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couriers in miami
couriers in miami

As businesses look to compete in a changing market, they are becoming more and more focused on customers. In the old days, a business might build a brand and wait for customers to respond. In today’s customer-centric economy it’s important to respond fast to the desires of your customers and clients. By using couriers in Miami a business can put their customers first. Getting products delivered on time, with great tech support, and quality customer service can build the foundation of business growth. But it’s important to make sure whatever service provider you select is an extension of your core values. Here is how you can make sure you get the best when choosing couriers in Miami:

1. Make Sure It Gets There Fast

There is no question that Amazon has changed the game. Brick and mortar stores are closing due to declining sales and low customer traffic. At the same time, Amazon has huge sales growth. The shift reflects customer demands. Your company doesn’t have to be Amazon to benefit from delivery services. Before you hire couriers in Miami make sure they have the resources to get things there fast.

2. Keep Costs Low

Calculating the overall value of couriers in Miami means more than thinking about upfront costs. A company should analyze the impact of their internal operations as well. What will your business save on storage, trucks, and employee time when picking a courier service? All that should be part of considering costs. But there is also no reason to overpay for service. As important when calculating value, is knowing the price is fair. Are there hidden fees? What about the customer support associated with courier service? Is that included? Keep your costs low by calculating the value as well as price.

3. Insurance

Your courier should have the insurance protection to shed liability from your business. Unless your goods are insured as an extension of their service you will be risking more than a single delivery. You could have to duplicate effort, expend overhead to retain customers, and lower the cost of late deliveries. As part of any courier contract, you should require a close study of your partner’s insurance and how it relates to your business and customers.

4. Low Overhead for Couriers in Miami

One mistake businesses make when selecting a courier service is failing to consider the impact on overhead. The right couriers in Miami will act as an extension of your operations. They will handle the delivery from point A to point B with the necessary customer interface, reporting, and tracking. The wrong couriers will require significant management and attention. Oftentimes companies find they should have handled deliveries themselves. If you will be expending too much overhead to manage a service it is the wrong fit for your company.

5. Think Big

Using a local delivery service doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think big. Whether you are a larger national or international carrier looking for a local footprint or a small local business looking to expand, local service can help. A local courier service can help you expand your delivery area. It can also help you save on capital expenses. Without an investment in insurance costs, hiring delivery personnel, and trucks, your company can invest in your core services. Making the decision to choose couriers in Miami will allow a smaller local touch with the ability to propel big growth.

6. Track Record

Without a proven track record of service, it is impossible to make a good decision when picking a service provider. Past performance is the best indicator of future results. The right courier service should have data about their performance. They should also have client references that can attest to their professionalism. Make sure you get a sample of a firm’s experience before making a final decision. A courier service should be skilled in the tools you need and also have great experience in the local market. Greater-Miami is a unique market with different customer needs. Your provider should be skilled at working with a wide range of clients in Southeast Florida.

7. Great Customer Service

It isn’t enough to get goods there on time. Your courier service needs to provide a solid track record of customer service too. Your courier service will have direct contact with your customers and their representatives. They will directly reflect your company and your professionalism. Don’t just ease the strain on your internal operations. Make sure your courier service will make life easier for your customers too. If they provide quality service and provide peace of mind, your courier service will help you build lifelong customers.

8. Technology Support

In terms of next-generation service, there is nothing more valuable than digital transformation tools. When selecting any service partner businesses should take care to make sure they have the full support of technology. The best couriers in Miami will have a great track record as well as the technology tools to provide predictive service.

9. Wide Range of Capabilities

When your business is growing it is important to create a solid foundation for long-term relationships. While you will avoid overhead costs and enhance service right away, it is important to prepare for your next phase. While there are a number of couriers who can offer single services your business needs more. Make sure you think about the possibility of refrigerated services, warehousing, and enhanced tools. It can be tempting to be reactive in the approach to delivery and courier services. It is more beneficial to pick a provider that can address a wide range of delivery, warehousing, and customer service needs.

Get the Best Courier Services

Once you understand the qualities that the best courier services share it can still be a challenging task. You may find a firm or company with a focus on a single service. Or you may find unprofessional services that don’t have the track record of success you can rely on. ASAP Courier is the exception. With a clear track record, a wide range of services, and experience in the greater-Miami area and beyond, we can help businesses every step of the way. Don’t trust your service needs to just any company. Contact ASAP Courier now for an instant courier quote.


hire a courier
hire a courier

The most successful businesses understand something incredibly important. They can’t do it all on their own and still be successful. They need to rely on outside sources to help them reach peak performance. Then they can focus on doing what they do best. Which is why the most successful businesses depend on a courier service to help them out. They recognize the myriad benefits. But for those companies still wondering why they should consider working with a courier service, here it is. Four reasons why every business should hire a courier.

1. Saves a Ton of Time

Imagine owning a busy investment firm. There are documents that need to get filed with the SEC in a timely manner. Documents that, if not filed, can cause a lot of problems for both the company and their clients. Most banking firms are extremely busy during working hours. They need all hands on deck. They can’t afford to send one of their assistants to file documents. It will simply take too long. They also can’t afford to wonder if the assistant got lost on the way back because they’re new to the area.

