hold of. You want to deliver your products to your clients’ doorsteps.

This is convenient for clients because they no longer have to get out of the house and go to the post office or the courier’s office to pick up a parcel. They don’t have to spend on gas money or waste their time on the road.

An average of 3,287 people die from road accidents each day. You can ensure your clients’ safety by letting the couriers do all the road work. Customers can stay home or in the office and their parcels come to them instead.

Items come to them and the customers have nothing else to worry about.

Do keep in mind that last mile delivery does not always mean the courier will leave packages at a doorstep or porch if no one is there to receive it. As mentioned, there were 11 million victims of parcel theft in the United States and couriers will not leave a package in a neighborhood flagged for high crime rates.

Refrigerated Services

Cold delivery is one of the most important services for business that provide meat, fish, and drinks. Courier solutions are the best services to get if your business falls into those categories or others that need a good way of keeping products fresh and cold.

Not sure if you need cold delivery services? If your business offers any of the following then you may want to consider it:

Food products like sandwiches

  • Medicine
  • Dairy products
  • Ice cream
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish

With proper cold delivery, you can guarantee clients that they’ll receive fresh products and well-kept products.


Do you have multiple branches across the country? You might need of warehousing and servicing opportunities to cater to customers. This is one of the top courier solutions you have to get, especially if you are a big business.

Couriers can provide you with warehouse storage across the country. You can then ship your products to those warehouses and the courier will then ship individual items out only when customers nearby order something.

It’s a system popularized by shopping giants like Amazon. Every online shop is now taking advantage of a similar system.

Warehousing guarantees that a customer from Seattle won’t have to wait for a product flying in from Chicago because the business has a warehouse close by. Because of this system, you can keep products close to every customer on the map and this makes same-day shipping easier to maintain.

Get the Best Courier Solutions Today

All these courier solutions will improve your business’ reputation. You’ll have more options for your clients and can now guarantee instant gratification for those who want faster delivery.

The trick now is looking for a courier service that delivers on all these solutions.

You shouldn’t settle for anything less than amazing. You don’t want to deal with couriers who lose their clients’ packages or get into accidents. You’ll want the kind of courier service that meets both business and customer satisfaction.

Fortunately, you don’t have to look far. We offer all these solutions and more. If you want guaranteed top-of-the-line service for all these options and then some, feel free to send us a message and we’ll do our best to answer any questions.

shipping perishables
shipping perishables

It’s hard to ship perishables in the mail, but it’s not impossible. Sometimes you can’t avoid shipping something perishable, and when that happens, you need to know how you can get that package to its destination quickly and safely. It all comes down to the right shipping methods and the right kind of ice. Here’s everything you need to know about shipping perishables.

Pick the Right Delivery Option

When you’re shipping perishables, you want the package to be delivered as soon as possible. If there’s a way to get same-day shipping, you definitely should.

If for whatever reason same-day shipping isn’t an option, you can go with the next best option. A lot of companies offer overnight shipping, meaning your package will get to its destination the next day. That’s really as long as you want to push delivery. Some foods may be able to last with two-day shipping, but you shouldn’t risk that with foods like meat.

What If I’m Trying to Ship Something Perishable to the Other Side of the Country?

If you do have to ship meat to the other side of the country, it won’t last the multiple days it will take to get there in a truck. In those cases, look into an air delivery service. A plain will be able to get your perishable package across the country in just a few hours.

Ship on the Right Day

Don’t wait until the end of the week to ship something perishable. If you ship the package on Friday, you run the risk of your perishable item sitting in a storage facility over the weekend and spoiling. The best days to ship something perishable is as early in the week as you can. Try to avoid delivering your perishable item any later than Wednesday afternoon.

Let the Recipient Know When to Expect the Package

If you can, let the recipient know when to expect the package at their house. This will allow the recipient to be at the house and take care of the perishable item as soon as it is delivered. Leaving a perishable package on the front porch for several hours could cause the perishable item to go bad.

How Should I Package My Perishable Item?

