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Whether you deliver food, groceries, medical supplies, or anything else, it can be hard to get products to your customers in a timely manner, especially when you’re running a small business. 

Do you need help handling deliveries for your business? Do you want to make sure you’re working with a reliable business that will give you fast service without ripping you off?

There are lots of delivery services out there, but it can be hard to decide which ones are worth hiring.

Here are some tips that will help you find fast, credible, and affordable Miami delivery services.

Reasons to Hire a Delivery Service

These days, everybody wants their products as quickly as possible. And, they want them delivered right to their front door.

It’s no wonder the courier and delivery service industry has grown and is expected to reach a revenue of $107 billion by the end of the year.

There are lots of benefits that come with hiring a delivery service, including the following:

  • Grow your business faster
  • Build your business’s reputation
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Serve a wider audience 
  • Increase customer satisfaction with 24-hour or same-day delivery
  • Enjoy lower prices than the post office

Delivery and courier services also tend to serve a smaller group of clients.

This is a good thing for you because it helps to hold them accountable. It also increases the likelihood that your packages will be safely delivered since the business has fewer clients to deal with than the postal service.

How to Find the Right Delivery Service

Okay, you’re convinced that it’s a good idea to hire a delivery service to help you run your business effectively. How do you find the right one, though?

Here are some tips that will help you choose the best Miami delivery service.

Ask About Availability

First things first, before you hire a delivery service, you need to make sure that they have the bandwidth to handle the volume of packages your business is sending out.

Find out how many businesses they’re currently working with and make sure they can accommodate your business’s needs, too.

Consider Delivery Speed

Of course, delivery speed matters, too. Your customers expect fast shipping and you ought to find a delivery service that can help you provide them with that.

Remember that the extra cost of faster shipping shouldn’t necessarily be a deterrent.

Most customers are willing to pay extra to have their products reach them more quickly. The extra expense can be worth it if it helps you to satisfy and retain customers.

Look at Size and Weight Limitations

In addition to making sure the delivery service can accommodate the number of packages you’re putting out, you also need to make sure they can accommodate the size and weight of these packages.

Consider the average size and weight of the packages you ship out and include that information when you’re communicating with the service you’re thinking about hiring.

Make Sure They Provide Proof of Delivery

Before you agree to work with a delivery service, you need to make sure they will provide proof of delivery. If your products don’t show up where they’re supposed to be (and when they’re supposed to be there), your customers are not going to be happy.

To avoid some serious customer service issues, you ought to be able to confirm when packages are delivered. Look for services that offer package tracking for you and for the customer.

Consider Customer Service

As with any type of business, you ought to make sure the delivery service offers good customer service before you decide to hire them.

Is it easy for you to get in touch with someone when you have a question? Do they respond to phone calls and emails in a prompt manner? 

Look into Parcel Insurance

Like it or not, accidents do happen. If a product shows up broken or damaged in some other way, you’re going to have unhappy customers on your hands. 

You might not be able to prevent accidents altogether, but you can ensure your customers are satisfied by investing in courier insurance. This will help to ensure you can replace your customer’s broken product without that replacement eating into your bottom line.

Ask About Their Specializations

Some deliver services specialize in delivering certain types of products. If you ship very large or heavy items, you may want to find a service that specializes in these types of deliveries. That way, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing they’re being delivered by professionals.

Consider Their Technology

What kind of tools and technology does the service use to track your products and expedite the shipping process? If the company uses bad or outdated tech, there’s a good chance that you’re going to experience issues getting your products delivered to your customers on time.

Research Their Track Record

Before you hire any delivery service, do your research and learn about their track record.

Are their customers generally satisfied? Are there any negative reviews about the company available online? Are there complaints against them with the Better Business Bureau? 

Avoid Shipping Scams

Finally, do your best to avoid shipping scams. Shipping scams are becoming highly common, but there are things you can do to protect yourself from them.

Researching the company is a good first step. You also ought to look into the company’s years of operation.

Do a careful audit of their email communications, too, and avoid services where that send emails that are full of grammatical and spelling errors. 

Find Miami Delivery Services Today

There are a lot of things you need to take into account when you’re trying to find the right delivery service.

If you keep these guidelines in mind, though, the process will be a lot easier.

Now that you know what to look for, it’s time to begin your search for fast, credible, and affordable Miami delivery services. 

You don’t have to look too far, because we meet all of the specifications laid out above at ASAP Courier.

Contact us today to learn more about our services or to get started shipping your packages.


One in every four people in the U.S. has been a victim of package theft.

While this can be attributed to a number of factors, choosing the wrong courier service plays a significant role.

Interestingly, few people give a lot of thought to choosing a same day logistics service. Most people assume that all services are the same, and end up going for the most affordable one.