Time would be lost. Time which means money. It doesn’t matter what type of business it is. When it needs to get there, it should be outsourced and handled by the professionals. When a company moves to hire a courier, they’re doing so because they know their time is precious to them. The courier company understands that as well and works to ensure all deliveries get picked up and delivered in a timely manner.

2. Saves the Business a Lot of Money

Say a company asks an employee to run a package over to another business that’s located on the other side of the city. The employee currently earns $25 per hour. The employee takes all the major streets because that’s what they’re familiar with. They get stuck in heavy traffic. It takes them two and a half hours to make the entire trip. Which means that company just paid someone $62.50 to deliver a package. They also lost the use of their employee for any other tasks during that time.

That’s a lot of valuable time and money lost running across town. Meanwhile, their competitor knew enough to hire a courier service. They had a rush delivery to make. The courier service came promptly and because they were on a bike, managed to miss all that traffic. The courier service also was able to work with the competitor to offer them a ton of services, rates, and discounts. The competition had all their employees on deck. As a result, they were able to deliver the package and finalize their important presentation. All because they realized how cost effective it is to hire a courier service.

3. A Business Should Hire a Courier Because It’s Convenient

Bob is the receptionist at a small toy company. Half the company is away at a conference. The rest of the employees are busy covering for everyone who is gone. Suddenly, Bob doesn’t feel very well and needs to go home. But a package needs to get delivered to a VIP customer as soon as possible. The customer forgets his kids birthday party was today.

It’s extremely inconvenient for anyone at the toy company to leave their work to deliver the package. It’s even more inconvenient to tell this customer that it’s not possible. However, a courier service can pick up that delivery at any time. They can even do super rush orders that are picked up within one hour and delivered to the destination.

A courier service also offers rush service which means within 3-4 hours that package gets delivered, guaranteed. For items that don’t need to be rushed but still need to arrive that day, there’s often a 5:00 pm order available. There’s also a convenient next day service that’s also guaranteed to arrive by 5:00 pm. Lastly, if it needs to arrive at a certain time, but when it’s picked up is less important, a pre-scheduled delivery can also be made. The convenience a courier service provides is unparalleled. There are many options to choose from to ensure a package always arrives on time.

4. It’s Stress-Free

No matter if an item gets shipped locally or elsewhere, hiring a courier service just takes the stress out of delivery. Companies hire a courier service because they know they’re dependable. The couriers know where the destination locations are, so packages won’t get lost. Successful companies are too busy focusing on their work. They shouldn’t have to worry about having an internal team waiting around just in case a delivery needs to be made. It’s a waste of manpower and a waste of money. Companies also shouldn’t have to worry about losing an employee to make a delivery.

All of that is far too stressful. That’s why businesses need to hire a courier to ensure their packages are picked up and delivered on time. They deserve to work with a courier service who can guarantee great service each and every time. A courier service takes the stress out of running out to the local FedEx or UPS office. They can’t guarantee same day delivery, anyway. The post office usually means getting stuck in lines. They also can’t guarantee same day delivery, either.

No other delivery service out there can compete with a courier service.They simply don’t have the same resources. FedEx and USPS all have trucks. Parking is a problem for them. A courier will often use bikes and motorbikes to ensure a speedy delivery without the hassle of finding a parking space.

Find the Best Courier Service

Every company has different needs. Do some research to find the best courier service possible. Make sure they have a good track record for reliability. Ask business contacts if they have one they can recommend. Once the best courier has been located, contact them to ask about their rates and services. Our service is unparalleled. Contact us to work with the best.


same day delivery
same day delivery

In the next 3-5 years, more than 50 percent of online businesses will be offering same day delivery. This stat proves that when e-shopping, customers want the convenience of e-stores and the instant gratification brick and mortar stores offer. But, making same day deliveries is easier said than done. Far too many businesses promise to deliver on the same day but items reach customers on day two or three. Often, the reason is that they work with inefficient couriers. In this article, we’re telling you how same day delivery will take your business to the next level.

You Stand to Make More Money

You’re certainly wondering how making speedy deliveries will boost your bottom line, and for good reason. As far as you’re concerned, couriers charge you more to make same day deliveries. However, did you know over 61 percent of online shoppers are willing to pay more to receive their orders on the same day of purchase?

The greatest mistake you can make in a business is to unjustifiably charge customers more for a product or service. But once you know they have no problem paying more, it pays to make a reasonable price increase. Sure, one can argue the price increase will carter for the shipping costs. But as you develop a stronger business relationship with your courier, you’ll likely get regular discounts. This is where you’ll make money!

Grow Your Customer Base

Same day shipping is a primary consideration for at least 18 percent of online shoppers. If they find that an online store doesn’t offer fast deliveries or isn’t clear on delivery timelines, they will abandon the shopping cart. This isn’t good news. In a fiercely competitive marketplace where giant stores like Amazon and Macy’s offer as fast as a 1-hour delivery, you can’t afford to lose a customer.

Same day delivery is your best chance of maintaining and growing your customer base. If you keep your word and impress first-time customers with same day shipping, count on them to buy from you again. They’ll even refer you to their family and friends. And as you probably know, word-of-mouth marketing is king.

Rev Up Your Customer Reviews

Yes, word-of-mouth marketing is king, but as much as 84 percent of people also trust online reviews just as much as they trust recommendations from friends. For any business, particularly an online business, positive reviews are key to your survival and success. The vast majority of online customers typically research the online reputation of a company before doing business with it. One of the most effective ways to earn a solid reputation is to have excellent online reviews.