Now that you know what kind of shipping service you should use to ship perishable items and when you should ship them, let’s talk about packaging. You have to be very careful and specific when packing perishable items. Not only do you have to keep the package the right temperature, you have to make sure it isn’t dangerous for the people handling it. Can a package really be that dangerous? Yes, it can. So let’s look at some good ways to prepare perishable items and some methods to avoid.

Keep the Package Cold

The first part of shipping perishables is to keep the package cold. You can either use frozen gel packs or dry ice to do this. Dry ice will keep your perishables colder for longer, but it is also considered a hazardous material and has a lot of safety restrictions. We’ll tell you how you can ship with both of these options, but first, let’s skip to the other shipping materials you’ll need.

Get a New Box

Don’t reuse an old box when you’re shipping perishables. A box gets weaker every time you use it, and you want to keep your perishables protected. You also want to keep the cold inside. The best boxes for perishable shipping are quality fiberboard, also known as corrugated cardboard boxes. If you decide to ship with dry ice, it is even more important to use these kinds of boxes.

Package the Food in a “Cooler”

You can either buy a styrofoam cooler or make your own “cooler” with pieces of styrofoam. Lining the box with styrofoam will keep the inside of the package colder for longer. But make sure the styrofoam is two inches thick (or else it won’t make much of a difference). If you do decide to ship your perishables inside a real styrofoam cooler, you’ll have to put the cooler into its own cardboard shipping box.

Wrap the Perishables

Plastic wrap will keep the perishables intact the best, but you can also use foil. If you want to be extra secure, you can wrap your perishables in a layer of plastic wrap and put a layer of foil over the top. This will keep your perishables from falling apart in case of a rough delivery.

Dry Ice or Frozen Gel Packs?

As mentioned above, you can use either of these options when shipping perishables. But dry ice takes a lot more work.

How to Use Frozen Gel Packs

They are pretty easy to use. Just buy them, freeze them to the temperature you want, then pack them around your perishable food. You should put a layer of frozen gel packs on the bottom of the package then a layer of perishables then a layer of frozen gel packs and so on. Because gel packs don’t stay cold as long as dry ice, use as many as you can fit into the package. This method works for same day delivery or overnight shipping. If your package will take any longer to deliver, you may want to consider dry ice.

How to use Dry Ice

The most important thing to remember when packing with dry ice is that it’s considered a hazardous material. You MUST mark your package with the correct labels when using dry ice.

These labels include:

  • “Dry Ice” or “Carbon Dioxide Solid” label
  • UN 1845 label showing the package contains hazardous materials
  • Class 9 label (This should be on the same side of the package as your UN 1845 label)
  • A label that says the net worth of dry ice you’re using. (Dry ice will have the weight written on the package)

You should be able to find all the appropriate labels at your local post office.

Packing Dry Ice

Dry ice releases carbon dioxide gas. If it can’t release this gas, it could explode. So never wrap the dry ice in anything.

This is also why you need to use good quality cardboard boxes so some of that pressure can be released.

Dry ice can cause serious burns, so wear gloves and goggles when handling it. You should also not let it directly touch any of your perishables, which is why you should always wrap your perishables.

When you’re ready to package your perishables, put a layer of dry ice on the bottom of the package. Place the perishables on top and, depending on how many perishables you have, keep alternating between the ice and the perishables.

Always Double Check when Shipping Perishables

If you are ever sure how much dry ice to use or how to package your perishables, double check. Dry ice can cause a lot of damage if it’s not properly handled, so talk to the professionals to make sure you’ve got it right.

Need some help shipping perishables? Get in touch and we’ll help you get those packages where they need to go.


Sometimes when people travel, they’d rather go along without the hassle of carrying their luggage around. But what else would they do with it? How can one get their luggage from the airport to their destination without checking it in and bringing it along on their flight? An airport courier service can get the job done.

Courier services specialize in caring for goods that need to be transported, across town or across the globe. They can take one’s luggage from their departure point and have it delivered and waiting for the customer when they arrive at their destination.

This is an effective way to avoid the hassles of checking luggage, carrying it around, and then claiming it at the end of a long journey.