But this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If you want to deliver a parcel to Miami, ensure you choose Miami same day logistics services who’ll guarantee you the safety of your package.

But this isn’t the only consideration when choosing a same day logistics company.

You should also consider the following factors:

1. Package Size and Weight Restrictions

Many courier companies have strict limitations on the size and weight of the packages they deliver. Thus, it’s important to find out whether the courier service you’re considering to hire can actually handle the size and weight of your package.

This is particularly important if you use courier services for business purposes. For instance, if you own a furniture company, you’ll want a courier that’s able to handle large and heavy packages.

2. Reliability

When hiring a Miami delivery service provider, go for a company with adequate manpower and resources. Such companies will always be available to deliver your packages upon request. They’ll also have adequate security measures in place to ensure that your package reaches its destination safely.

This reliability is important, especially if your clients tend to make delivery requests during odd hours.

3. Delivery Speed

Various delivery services in Miami have different waiting times.

Some companies offer same day delivery services, while others may take longer to deliver your package. As such, it’s important to find out whether the expected delivery time of a prospective company suits your personal or business needs.

To be on the safe side, choose delivery service providers who offer different delivery options. This will allow your clients to choose the delivery option they’re most comfortable with, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Additionally, it’ll provide you with the much-needed flexibility to accommodate rush delivery requests.

4. Distance Restrictions

Some courier services can only deliver packages within a certain region. Distance restrictions vary according to state, country, and region.

If you serve clients beyond the Miami region, you’ll need a courier service that can deliver packages across the country. For international deliveries, you may need freight delivery services.

If you’re running an international business, it’s best to choose companies that can deliver countrywide, as well as to other countries. For example, ASAP Courier has a Miami airport delivery service that caters for all your local and international package delivery needs.

5. Convenience

Given the multitude of responsibilities you have as a business owner, chances are you don’t have the time to personally ship each individual order to the pick-up point. Even if you’re well-staffed, your workforce would be better-utilized handling other tasks.

Thus, it’s important to find out whether a prospective courier company is willing to pick up packages from your premises. If they can, prioritize them as this convenience will save you time and money.

6. Cost Effectiveness

The best same day logistics company should deliver in the shortest time possible.

For such top-notch service, however, you should expect premium charges. Nonetheless, choose a courier that gives you the best value for your money.

Many courier companies don’t charge on a fixed price basis. Rather, the client requests a quote. Sometimes, these quotes may contain hidden charges.

As such, it’s important to seek clarification in case things look suspicious. If the courier company can’t justify some of the extra costs, chances are you’re being taken for a ride. The quote should vividly breakdown all the charges.

7. Reputation

Nowadays, it’s easy to find out how well a company serves its customers. Through online reviews, today’s consumer is empowered to express their opinions about companies they’ve transacted with.

To avoid poor services, search the internet for reviews about the courier companies you’re considering to hire. This will help you narrow down to your prospects and allow you to work with companies that provide outstanding, timely service.

To find out what other people are saying about a particular courier company, use sites such as Angie’s List and Yelp.

8. Insurance

Lots of things can go wrong during transit, especially if you’re shipping fragile products. In such cases, you’ll want to be compensated for damages. Choosing a courier company that offers insurance is one way to do this.

Keep in mind that not all couriers provide insurance. It’s up to you to find out whether the companies you’re considering to hire provide this type of coverage.

And if they do, be sure to compare the rates so you can make a more informed decision.

9. Tracking Services

If possible, always work with courier services that offer tracking services for all deliveries. This will allow you to track your packages, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Besides tracking your shipments, tracking services will also inform you of any issues with a particular delivery. This will help you to deal with shipment issues in a timely and more effective manner.

10. Experience

To ensure that you’re working with seasoned professionals, find out how long prospective courier companies have been in the industry. Generally, such companies will have certified and licensed personnel. They’ll also be licensed to do business, which minimizes the chances of legal issues.

As a general rule, never be a courier company’s first client. You don’t want to be part of someone else’s learning experience.

Who are the Best Miami Couriers?

When it comes to the delivery of your packages, you want to work with the best Miami couriers. Consider the factors above to help you choose a dependable courier company.

At ASAP Courier, we have everything you need to ship your packages safely. This includes refrigerated services, last mile delivery, warehousing, pre-scheduled routed delivery, rush courier, and the best airport courier Miami has ever seen.

If you have anything you’d like to ship, get an instant quote from us.


Are you looking for courier services in Fort Lauderdale?

It can be daunting to find a courier service that you can trust. Businesses of all types rely on courier services to help them handle critical documents at critical times. While the use of traditional mail services falls, courier services are continuing to rise. Courier services are known for speed, security and reliability.

When you’re shopping for a courier in Fort Lauderdale, you need to know that not all courier services are created equal.