How do you get these reviews? Although you have little control over what customers say about your business online, you have complete control over the quality of customer services you offer. Offering same day delivery will help you improve customer experience. The happier and more satisfied your customers are, the more they will hop on popular review sites and give your business a mark of approval.

With lots of positive reviews, potential customers will develop a strong urge to buy from you. Even beyond sales, the social media buzz around your business will increase. This will give your search engine optimization efforts a boost. Search engines, especially Google, tend to give brands with a positive social media buzz a higher ranking.

Lowers Your Warehousing Costs

Warehousing is central to the success of an online business. You need warehouses to store your products after manufacturing up until they’re finally shipped to the customer. If your business ships nationwide, you need warehouses across the country.

When your products are not fast-moving, you’re bound to incur a lot in warehousing costs. Providers of warehousing services will keep charging you for any merchandise that sits in their facilities. Enter same day delivery and products start to fly off. What’s the net effect?

Your merchandise spends less time in a warehouse, so you pay less. In fact, when business improves as a result of fast shipping, it’s possible to ship products straight from your manufacturing or assembly facilities. You can use the cash your cut from warehousing costs to improve other aspects of your business, like hiring more workers.

Boosts Employee Morale and Productivity

Are your employees motivated or is their morale low? Want to turbocharge their performance? Offer same day shipping! Orders will increase and products will start flying off the stores. This means you’ll need to manufacture or acquire more stock, so your employees will need to step up. Psychologically, fast moving goods is a sign your business is doing well. Employees will feel motivated to put in the hard work, because a bonus or pay rise may be happening soon.

Stay on Top of Your Local Competition

The sum effect of the points described above is you will have a competitive advantage in your local digital marketplace. Think of the many manufacturers, department stores and other businesses that are trying to dominate your local e-commerce market. Don’t wait to offer same day delivery in the next 3-5 years. Do it now. By the time other businesses are catching in on the trend, you’ll be well over the horizon.

It’s Time to Find a Reliable Same Day Delivery Courier

The era of instant gratification is here. As an online business, you either embrace the era or watch your business go bust. It doesn’t have to get there. Offer same day delivery and watch your business grow threefold or more. However, your same day delivery promise is only as good as the courier you choose to work with.

At ASAP Courier we’re all about helping you stay true to your word — we offer same day, national shipping. Whether you’re a small business or a large retailer, we’re looking forward to being your logistics partner. If you’ve any questions, we’re only a phone call or email away.


refrigerated services
refrigerated services

Refrigerated services are far from new. The first refrigerated railroad car was patented in 1867. This invention sparked a revolution. Food, dairy, and meats underwent a cultural transformation. People could expect different quality and different products all across the United States as a result. But the benefits of refrigerated services today go far beyond the access to traditional goods. Businesses that select the best-refrigerated transport services can gain access to a larger market base.

With the support of specialized services, companies can lower costs, increase sales, and create more value to the bottom line. Preserving assets, lowering liability, and creating more solid customer relationships are all benefits of refrigerated shipping.

Here are 10 benefits to expect from quality service:

1. Efficient Packing

Professional refrigeration shipping services go beyond keeping products cool. With a trusted service partner companies can realize the major value of logistics support and shipping. Controlling temperature and protecting shipments has two major components. This includes the density and packing of the cargo, as well as the temperature controls. Unless both are factored, along with the delivery of cargo along the way, businesses won’t get the protection from their refrigeration systems they need. Also, too many businesses that use their own shipping fail to maximize their spend. With efficient packing as part of the service, each business can get the full value of every shipment.

2. Training

The business world is increasingly specialized. As part of a standard operating plan, most businesses are working to decide what their core competency is. Unless businesses focus on their core competency, they are working at a disadvantage. Everything from tech services to human resources is typically open for outsourcing to remain competitive.

The reason is that these partnerships strengthen service offerings. Further, they allow every essential component to be at the high end of expertise. A trusted refrigerated services provider will have trained professionals to meet every need. This level of training and expertise is impossible for most companies to achieve on their own.

3. Safety

Professional services are more complex than many companies understand. Logistics and transport are the backbone of many successful businesses in the digital marketplace. But beyond the benefits of these core requirements comes a complex safety standard. The training, documentation, and products required for safety compliance demand experience and attention. Utilizing the right refrigerated services assures these aspects of business operations are in full compliance. The safety of transport services, as well as the safety of the transported goods, can be assured.

4. Unparalleled Control

Today’s refrigerated transport services offer a high level of temperature control. This control allows for medical supplies, food, and other cargo to be in full adherence to temperature standards. These temperature controls also offer protection in the unlikely event of a breakdown or flat tire. Even with a delay in the shipment due to unforeseen circumstances, businesses can rest assured their assets will be protected. Refrigerated serviced don’t simply mean freezing the product. From flesh flowers to highly controlled medical shipments, the level of control from refrigerated transport is the support many businesses require.

5. Keep It Fresh

In the book Ten Restaurants that Changed America, author Paul Freedman details the cultural changes that have shaped American culture. One of the clearest trends in recent time is the shift from mass-produced food goods to local and fresh foods. People are continually demanding a fresh and customer-centric experience. This expectation requires the support of refrigerated trucking. Keeping it fresh doesn’t just apply to foods, but it can. Consumers don’t just want healthy, fresh foods — they are willing to pay more for them.