In this article, we’re discussing how an airport courier service can benefit anybody traveling across the state or across the United States and beyond. Keep reading to learn more.

Pick Up Service

When a person is traveling the last thing they want to do is carry around a bunch of luggage. If they’re traveling from an airport, it can be even more of a hassle to worry about where the luggage is at all times.


A reliable courier service can pick up luggage from a person’s home, or the airport if they prefer to carry it that far. This saves time and in some cases a lot of money in airline fees. Some airlines charge a minimum of $50 to transport large luggage and more for even larger items that people may wish to bring home from their travels.

Drop Off

Once the customer is in the air, the luggage is already en route to the destination and could possibly even be waiting for them when they arrive. An airport courier service will ship the luggage to the desired location so the customer doesn’t have to worry about where anything is while they’re traveling. This amazing feature allows customers to focus on the more important events throughout their travel including check-ins at hotels. A courier service can have luggage delivered right to the customer’s room.


When the customer is ready to depart from their travel location, the courier service will repeat the process. They can take luggage from the destination back to the originating location or anywhere else necessary. If the customer is traveling to multiple locations they can have the courier service handle their luggage the whole time. Couriers are fast and efficient so that luggage arrives within desired or specified time frames when possible.

Wrapping Services

An airport courier service also provides wrapping services at the request of their customers. Teams are called out to pick up specific items that should be wrapped and labeled prior to shipping. This can often be a tedious job that requires the work of professionals. A courier service will have the materials necessary and experience on staff for fragile and precious items. All the customer has to do is call the courier with their request and the courier can handle the rest.

It’s a good idea to inform the courier of what they will be carrying before placing an order for delivery. This way the courier can be prepared to wrap the belongings carefully and safely, explicitly for travel purposes.

After wrapping the precious cargo the couriers will transport the material goods to their destination.

Domestic and International Service

A reliable and noteworthy airport courier service can pick up and deliver to any location in the United States. This time-saving service can be available in over 120 countries worldwide. International travel especially can be incredibly stressful. Domestic travel is no better if one is carrying loads of luggage.

One should allow a courier service to take their troubles away and schedule a pickup or delivery no matter where they’re traveling to. With domestic and international service, there’s no question that a courier can save time and money for those that are traveling just about anywhere.

Electronic Notifications

Electronic notifications will alert a customer when their luggage has arrived at the desired location/destination. The courier can provide a proof of delivery via email that lets the customer know their luggage is safe.

This awesome feature allows customers to focus their concerns on their travels instead of worrying about where their luggage is and/or when it will arrive. The responsible couriers already delivered it!

Customers can rest assured that their luggage has been transported with care and the delivery person will be on time, every time. The electronic notifications are an added security measure to ensure proper handling and a successful delivery.

Hiring an Airport Courier Service

An airport courier service can take the stress out of traveling with friendly, helpful, reliable and professional service. Couriers are licensed and insured so all the luggage they carry for their customers is safe at all times.

One never has to worry about a delivery arriving late with a reliable airport courier service. They take special care on each delivery to ensure it is properly handled and delivered with care, on time, every time. The reason for their service is to cater to the needs of those that are trying to save time and money, and headaches.

A courier service will ensure that goods and luggage arrive safely from destination to destination.

The next time you’re traveling and want to save the hassle of carrying your luggage, contact us. We make travel less stressful.

couriers in miami
couriers in miami

As businesses look to compete in a changing market, they are becoming more and more focused on customers. In the old days, a business might build a brand and wait for customers to respond. In today’s customer-centric economy it’s important to respond fast to the desires of your customers and clients. By using couriers in Miami a business can put their customers first. Getting products delivered on time, with great tech support, and quality customer service can build the foundation of business growth. But it’s important to make sure whatever service provider you select is an extension of your core values. Here is how you can make sure you get the best when choosing couriers in Miami:

1. Make Sure It Gets There Fast

There is no question that Amazon has changed the game. Brick and mortar stores are closing due to declining sales and low customer traffic. At the same time, Amazon has huge sales growth. The shift reflects customer demands. Your company doesn’t have to be Amazon to benefit from delivery services. Before you hire couriers in Miami make sure they have the resources to get things there fast.