Keep reading to find out what the best courier services offer and how you can find the right one for your business.

What Does a Courier Do?

Do you have the image of someone riding their bike in crowded city traffic with a messenger bag slinging over their shoulder? That’s in the movies, not reality.

Courier services are used when you want something faster than traditional shipping companies. In today’s world, people expect their orders to be delivered in about 5 days or less

Couriers can let your e-commerce business exceed customer expectations.

What to Look for in Courier Services in Fort Lauderdale

Courier services vary in the types of services they offer and their overall level of professionalism. These are the top things that you should consider when you’re evaluating courier companies.

Record of Success

Obviously, you don’t want to hire a courier company with a reputation for losing shipments and packages. The company that you choose needs to have a track record of success.

There are a couple of ways to tell what the track record is for a company. The first is the number of years they’ve been in business. The second way to tell is through online reviews. You’ll get valuable insights into what others experienced when working with the company.


There should be clarity and clear expectations set at the very beginning by the courier company as to what they are responsible for.

You’ll also know what your rights are if something goes wrong with a shipment. While these types of things don’t happen often, it’s good to know that you have options to remedy the situation.

Pricing Is Fair and Flexible

One of the things you’re going to consider is the cost of the shipping services. Courier services offer a higher level of service than regular shipping companies, but they’re still very affordable.

Don’t be tempted to go with the least expensive courier service. There is the old adage that you get what you pay for.

You want to choose a courier service that offers a ton of value for what you’re getting.

Types of Services Offered

Your business is always evolving, and you want to find courier services in Fort Lauderdale that you can grow with.

You may only need document delivery across town, but as your business grows, you could need more services.

Not only that but working with only one company for all of your delivery needs makes it so much easier to call on that one company

Here at ASAP Courier, we offer a wide range of delivery services, including Rush and On Demand delivery services, warehousing, refrigerated services, and air freight services.

Professional, Courteous Staff

Your courier service is an extension of your brand. If you use a courier service for your business, what would someone think if their package was delivered by someone who looked like they just rolled out of bed? That wouldn’t leave a positive impression of your company.

The courier services you choose need to have a professional look. They can have a branded vehicle that identifies their company and staff wear shirts that also identify the company.

Outstanding Customer Service

The staff of a courier services company can be courteous and professional. How are they at solving problems if there’s an issue with a pick-up or delivery?

That’s what you need to decipher before you sign up with a courier service. One of the best things you can do is to is call a company to get an idea of their customer service.

Ask them a few questions about how they work with clients and what happens if there’s a problem. Does the person on the line seem engaged and caring? Do they seem like they could care less about earning your business?

Either way, how that call is handled is an indication of how the company always works.


You’re placing a lot of trust in your courier services. You may have sensitive legal documents that need to be in safe hands. Whatever your package is, you want to be sure that it’s taken care of and treated with the utmost discretion and security precautions.

Use of Technology

The top courier services have a grasp on technology and they incorporate it into their services. Here’s the main difference: the technology that’s used has the customer in mind.

It’s not enough to have a fancy website. Customers should be able to track their packages without having to call the courier service. They should be able to track online. You should also be able to schedule regular pickups online, too. 

It may seem like common sense in a connected world, but many courier services in Fort Lauderdale miss the mark on this. Any company that offers these tools show that they put the customer first.

Your Most Important Packages are Handled

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the benefits that courier services offer. They offer fast and reliable ways to get your most important documents and packages to their destination.

Finding courier services in Fort Lauderdale will take a little research, but there is one company that regularly outshines the rest.

At ASAP Courier & Logistics, we work with all types of industries from e-commerce to attorneys to ensure that their packages are delivered to anywhere when they need it. That includes national and international deliveries, not just the Fort Lauderdale area.

If you’re looking for a courier in Fort Lauderdale, give us a call today for a quote on delivering your rush packages.


Does your business rely on e-commerce sales to stay afloat?

In 2018, U.S. retail e-commerce sales were $504.6 billion, a figure projected to substantially increase in the coming years.

This is great news for online retailers who could now be on a more competitive footing than physical store retailers. But like any other business, online retailers, too, have to look for ways of reducing overheads.

E-commerce shipping costs have soared, and many businesses are struggling to keep this overhead down. Cutting these costs can help to increase your business’s profitability.

Here are 5 ways to reducing shipping costs so that you can reduce overheads.

1. Negotiate Shipping Rates with Your Carriers

Without the shipping volumes of large retailers like Amazon, most retailers don’t enjoy the negotiating power that could score significant discounts with commercial carriers. But this shouldn’t discourage you from negotiating the best shipping rates for your business.

The shipping industry is highly competitive and carriers have an incentive to offer the best deals to their customers. Request quotes from multiple carriers to find out who has the best rates.