6. Adjusted to Cargo

Refrigerated services are not a one size fits all offering. Different companies have fluctuating needs. The needs of each shipment are precisely adjusted for with refrigerated services. A trusted service provider will take care to match expectations against equipment performance. This level of expertise offers companies peace of mind. As their offerings change they can rely on the same provider to tailor service to their cargo requirements.

7. Tracking

Businesses need to provide consumers and 3rd parties information in the now. With tracking services integrated into shipping, every moment is accounted for along the way. Companies can provide internal and external stakeholders with information in real-time.

8. Overcome The Hot/Cold Barrier

The success of Amazon and other online retailers is a result of catering to the customer experience. In the digital age the more that companies can cater to the unique expectations of their clients, the better. There is a $600 billion opportunity in the marketplace. Millenials have a preference for ordering food, including hot and cold items. The right transport partner won’t just give you reliable service. The right transport service will give you access to a whole new opportunity with a changing digital marketplace.

9. Analytics

It isn’t enough to collect data. The competitive advantage data offers resides in the analytics it provides. Refrigerated transport services professionals will go beyond the basics of data collection. They can match the KPIs of transport to the metrics each company uses to measure performance.

10. Asset Protection

Manufacturers and service providers are right to cringe at waste. Without asset protection, an entire lot can spoil, or fall out of compliance. Refrigerated transport offers the boost to ROI companies are searching for. By protecting every asset, each component of manufacture or harvest is brought to full potential. Companies don’t get paid unless they deliver.

The Best Refrigerated Services

Businesses that know the value of securing refrigerated services need to go one step further. It isn’t enough to understand the benefits and reasons. It’s just as important to select a service partner that can deliver the full benefits of these services. Without experience, expertise, and dependable quality, companies will find their services fall short of reaching their goals. ASAP Courier is the provider of choice. We help companies boost sales, and provide dependable support and service. Companies can’t leave their refrigerated transport services to chance. There is too much at stake. Contact ASAP Courier today and discover more about how we can help you achieve your refrigerated transport goals.


courier service in Ft. Lauderdale
courier service in Ft. Lauderdale

There is no doubt. Online is the new frontier in shopping. The vast majority of Americans do their shopping online. If you already sell products online, congratulations. Yes, really. You deserve the thumbs up. As recent as 2016, over 50 percent of small businesses didn’t have a website. Now, it’s one thing to have an e-store, and it’s quite another to make it successful. One of the biggest factors that contribute to the success of an online business is the choice of a courier service. An unreliable courier will break your business, while an efficient one will grow your business. But how do you find an efficient courier? In this article, we’re sharing tips for finding the best courier service in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Keep reading.

Sufficient Resources

When hunting for the best courier service in Ft. Lauderdale, look at the size of its human (drivers and other delivery personnel) and nonhuman (warehouses, vehicles and motorcycles)

This is crucial because a courier without enough manpower will affect your delivery schedules. If you have lots of orders to ship, such a courier will keep your customers waiting as it may lack the resources to make deliveries when needed.

Your ideal courier service should have enough manpower and facilities to handle your delivery needs, especially when business is busiest.

Don’t shy away from asking a potential courier to tell you the number of vehicles in its delivery fleet, as well as the number of delivery personnel on its payroll.

Quality of Customer Service

In any industry, customer service is crucial to business success. In shipping and logistics, customer service is even more important. There is probably nothing as frustrating as struggling to contact a courier who is now the custodian of your merchandise before they reach the buyer.

As such, you should have a specific focus on the quality of customer service before hiring a courier.

Are they available 24 hours, 7 days a week? How soon do they respond to your queries? Try dialing their customer service number or sending a message to their email and see how quickly you get hold of their representatives.

A courier with the best customer service will not please you, but also your customers. Won’t you be pleased to know a delivery man will deliver a package to your customer with a smile?

Consider Ease of Use

In today’s modern world, shipping services are highly digitized.

Gone are the days when you had to make frantic phone calls to a courier and fill out delivery details for several orders on physical paperwork. Today, all you need to do is log into a courier’s online portal, enter all the relevant details, submit and let the courier do the rest.

However, not all couriers have been able to implement an ordering system that’s easy to use. Avoid such couriers.

The best courier in Ft. Lauderdale will have an ordering system, be it web-based or mobile-based, that’s simple to use. It should also provide a tracking tool that enables you to monitor deliveries, right from the time packages leave your store to the time they reach their owners.

Similarly, if a product is being returned, you’ll be able to track its movement.

Cost of Services

When finding the best courier service in Ft. Lauderdale, look into the cost of services.

While all businesses have primary goals to save money, be wary of couriers offering the cheapest services around. Keep in mind, hideous businesses are looking to make a quick buck, and to do that they offer the lowest prices. Often, quality of service is poor.

This, though, doesn’t mean you settle for the priciest courier. Find a quality courier that offers competitive prices, and throws in discounts from time to time.

Professionalism and Transparency

Even though professionalism and transparency appear to be aspects of customer service, they are not.

It’s one thing for a courier to respond to your queries promptly, and it’s quite another for them to offer you truthful and verifiable information regarding your deliveries.

The best courier has a professional look; from uniformed delivery personnel to well-cleaned and maintained vehicles.