2. Keep Costs Low

Calculating the overall value of couriers in Miami means more than thinking about upfront costs. A company should analyze the impact of their internal operations as well. What will your business save on storage, trucks, and employee time when picking a courier service? All that should be part of considering costs. But there is also no reason to overpay for service. As important when calculating value, is knowing the price is fair. Are there hidden fees? What about the customer support associated with courier service? Is that included? Keep your costs low by calculating the value as well as price.

3. Insurance

Your courier should have the insurance protection to shed liability from your business. Unless your goods are insured as an extension of their service you will be risking more than a single delivery. You could have to duplicate effort, expend overhead to retain customers, and lower the cost of late deliveries. As part of any courier contract, you should require a close study of your partner’s insurance and how it relates to your business and customers.

4. Low Overhead for Couriers in Miami

One mistake businesses make when selecting a courier service is failing to consider the impact on overhead. The right couriers in Miami will act as an extension of your operations. They will handle the delivery from point A to point B with the necessary customer interface, reporting, and tracking. The wrong couriers will require significant management and attention. Oftentimes companies find they should have handled deliveries themselves. If you will be expending too much overhead to manage a service it is the wrong fit for your company.

5. Think Big

Using a local delivery service doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think big. Whether you are a larger national or international carrier looking for a local footprint or a small local business looking to expand, local service can help. A local courier service can help you expand your delivery area. It can also help you save on capital expenses. Without an investment in insurance costs, hiring delivery personnel, and trucks, your company can invest in your core services. Making the decision to choose couriers in Miami will allow a smaller local touch with the ability to propel big growth.

6. Track Record

Without a proven track record of service, it is impossible to make a good decision when picking a service provider. Past performance is the best indicator of future results. The right courier service should have data about their performance. They should also have client references that can attest to their professionalism. Make sure you get a sample of a firm’s experience before making a final decision. A courier service should be skilled in the tools you need and also have great experience in the local market. Greater-Miami is a unique market with different customer needs. Your provider should be skilled at working with a wide range of clients in Southeast Florida.

7. Great Customer Service

It isn’t enough to get goods there on time. Your courier service needs to provide a solid track record of customer service too. Your courier service will have direct contact with your customers and their representatives. They will directly reflect your company and your professionalism. Don’t just ease the strain on your internal operations. Make sure your courier service will make life easier for your customers too. If they provide quality service and provide peace of mind, your courier service will help you build lifelong customers.

8. Technology Support

In terms of next-generation service, there is nothing more valuable than digital transformation tools. When selecting any service partner businesses should take care to make sure they have the full support of technology. The best couriers in Miami will have a great track record as well as the technology tools to provide predictive service.

9. Wide Range of Capabilities

When your business is growing it is important to create a solid foundation for long-term relationships. While you will avoid overhead costs and enhance service right away, it is important to prepare for your next phase. While there are a number of couriers who can offer single services your business needs more. Make sure you think about the possibility of refrigerated services, warehousing, and enhanced tools. It can be tempting to be reactive in the approach to delivery and courier services. It is more beneficial to pick a provider that can address a wide range of delivery, warehousing, and customer service needs.

Get the Best Courier Services

Once you understand the qualities that the best courier services share it can still be a challenging task. You may find a firm or company with a focus on a single service. Or you may find unprofessional services that don’t have the track record of success you can rely on. ASAP Courier is the exception. With a clear track record, a wide range of services, and experience in the greater-Miami area and beyond, we can help businesses every step of the way. Don’t trust your service needs to just any company. Contact ASAP Courier now for an instant courier quote.


hire a courier
hire a courier

The most successful businesses understand something incredibly important. They can’t do it all on their own and still be successful. They need to rely on outside sources to help them reach peak performance. Then they can focus on doing what they do best. Which is why the most successful businesses depend on a courier service to help them out. They recognize the myriad benefits. But for those companies still wondering why they should consider working with a courier service, here it is. Four reasons why every business should hire a courier.