Let the carrier understand that your business is focused on reducing its overhead costs and that is why only carriers with lowest rates will win. 3PLs and carriers are looking to grow their business and they find small profit margin better than not having business at all.

You can also use online shipping platform to ship products and get some discounts out of it. The best thing with these online shipping platforms is that they are integrated with most e-commerce websites.

Once your website is integrated with a ship station, you can enjoy shipping discount.

2. Outsource Your Top Selling Items to a Fulfilling Partner

Handling your shipping in-house can be a challenging task, especially if there are some products in high demand. Consider outsourcing your top sellers to a reliable partner.

A courier service with the right qualities will help to boost your sales and increase your competitive advantage.

Settle for a partner who will not make you start worrying about compounding fees for little services such as packing, labeling, picking etc. There should be only two fees: Fulfillment and storage.

The total cost to outsource will be determined by factors such as your geography, current sales, and the amount of inventory you hope to store.

3. Consolidate Multiple Orders Whenever Possible

Whenever possible, your business should consolidate multiple orders into a single shipment. Always aim to minimize the number of packages you receive and send.

Planning out how your orders are arranged for order processing or sales can go a long way in ensuring the efficient delivery of orders.

Consolidating orders will reduce your overhead costs and reduce the amount of money your customers spend on products they buy from you.

When supplies are consolidated, you’ll spend less time receiving and handling orders.

4. Use Flat Rate Shipping

Establish the average cost per package and set a flat rate shipping costs for your customers. You may consider providing flat – rate boxes free. This will help you reduce your shipping cost.

Make sure your business has competitive rates and the packages you send arrive at their destinations on time.

Carriers determine flat rates by how far they transport the package. This is broken into shipping zones. Your shipping representative should explain costs for shipping based on varying zones. This way you can compare prices to determine the best rate.

Flat rate shipping helps to eradicate cart abandonment. If customers know the rate for shipping each commodity before they enter the checkout screen, most likely they will proceed to purchase.

As an online business, you should be honest about the shipping fee for all your orders.

Customers who expected free shipping on a package then end up paying a shipping fee may feel duped. This may hurt the reputation of your business.

If your business qualifies for flat rate shipping, ensure your customers know about this option. Promote it on your website. Remember that it is not necessary to ship packages in boxes all the time.

If the product you’re shipping can be folded, for instance, T-shirts, then you can use poly mailer instead. Poly mailers are cheaper and you can get them free.

5. Reuse Packaging from Your Suppliers

If your business sells fragile products that need to be handled with care, there is a high chance you spend a lot to protect your customer’s orders.

Whether it’s crinkle paper, bubble wrap, or packing tape, they all increase your overheads.

If the merchandise you receive from your suppliers comes packed in boxes, you can reuse the boxes instead of throwing them away, especially if they’re still in good condition.

Always keep in mind that reducing ship cost is not only focused on postal rates. It is also about the supplies you use to mail your packages.

Some supplies like packing tape must be new, but you can improvise other packing supplies.

Create a Strategy to Reduce Your Shipping Costs Today

There’s stiff competition in E-commerce. Shipping rates are also increasing each day. You need to create a shipping plan that will see you substantially cut your shipping costs.

The best thing is that you can be creative when coming up with such a plan. Consider implementing the above-discussed tips to see if you’ll be able to make savings on your shipping costs.

Contact us if you’re looking for a professional courier service. We provide both local and nationwide courier services to our customers.


Approximately 30 percent of all adults spend nine hours, or more, using electronic devices. This includes smartphones, computers, televisions, tablets, and more. The point of this is that electronics are a huge part of modern life.

However, before you can begin to use these electronics, you have to purchase them, right? For them to reach you successfully the packing and shipping process has to be done carefully. The good news is, big retailers have done the research and know how to keep expensive devices safe during transit.

Can you say the same? Do you know how to pack and ship electronic gifts, so they aren’t damaged in transit? If not, we have some tips that can help.

Keep reading to learn how to keep all types of electronic items safe when they are shipped.

1. Read the Instructions in the Manual

Take the time to read (and follow) the manufacturer’s advice regarding how to pack and ship electronic devices. After all, as the manufacturer, they are going to know what’s necessary to keep it safe.

If you don’t have the manual (because let’s face it, most people toss it out) you can refer to the manufacturer’s website. In most cases, you can find a copy there.

2. Secure the Batteries

The majority of electronic devices used today require batteries for power. While the majority of batteries used today are designed to be safe, they can also cause issues when shipped.

For example, lithium batteries can be a source of sparks, hazardous heat and even fire if they aren’t packaged properly before being shipped. It’s necessary to safeguard all the terminals against short-circuiting prior to shipping.