Excellent Reviews

When a courier in Ft. Lauderdale offers quality services to its clients, you can also count on it to have lots of positive online reviews.

When hiring, go online and do some digging. Type in the name of your preferred courier and see what previous clients are saying about it. If it has unprofessional delivery personnel, you’ll certainly find customers of the courier’s clients complaining online.

It goes without saying that you should settle for a courier with positive reviews.

Alternatively, you can ask for recommendations from other local businesses.

Properly Registered and Licensed

In many states, including Florida, couriers need to be licensed to operate.

Therefore, the best courier service in Ft. Lauderdale must have the relevant licenses. Don’t shy away from asking to see the business registration and licensing documents. Conduct a search to verify the information.

It’s also important to go with a courier service that has sufficient courier insurance. This will ensure you are compensated for any loss or damage that occurs when the goods are in their custody.

The Best Courier Service in Ft. Lauderdale Is Here!

Without a doubt, you now have the information you need to find the best courier service for your business.

Still, as a business owner, you may not have the time to conduct sufficient research and find this company. But don’t worry about that, because you have a solution right here.

At ASAP Courier, our primary goal is to make successful deliveries to our clients’ customers in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton and West Palm Beach. With 285 drivers, you can count on us to make your customer happy with fast deliveries.

Take a look at our services, then contact us to learn more.

miami warehousing
miami warehousing

Did you know that the warehousing industry is valued at over 22 billion dollars? Are you interested in improving your business using the Miami warehousing scene? Read below for ten ways using a warehouse will significantly help your business!

1. Decrease Time

In order to produce or ship items quickly, materials and products must be readily available. Storing goods in a warehouse allows all necessary items to be on hand for an order.

Warehouses also let manufacturers create products at a future need level. Basically, it decreases the overall time between an order and a consumer receiving a product.

A few examples of items that are made throughout the year, but in high demand during a season would be umbrellas or snow boots.

2. Store Surplus Items

Miami warehousing can help you meet changing demands by allowing you to store surplus products. Having product on hand means shorter waits until the customer gets their product.

3. Store Raw Materials

Along with storing surplus products, warehousing gives your business other ways to please consumers. Using a warehouse to store extra raw materials will cut production time significantly.

With the on-demand nature of many manufacturing businesses, production sometimes is slowed down simply from waiting for raw materials to be delivered.

With the ability to store raw materials in a warehouse, you’ll be able to cut down on raw material costs by ordering in even larger bulk orders.

4. Minimize Risk

If you want to store products or materials, but are nervous about doing it yourself, you should be looking at warehouse options.

Items kept in a warehouse are insured at risk of the owner of the warehouse. This means using one minimizes the risk of losing inventory due to theft, fire, or other damage.

The warehouse owner’s insurance will be the one paying out compensation.

Storing your products at a Miami warehouse means you do not need to stress about the safety of your products. Should anything happen, you will get money back for all your lost products.

5. Central Location

Another benefit of Miami warehousing is that it creates a central location for all your business needs. It can be the focus of receiving, storing, and even distributing your products.

When raw materials or products arrive, the warehouse takes responsibility to sort and store in a methodical manner. The warehouse will not just act as a place to house products, but also maintain a level of security.

When items are ordered or need to be moved, they will be carefully gathered and packaged. Miami warehouses will ensure orders are complete and products go out undamaged.

6. Help Stabilize Prices

A huge benefit to using warehouses is that they help avoid large fluctuations in prices. This is because when demand is low, they can store your business’s products until the demand increases again.

They help make sure the supply of goods remains regular in the market. By always matching supply to demand, prices become more stable.

Warehouses will keep a close eye on inventory and stock and reorder as necessary. This type of warehouse logistics is very useful to maintain the appropriate amount of stock year round.

7. Financing

One way warehousing is good for your business is through financing. All warehouses will give you a receipt detailing the value of all your goods that are stored there.

In a pinch, you as the owner can borrow money against the value amount of your goods using this receipt. Borrowing money in this manner can be a better route than seeking out a traditional loan.

One huge benefit is that repayment of the loan can be based on the use of material or sale of products.

8. Economic for Your Business

No matter how you look at it, using a warehouse has many economic benefits. With Miami warehousing, you have access to smooth running operations in addition to great storage capacity.

Many warehouses have consolidations options that can further benefit your bottom line. These options can help decrease delivery costs for your business and the people ordering your products.

Rather than shipping from multiple sources, all items are sent to one warehouse and packaged and sent out together.

9. Multiple Purposes

When you use Miami warehousing, you will have access to much more than somewhere to simply store your products.

Warehouses today will pick, pack, and ship your products if you so desire. They will also provide inventory updates.

Warehouses have become more modern. Gone are the days of employees walking up and down aisles picking products. Many now use robots to do a lot of that work!

Automating parts of the process will speed up how fast consumers get their products. This frees up employees to focus on quality control.

10. Service Benefits

By using a warehouse, your business is not restricted to space you currently have to create and store products. By working with a warehouse, you can expand your business.

Scaling a business is often difficult due to the small confines of an existing office or workspace. If you’re in the area, Miami warehousing can help you scale your business without burning more capital on real estate.

By using an external storage facility, you can better use space you have for other needs.

Remember that extra office that has boxes and boxes of excess inventory piled up? That space can now be used for meetings with clients, offices for extra staff, or a break room for your employees!