1. Saves a Ton of Time

Imagine owning a busy investment firm. There are documents that need to get filed with the SEC in a timely manner. Documents that, if not filed, can cause a lot of problems for both the company and their clients. Most banking firms are extremely busy during working hours. They need all hands on deck. They can’t afford to send one of their assistants to file documents. It will simply take too long. They also can’t afford to wonder if the assistant got lost on the way back because they’re new to the area.

Time would be lost. Time which means money. It doesn’t matter what type of business it is. When it needs to get there, it should be outsourced and handled by the professionals. When a company moves to hire a courier, they’re doing so because they know their time is precious to them. The courier company understands that as well and works to ensure all deliveries get picked up and delivered in a timely manner.

2. Saves the Business a Lot of Money

Say a company asks an employee to run a package over to another business that’s located on the other side of the city. The employee currently earns $25 per hour. The employee takes all the major streets because that’s what they’re familiar with. They get stuck in heavy traffic. It takes them two and a half hours to make the entire trip. Which means that company just paid someone $62.50 to deliver a package. They also lost the use of their employee for any other tasks during that time.

That’s a lot of valuable time and money lost running across town. Meanwhile, their competitor knew enough to hire a courier service. They had a rush delivery to make. The courier service came promptly and because they were on a bike, managed to miss all that traffic. The courier service also was able to work with the competitor to offer them a ton of services, rates, and discounts. The competition had all their employees on deck. As a result, they were able to deliver the package and finalize their important presentation. All because they realized how cost effective it is to hire a courier service.

3. A Business Should Hire a Courier Because It’s Convenient

Bob is the receptionist at a small toy company. Half the company is away at a conference. The rest of the employees are busy covering for everyone who is gone. Suddenly, Bob doesn’t feel very well and needs to go home. But a package needs to get delivered to a VIP customer as soon as possible. The customer forgets his kids birthday party was today.

It’s extremely inconvenient for anyone at the toy company to leave their work to deliver the package. It’s even more inconvenient to tell this customer that it’s not possible. However, a courier service can pick up that delivery at any time. They can even do super rush orders that are picked up within one hour and delivered to the destination.

A courier service also offers rush service which means within 3-4 hours that package gets delivered, guaranteed. For items that don’t need to be rushed but still need to arrive that day, there’s often a 5:00 pm order available. There’s also a convenient next day service that’s also guaranteed to arrive by 5:00 pm. Lastly, if it needs to arrive at a certain time, but when it’s picked up is less important, a pre-scheduled delivery can also be made. The convenience a courier service provides is unparalleled. There are many options to choose from to ensure a package always arrives on time.

4. It’s Stress-Free

No matter if an item gets shipped locally or elsewhere, hiring a courier service just takes the stress out of delivery. Companies hire a courier service because they know they’re dependable. The couriers know where the destination locations are, so packages won’t get lost. Successful companies are too busy focusing on their work. They shouldn’t have to worry about having an internal team waiting around just in case a delivery needs to be made. It’s a waste of manpower and a waste of money. Companies also shouldn’t have to worry about losing an employee to make a delivery.

All of that is far too stressful. That’s why businesses need to hire a courier to ensure their packages are picked up and delivered on time. They deserve to work with a courier service who can guarantee great service each and every time. A courier service takes the stress out of running out to the local FedEx or UPS office. They can’t guarantee same day delivery, anyway. The post office usually means getting stuck in lines. They also can’t guarantee same day delivery, either.

No other delivery service out there can compete with a courier service.They simply don’t have the same resources. FedEx and USPS all have trucks. Parking is a problem for them. A courier will often use bikes and motorbikes to ensure a speedy delivery without the hassle of finding a parking space.

Find the Best Courier Service

Every company has different needs. Do some research to find the best courier service possible. Make sure they have a good track record for reliability. Ask business contacts if they have one they can recommend. Once the best courier has been located, contact them to ask about their rates and services. Our service is unparalleled. Contact us to work with the best.