To do this, just cover each terminal with a non-conductive, insulating material, or put each battery in some type of inner packaging to make sure that the exposed terminals remain protected.

3. Separate the Accessories and Cords

If your electronics have several different components, it’s good to make sure they remain organized. The best way to do this is by separating the accessories and cords.

There are several reasons to do this, which include:

No Tangles

By separating the cords and winding them neatly, they won’t become tangled together. Also, doing this keeps them from wrapping around other components that may be damaged.

Labeling is Possible

When you separate the cords, you should also label what they are and where they go. This will make the person receiving the item be able to easily identify everything and have an easier time of hooking it up.

Less Hassle

Let’s face it, if there are countless parts and cords jostling around freely in the box, it’s going to make a mess. This can be quite a hassle to make sense of. Avoid this by getting everything organized before shipping it.

4. Select the Right Packing Materials and Method

The double boxing method is a great way to ship more fragile items, such as an electronic. To do this, all you have to do is put a box inside another box.

When you do this, it keeps the electronic far from the outer wall, minimizing impact. Also, the additional layers of padding in each of the boxes helps to absorb vibrations caused by jostling or bumps.

If you are shipping an electronic device that is still in the original retail box, and it doesn’t move around when you shake it gently, then this can be used as the inner box. If this isn’t the case, then find a box that is approximately six inches longer than the device and use it.

Be sure to wrap the item in several layers of packing material and then put it into the inner box. Ideally, you want about two inches of padding on all six sides of your box.

Pack your box as tightly as possible using kraft paper, foam inserts, or bubble wrap. Avoid packing peanuts, or other loose-fill options, as these aren’t going to keep the device from moving around.

Seal the box with packing tape and then cover the inner box with bubble wrap, sealing it inside another container. Again, you want two inches of padding on each side.

You also have to decide the right type of shipping method to use. Do you need same day service, or something else? Be sure to think about this, too.

5. Enlist the Help of the Pros

When it comes to shipping electronics, you may think this is something you can handle on your own. While this may be the case, it doesn’t hurt to get the help or opinion of a professional. After all, these people deal with shipping items every day.

They can provide advice and guidance on how to ship the electronic item safely so that it arrives in damage-free condition. In most cases, the professionals will also be able to sell you the boxes or materials that are needed to ship your item.

By purchasing something from the experts, you can feel confident that it will be able to withstand the transit process.

Ship Electronic Gifts Like the Pros

When you use the tips and information here, you can feel confident that your electronic gifts will arrive unscathed and organized. The key is to make sure that you protect your items by using the right material and the right packing methods.

If you are looking for more information about shipping your electronics, or any item for that matter, reach out to us. Our company has been helping items get to the desired destination for years, and we can provide the same service to you.

We even offer an online quote, so you know how much shipping your electronic item will cost. Be sure to see what else we have to offer to satisfy your shipping needs, today.


People love to eat, but no so much the cooking. After a long hard day at work, restaurant food sounds great, but you want a restaurant that’s got great food all the time.

Restaurants get their food from a delivery service. In large metropolitan areas, a food delivery business can prosper and grow. For that, you need the right couriers.

When a restaurant or other organization needs a food delivery, you need to know customers get their food on time and in good condition. Don’t risk your delivery customers on shoddy courier service.

Learn what to look for in a courier, so you’ll know you’ve chosen the right company for the job.

Benefits of a Courier Company

If you’re starting a delivery service, then you’re weighing the decision on doing it all in-house or hiring a professional courier service. A courier service is the best way to go.

With in-house delivery, you need to find and train employees. Do they have the ability to drive the vehicles? Would you trust them? You have pay for these employees and also make sure they know where they’re going.

It’s important to have drivers that not only have GPS on their phones, but also know the area. If construction blocks roads or an accident blocks roads, the driver needs to think on their feet. Customers won’t care about construction when their food arrives in the middle of dinner rush.

There’s also a time factor. If you’re on the verge on opening your business, then you need a system in place from day on. A courier service can help you deliver bulk cold food across town or perishable foods across the street from day one.

Check Out Their Reputation

In the world of business, reputation is everything. When you develop a good reputation with customers and vendors, life goes smoother. A bad reputation can sink a business.

Before choosing a courier, ask around and see if they’ve garnered a good reputation. Ask the company for references and give them a call to see how they feel about the company. You can even check online and see reviews of the company on Yelp and other sites.

The reason why reputation is important is it’s created by people outside the company. It’s based on how well they performed and communicated in the eyes of their customers. You need someone with a good reputation for timeliness, customer service and reliability.

The last thing you want is to be in a contract with a food courier that isn’t reliable. Customers won’t see the courier company. They’ll see your food delivery company not making good on its promises.