If you feel stuck in your current working space, consider a warehousing option. This will be a cost-effective way to expand and grow.

Use Miami Warehousing Today

It is clear that utilizing a warehouse is the way to go. Not only will you save your business money, but you will also speed up services. This means happier customers and more business for you.

Ready to start your Miami warehousing journey? Contact us today and we will be happy to assist you.


refrigerated transport
refrigerated transport

Safety is one of the essential features when shipping products. This especially counts when shipping refrigerated transport. This doesn’t just include food, but also includes medical supplies, sensitive artwork, and other materials that require preservation. Keeping these materials in a tight container with cold air is essential.

But what about longevity in case of shipping delays? Will the materials sustain if they’re traveling internationally? What if the power goes out in the unit, and no one is there to notice? You don’t want perishable items to spoil in the shipping process. Here are the do’s and don’ts when shipping refrigerated goods.

The Do’s

There are several factors to consider with refrigerated transport. Storage conditions and the longevity of the travel are two main topics.

Luckily, there are service providers that are experts in the transport of perishable goods.

Transporting Refrigerated By Truck

It’s easy to take technology for granted. Not long ago, you were only able to transport food for 50 miles before it spoiled. Mechanical refrigerated transport wasn’t even devised until the 1940s.

Now, trucks are traveling across the nation to deliver refrigerated products. In fact, 90% of the food you eat was delivered by a truck.

Technology is more powerful than ever before. You can see specialized trucks delivering food to grocery stores across the country, and even medical supplies being delivered to hospitals.

Transporting Refrigerated Items Quickly

Because of the increase in technology, refrigerated transport can easily be done across long distances. Yet, this also requires the products arrive in a timely manner.

There are carriers who specifically work on a national level, and are trained to handle perishable items with care while delivering them quickly.

Airlines work the same way; even though they don’t have the exact qualifications as truck freight, they still have access to specialized refrigeration and other technology.

When shipping perishable items, it’s always best to go for a professional service.

Transporting Refrigerated Products Internationally

Whether it’s for personal or professional reasons, you may need goods shipped internationally. This is best done with air freight for convenience and satisfaction.

When these items are stored, they’re tightly contained and set at a constant temperature. There are different temperature options, depending if the products need to just be chilled or completely frozen.

Depending on the product, it’s usually recommended to use ocean cargo to be sure your products are in good condition when they reach overseas. This also makes it easier to expedite the shipping and avoid issues with customs.

The Don’ts

While many services are available, people still prefer shipping items on their own. However, many fall short when following safety standards and even meeting travel laws.

Not Knowing Proper Storage Temperatures

It’s common for people to ship perishables over long distances, yet incorrectly store them.

When you do, they go bad.

For example, traveling with food is common, especially milk-based products. You can find delicious cheeses in places such as Wisconsin, Amsterdam, and Switzerland. For travelers, it’s easy to buy this cheese in bulk.

However, cheese is easily perishable. If you pack cheese in your bag with the rest of your luggage, it can easily spoil.

Research the best method to travel with products such as cheese before boarding the plane or train. Fortunately, professional services are educated on best shipping practices and can guide you on how to keep your goods fresh.

Not Preserving Artwork

If you’re an art collector, chances are you know how to ship fine pieces of art. But for a newcomer to the art collecting scene, properly storing artwork may come as a surprise.

Many factors can contribute to the ruination of the rare piece of art you acquired. Rain can damage the piece, or it can be squished underneath other packages. In either case, it can sustain wear and tear that results in permanent damage.

The best word of advice is to contact the artist (if you can) and see how they recommend you store and ship the piece of art.

If you can’t contact the artist and receive advice for that individual piece, remember the best practice is to wrap the painting in plastic and store it in a Styrofoam box.

In regard to refrigeration, make sure the painting isn’t exposed to fluctuating temperatures. Keep the painting in cool temperatures and away from sunlight. This helps to preserve the color.

Not Following Customs Laws

One of the biggest mistakes people make is failing to research customs laws regarding shipment of perishable goods. Countries such as the United States have strict standards regarding what can enter and exit the country.

If you’re shipping the bulk amount of perishable products on an international level, it’s best to hire the professionals.

If you attempt to transport a mass amount of perishables yourself, you’ll be subject to be searched and questioned by customs agents.

If you’re only shipping a few perishable products internationally, you can transport these yourself. However, always research customs laws.

Examples of perishables with strict standards include medications, chemicals, and certain plants.

Transporting a Freight Truck Yourself

You may be able to operate a truck with no issue. Operating a truck with refrigeration is another story.

There is a specific temperature for the component that holds the perishables. It can’t be fluctuating and has to be as close to standard as possible. If not, you risk the perishables going bad.

As the need to transport goods is increasing, it’s easy to just rent a truck or use your own when carrying perishables long-distance. However, this requires more responsibility.

You need to keep tabs of the thermostat and make sure the truck is clean to prevent the spread of bacteria. If you break down, you risk perishables going bad.

Make Smart Refrigerated Transport Decisions

When you need to transport perishables, it’s always best to hire a professional. If you feel you can transport perishable goods yourself, always remember to conduct research and seek advice from experts.

Refrigerating goods when traveling is difficult, so always be cautious when you’re shipping perishables.

If you need professional courier services for your perishables, contact us to make sure all items are safe and the quality lasts throughout shipment.