The courier’s reputation reflects on you. The same is true if the courier has an excellent reputation.

An Experienced Courier is a Good Courier

You’re starting a delivery service and you want to get off to a good start. Why? 
You haven’t built up the experience and reputation other businesses have built. You’re starting from scratch.

Your delivery company has experience and can help build your reputation. A delivery company that has been around for many years knows the area like the back of their hand.

They have drivers with years of knowledge and experience as well. They know the short cuts. They know how to avoid construction.

Experience means when a problem comes up, they can solve it. They’ve likely dealt with it before and can deal with it quickly and efficiently.

Problems arise every day. The experience could mean the difference between a happy customer and a lost order. Your courier’s experience can help grow your business fast.

A Food Delivery Business Needs Reliability

When a customer expects their food delivery by 10 a.m., it needs to be there by 10 a.m. If your courier services comes shambling in at 3 p.m., your customer won’t be happy. They’ll be irate and won’t be calling your food delivery service again.

You don’t plan on shirking your responsibilities as a food service, so you shouldn’t expect anything less from your courier. Of the many traits you need in a courier, reliability is the most important. They need to be reliable picking up the deliveries and getting them to your customers.

If they’re delivering to many places in a day and they start out late, then likely every customers will be late. A few days of those and your business’ reputation will be in the dumps.

Can You Track The Packages?

When you order something from Amazon, you can track the package. The same goes for Fed Ex, USPS and UPS, so shouldn’t you be able to track courier packages. If something happens and the courier doesn’t arrive when scheduled, they’re going to call you.

You need to see where the package is so you can give the customer an answer. If a food delivery was supposed to be there 10 minutes ago, you can check an app and tell them they’re a few blocks away. No need to hang-up and call the courier.

It’s immediate good customer service for your business. Customers aren’t usually angry because their delivery is a little late. They’re angry because they don’t know when or where the package is and when they’ll get it.

Tracking lets you give them the information they need to calm them down.

Cost Effective, but also Quality Service

Businesses want to save money wherever possible, but you can’t sacrifice quality for cost. If a company is the cheapest that doesn’t mean they’re good or bad. You need to research them and let cost be only one factor in the decision.

If you go into the search with a budget in mind, then you have a better idea of what you can afford. You don’t need the Cadillac of courier services if you don’t need their level of services. Compare the cost of the company with what they can do. It’s important to make a decision based on more than price.

Hire a Courier You Can Trust

A food delivery business needs to have faith in their courier and trust them or else their reputation and business could suffer. Follow these rules, and you’ll find a courier company that fits your business’ needs and affordability.

Your courier is an important part of your business. If you’re interested in learning more about how couriers work, then feel to explore our site.


It’s no secret that companies offering same day delivery are becoming more popular than ever before. 

Whether you want to provide that sense of instant gratification to your clients, or if you need to find same day delivery services because you’re in more of a rush than usual, you can’t compromise when it comes to quality. 

But what are some of the things you should look for when you need the best delivery services Miami has to offer?

In this post, we’ll tell you the things that you should insist on to keep your clients happy and to protect your brand’s reputation. 

Ask If They Have Experience with Your Products

When you’re looking for same day delivery services, the first thing you should ask about is the company’s level of experience in handling your products. 

Have they had to transport sensitive documents before, for example? Do they know what steps need to be taken, whether it’s collecting signatures or verifying the recipient’s identity, when they deliver it? 

If it’s a heavier item, or one that’s difficult to ship due to its shape, how have they handled similar situations in the past? 

If you need to ship something that’s perishable, like a same day birthday delivery item like a cake, how will they protect the item? 

You need to know that you’re leaving your item, whether it’s a business or a personal delivery, in the very best possible hands.

Excellent Tracking/Shipping Notifications

When you’re looking for a same day delivery service provider, you also need to consider how they plan to keep you informed of the delivery process. 

Will you receive a notification when a courier is on the way to pick up your package? How will they keep you informed about where it is in the delivery process? What kind of confirmation will they be able to offer you once your package has arrived at its final destination? 

Look for delivery services that offer time-definite delivery. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your package is guaranteed to get to its destination on time. 

Superior Employee Training

The best delivery services are those that take the time to invest in their employees’ training. 

You need to work with a company that has licensed employees. Since, unfortunately, package theft sometimes happens with disreputable drivers, you need to make sure the one you’re considering has done their due diligence.

Have they conducted background checks on the people that they’ve hired? What is the training process like? What steps do individual couriers take in order to keep your packages safe?

In addition to taking the time to properly train and license their employees? 

You also need to make certain that the delivery service has insurance. 

If something happens to your package while it’s in transit, you don’t want to have to be responsible for the cost. The same thing goes if your courier gets injured on the job. 

If a courier/delivery service isn’t insured or can’t provide you proof of that insurance when asked? It’s time to move on.

The Ability to Provide a Quote

When you’re looking for rush or expedited delivery, you need to work with companies that can provide you with an instant quote. 

If a company tries to tell you that they’ll let you know the cost after the delivery has been made?

It’s a sure sign that they’re not a company worth working with. 

In order to provide you with the most accurate quote possible, delivery/shipping companies will need some information from you. 

They’ll need an estimate about the package’s weight, the pickup and destination locations, and what time you need it to arrive at its final destination.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay a higher fee for rush deliveries that are also out-of-state. 

However, if the price seems to high, it’s best to move on. If they can’t justify the quote they’re giving you to your satisfaction, you’re likely being taken for a ride.

We’re committed to brining you the best possible prices for your same day delivery needs — without compromising when it comes to quality. 

Excellent Customer Testimonials

The final thing that you need to be on the lookout for when you’re trying to find a reliable delivery service? 

Excellent reviews and references from past customers. Especially if you’re planning on using this company again in the future, you need to learn everything you can about the kind of service they provide. 

Ask to speak to at least two past clients directly. While reading online reviews will give you a bit on an idea about the service quality, it’s no replacement for speaking with someone directly. 

If the company doesn’t seem to want to give you that information? 

They’ve just told you everything you need to know about what working with them will probably be like. 

Need Reliable, Experienced Same Day Delivery Services?

We hope that this post has helped you to learn what you should look for in same day delivery services. 

No matter what you’re delivering or who it’s being delivered to, you deserve nothing less than the best. 

That’s what we aim to provide to our customers every single time. We offer a wide range of shipping and delivery options, and we have the experience to get it done the right way. 

Get an instant quote from us on our website. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need additional assistance or have questions about the shipping process in general. 


Vacations are so exciting! Hauling around lots of luggage, not so much.

Reliable Baggage Delivery Service

Reliable Baggage Delivery Service

What if there were a way to get your bags from your starting point to your destination without having to haul them all over the place? There actually is a better alternative to trusting the airlines with your precious cargo.

You can ship your luggage instead.

If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading. You’re going to want to learn about these 5 great reasons to use a baggage delivery service.

What Is Baggage Delivery Service? 

First off, what is a baggage delivery service?

How does it work? The courier company will pick up your bags from your location and handle everything from there. They make sure everything is wrapped and sealed up tight so that your belongings arrive safely at your destination.

Since your belongings will be traveling separately from you, you need some assurance they arrive. You’ll receive an email once your luggage has been delivered.

It’s that easy. All you have to do is take your flight and your bags will be waiting at the hotel when you arrive.

Now let’s take a look at those reasons why it’s such a great service.

1. No Stray Luggage

You take your luggage up to the counter and hand it to the smiling attendant. You watch it slide away on the conveyor belt and hope that you’re going to see it again at your destination.

To be honest, most likely you will. With advances in technology, airlines are doing better at not losing people’s luggage. In fact, only about 6 bags per 1000 travelers are lost. But if yours turns out to be one of the unlucky six that’s going to put a damper on your vacation.

Keep in mind that every connecting flight you have puts you at a higher risk for losing your bags. Every time your luggage changes planes is an opportunity for it to end up on the wrong flight or disappear completely.

These days nearly all airlines charge baggage fees. You’re going to have to pay for baggage service anyway. Why not pay and know that your bags are going to be there when you arrive?

2. No Waiting in Line for Bags

You already tend to do a lot of waiting in line at airports. You have to go through security, you have to get your passport stamped, and if you want to buy food there’s usually a line for that too.

Why not cut out some of that waiting in line?

With a baggage delivery service, you don’t have to wait in line to check your bags. When your flight lands you don’t have to stand there waiting at the carousel to get your bags. Once you get your passport stamped you can just head straight out of the airport.

3. Personalized Attention

Airlines deal with thousands upon thousands of travelers every day. The sheer volume makes it difficult to provide truly personalized attention.

On the other hand, a courier service is smaller and can tailor their service to your needs. You’ll usually get an email alerting you when your baggage has arrived at your hotel. Plus, if you need to make any itinerary changes you can simply call the company and they’ll make sure your bags end up where they should.

4. Proper Handling of Unusual Luggage

Traveling with unusually sized luggage can be a pain. Depending on its size and shape, the airline may charge you more in baggage fees. There’s also no guarantee it will arrive unscathed at your destination.

Airline employees are notorious for being extremely hard on luggage. Unusually shaped or very large packages can often take the brunt of this.

A baggage delivery service, however, will handle your luggage with care. It doesn’t matter how oddly-shaped or how large your luggage may be. Plus, they’ll have the equipment necessary to take good care of your stuff.