Besides window shopping, the only real benefit stores offer is the satisfaction of having the product after checkout. But, once online retailers close this gap with ASAP courier services, it’s certainly game over for these retail locations.

The shift to timely delivery has already started.

Slow shipping deters 41% of Amazon buyers which has made their two-day Prime delivery service a new standard in e-commerce.

Want the scoop about how shipping affects your business? Or, how it’s done? You’re in for an eye-opener and by this posts’ end… part of the shift.

The Importance of Timely Logistics

61% of online shoppers abandon their carts due to unexpected costs (i.e. shipping). These are the individuals who will justify a trip to the store to save on these costs or use the extra funds to “treat” themselves with more stuff.

It’s not only the abandonment issues. There are many benefits of good logistics:

Variable Channels

It’s not uncommon for a business to sell across many online channels.

Expectations are different from the various channels. Those purchasing through Amazon expect a 2-day delivery whereas an eBay user may show patience and comfort with 3-5 day delivery.

Why does this matter? It allows the business to offer a range of delivery options without defaulting to the fastest service causing a higher cost to the consumer.

In all, this keeps costs low and customers satisfied with the experience.

Enhanced Analytics

Collected customer data can introduce new ideas while mitigating risks.

The collected data has detailed information about the customer base and their habits. This lets the business identify strong and weak points in the logistics.

Identifying these points will improve supply flow — a process that also creates an easier job for sales and customer service.

Customer Experience

A customer with a broken product has little patience and will take to social media to air their grievances. A lengthy return process exacerbates the issue. This fuels an emotionally-charged outburst that could harm your brand image.

ASAP courier delivery offers timely replacements. The service will improve customer satisfaction and experience in these troublesome instances.

Promotional Advantage

“Free shipping” is frequently paired with searches during online shopping.

It shows buyer intent: they understand the product, now seeking a supplier.

Applying the phrase to the pages will increase visibility in targeted search. It’s also an effective leverage point in social media marketing and advertising.

You can use free shipping coupons with promotions as an added value proposition. These coupons are then shared on deals websites which lend to online brand awareness.

Emotional Leverage

Consumers primarily use emotions when evaluating products and brands.

A well-crafted message and streamlined sales funnel develop a narrative which attracts consumers. Sales come easier when the consumer is engaged.

Consumers are then more likely to complete a purchase since rational barriers are removed. One of these barriers being shipping cost and time.

The result? A transaction wholly emotional from start to finish.


Our favorite example — Amazon — includes a smile on the box that’s ingrained in consumer culture. It has immediate recognition and even has third-parties questioning “what’s in the box?”.

Average revenue increases 23% when a consumer experiences brand consistency.

A timely, branded mailer/box is one of these touchpoints that creates a remarkable experience. It also creates a referral opportunity.

How to Leverage an ASAP Courier

This is the turning point where the idea of an ASAP courier has been decided. The benefits are too great and you’re visualizing the possibilities.

Here’s how you can benefit by it:

Same-Day Delivery

Courier delivery is accomplished through a couple of options:

  • Rush and on-demand
  • Pre-scheduled routed
  • Last mile home delivery

Shipment of products going through traditional logistics channels tends to get held up once they’ve reached the cargo bay. Last minute home delivery is a service that takes the parcel from this cargo bay and delivers it to the customer.

The same-day delivery services use tracking software to provide real-time reporting and delivery confirmation.

Offering this speedy service sets a new precedence in the marketplace. It creates a unique selling point for the business. Deliveries can take place within one hour from the moment of pick up via super rush options.


Logistics management handles multiple channels from a centralized location when paired with warehousing.

The ability to provide logistics from a single source has wonderful benefits:

  • Preparation of shipping documents
  • Standardized audit and payment
  • Quality carrier selection
  • Singular pickup/drop off location
  • Extensive tracking and reporting

Warehousing products effectively end the growing pains. It hands the physical labor to a dedicated, specialized company. It creates a single point-of-contact making logistics a streamlined part of the business.

Hot/Cold Barriers

People would have no reason to leave their house if online retailers had a complete selection of hot and cold items.

There are a couple items you can order that comes packaged with dry ice. But, the selection is limited which is why many are using UberEats and other food delivery services so frequently.

An ASAP courier service creates the ability to offer hot and cold items through their on-demand fleets. This is possible with their refrigerated vehicles.

This creates new competition and opportunity especially in the $600 billion millennial market. A market that has a preference for ordering food (and related hot and cold items).

Giving Amazon a Run for Its Money

Prime Now is available in both Ft. Lauderdale and Miami meaning if a company is offering a similar product then it’s more than likely you’re losing to Amazon.

The Miami-Dade, Broward County population is pushing 4.5 million residents. That’s a 45-minute drive from downtown Miami to Ft. Lauderdale on a good day.

Think of the possibilities of a same-day delivery to this area.

We’re giving Prime Now a run for its money with rush courier delivery and warehousing services. But, it’s not just B2C, we’re also talking B2B!

If you need to get your products to customers fast then don’t hesitate. Get in touch or ask for a quote. We’re sure you (and your customers) will love the difference ASAP courier services make.


Mark Twain is famous for having once said, “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.” Today, we could make a similar comment about the local delivery industry. When electronic messaging became popular, folks wondered if it would destroy the business of so-called “snail mail.” Today, however, courier and delivery services are a growing industry, with profits of about $90 billion a year. A huge source of revenue for courier service in Miami is the local business community. Various firms often need documents and parcels delivered quickly and at a specific time, which courier services are well-equipped to do. Wondering if hiring a courier service in Miami is the right move for your business? Here are some points for you to consider.

What Is a Courier Service?

First, let’s take a closer look at what a courier service is, and how it differs from other shipping and receiving options.

Simply put, a courier service is a company that delivers documents, packages, and other parcels. These private services are able to deliver mail more quickly than the United States Postal Service (USPS). This is because they cater to a smaller number of clients, and maintain more flexible business hours.

While large shipping companies like UPS and FedEx fulfill many of these same functions, courier services are unique in that they are usually locally based. For this reason, a courier service in Miami would be well-acquainted with the South Florida region. This makes the delivery times more efficient, and the prices more affordable.

That said, even if a courier service is based in a specific geographic region, that does not necessarily mean it is restricted to that region. For instance, while ASAP Courier is a courier service in Miami, we fulfill shipments across the United States and Canada.

What Do Businesses Use Courier Services for?

Depending on your business’s specific model, you can use a courier service to address various needs.

Deliver Packages to Customers

One popular use of courier services is quickly delivering packages to customers. If your business has an online component, you can use a courier service to easily ship out products.

Courier services are also great for B2B companies. For instance, bakers, butchers, and farmers often use courier services to deliver goods to clients like restaurants and grocery stores. Here at ASAP Courier, we offer refrigerated vehicles to ensure that perishable items arrive at their location in perfect condition.


If shipping out products is a big part of your business, keeping inventory on hand can take up a lot of space. With a courier service, you can get warehouse space for your products. Then, when a purchase is made, the courier simply needs to retrieve the product from the warehouse to deliver it.

Deliver Documents

Businesses like law firms and mortgage brokers often deal with important documents that must be delivered to a specific location on the same day or overnight. A courier service can ensure that your documents will arrive on time, and will get to the designated person.

What Are the Benefits of a Courier Service

Now that we have seen what a courier service is, and what ways a business can use a courier service, let’s consider some of the benefits of courier services.


With a courier service, you will not have to drive packages and parcels to the post office. Instead, you can simply schedule a pickup online or over the phone, and have the courier come to you.

This will save your business time and money. Additionally, you will be able to focus on your work and productivity, rather than worrying about logistical details.


With a courier service, you have access to free tracking to see where your parcel is. You can use this to verify when the parcel arrives at its designated location. With ASAP Courier, you can easily track your deliveries on our website.

Additionally, you can share this tracking information with your customers so they can track their own orders. This will help grow your business since quick shipping and the ability to track orders is crucial to customer satisfaction.


Unlike big-name carriers, local courier services do not need to take packages to a centralized hub before they can deliver them to their final destination. This allows couriers to deliver packages in a more timely manner. Best of all, this benefit comes at a lower cost to you.

Save Money

If your business does a lot of shipping, you may wonder whether it would be more cost effective to hire a full-time delivery person, rather than paying for a courier service. In reality, your company will save a lot of money by outsourcing to a courier.

Keep in mind that the salary is not the only expense associated with a new employee. You must also consider the cost of health insurance, paid time off, and sick leave. Additionally, if your delivery person falls ill, you will need someone to fill in for them.

Open an Account

If you anticipate that your business will need frequent deliveries, you can consider opening an account with a courier service. By opening an account, you schedule regular deliveries and even get better prices for being a frequent customer. Additionally, as the couriers get to know you and your business better, they can tailor their service to your specific needs.

Customer Service

Our dispatchers and drivers work day and night to make sure businesses like yours have a consistent customer experience. Because we are a local company, we know our clients well and understand their unique needs.

Hire a Courier Service in Miami Today

With these benefits in mind, it is easy to see why so many businesses have turned to courier services to handle their shipping needs. Courier services are affordable, dependable, flexible, and even offer a personal touch to customers.

Do you need a courier service in Miami? Then contact us for a free quote. We will work with you to get the service you need.


It’s commonly believed that the US Postal Service (USPS) operates under the motto, “Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds”. The romantic and heroic title has been connected to them for decades. However, it was never officially adopted by them.

The motto originates from the entrance of the James A. Farley building at Eighth Avenue and 33rd Street in Manhattan. The imposing gray granite building is built to echo the Neoclassical style and looms powerfully over the people walking on the sidewalk.

The phrase itself comes from book 8, paragraph 98, of  The Persian Wars by Herodotus, a Greek Historian. It was a fitting tribute to the men and women who have valiantly delivered mail, communications and packages to the people of this country.

Why It Resonates with Us

As a courier company, we salute the history of the men and women of USPS, and how they’ve connected the people of this country. We aim to do the same.

While USPS continues to deliver mail and packages, we aim to personalize the process and meet the demands and desires of burgeoning industries. We understand that in this new era of business the motto applies to us. Consumers these days are in the mood for, “I need It Asap” and we couldn’t agree more. That’s why we’ve included it in our own name. You want it now, and we get it to you asap.

If you’re interested in learning about how we can help your business right now, you should search one of our services. We meet the demands of the business world today, and customize it to the need of our clients. Rain nor snow can’t stop us and we’ll ensure that we deliver what you need, Asap.