5. Ability to Track Luggage

One huge benefit to baggage delivery service is the ability to track luggage. This offers you the peace of mind that you need when traveling. Traveling is already stressful enough. Why make it harder on yourself?

When you check your bags with the airline, you watch them roll away and hope you’ll see them again. With a baggage delivery service, you can follow your luggage as it goes on its journey. You can check in and see where it is at any given time right from your smartphone.

6. Convenience

As you can see from the other reasons, baggage delivery service is incredibly convenient. Whether you’re traveling with small children, folks with disabilities, or simply a lot of luggage, hauling your luggage around with you is a pain.

With baggage delivery service you skip all that. You don’t have to haul it with you to the airport. You don’t have to wait in line to check it. You don’t have to pick it up from the carousel. And you don’t have to haul it to your hotel.

You simply go and your bags will meet you there when you arrive.

Ready for Your Next Trip? 

What do you think after reading about these great reasons to use a baggage delivery service? Are you ready to try it out for your next trip?

Get a quote now to find out how affordable it is to get your baggage from one place to another. Plus, you can’t really put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your stuff will be where you need it, when you need.


Have you ever experienced delays when it comes to online shopping?

If not, then you should consider yourself lucky. Most people encounter problems when it comes to online shopping. Most of the time, they only experience a delay of 1 day or more, but others have it much worse.

Sometimes, customers receive their orders with delays reaching up to a month. Others don’t receive it at all because of errors during shipping. With online shopping becoming a crucial part of everyday life, how can you make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen to you?

Last mile delivery services are the solution.

Final mile delivery ensures that there are no problems when it comes to online shopping. This makes one of the must-have qualities of a great courier service.

What is it and how can it help you? Read what’s below to find out how important this service is.

1. What Does Last Mile Delivery Mean?

It is a term named so because it is the final stop of a package before it reaches your home. This means that your package first arrives at a location close to its final destination. Workers perform all kinds of checks to confirm everything is in order before sending it to you.

Often, these locations are distribution and fulfillment centers. With many fulfillment and distributions scattered across the United States, this means the package may be closer to the customer. This makes it an important service to have if businesses aim to please their customers.

Last mile logistics also focus on evolving the e-commerce scene. Many employees grind to think of ways to better their services for their clients. So, you can expect the e-commerce scene to get better as time goes on.

However, this service does not exist without its own drawbacks. It is expensive to avail in this service. With people also expecting to not pay anything to cover for shipping fees, it’s up to the retailers to shoulder the hefty expenses.

It’s also a time-consuming process. While it’s not much of a problem in a busy metropolis, rural areas suffer the problem of delivery time.

Dropping areas are often few and far between there. This means that it may take a while for customers living in such areas to get their orders.

2. Importance of Last Mile Services

As mentioned above, online shopping is becoming important for individuals and businesses. Imagine that no one receives their packages after arriving at the drop point. People will have to go to the distribution or fulfillment centers themselves.

This may turn people away from the e-commerce scene, which may make people relying on e-commerce jobless. It may also result in people crowding the fulfillment and distribution centers. This is where last mile solutions come in.

Last mile couriers are responsible for delivering a client’s order to their doorstep. This makes it important in keeping e-commerce as a productive business.

This is because it provides customers with convenience. It’s important to provide them with convenience because most of the time, they expect to receive such treatment. Doing this ensures that they avail of the same services again in the future.

The last mile service also gives shoppers more choices in customizing their deliveries. For instance, they can choose where the final drop-off will be in. Other customization options also include some notes the clients can write like special delivery instructions or directions to a customer’s home.

This service also allows other courier services to become relevant. Amazon Prime is a dominant presence in e-commerce. This is because they’re popular and they provide many delivery options.

Last mile services give other couriers a chance to stand against Amazon Prime. This gives them the opportunity to provide deals to appeal to their customers. This keeps the e-commerce market competitive.

3. Benefits of Last Mile Services

Last mile services offer many benefits. These range from customer satisfaction to technological advancements for the market.

Next Day Shipping

A big part of keeping customers satisfied with courier services is time. People are likely to employ the same courier service if they receive their package earlier than expected. This pushed many retail services to think of faster ways to deliver packages.

This gave birth to the next day and same day shipping. Same day shipping was a great idea, but it relied on too many factors. For instance, the closest fulfillment center had to have the exact product on hand.

This is the reason why many retailers opt to provide next day shipping instead, which 73% of last mile services provide. This made sure their customers didn’t have to wait long while being realistic enough to fulfill the promises they made to deliver their orders on the next day.


With e-commerce branching out, many people also branch out to find innovative solutions to their delivery problems. Many businesses resorted to sourcing their delivery tasks to suitable individuals.

This gave birth to the term crowdsourcing. This is where retailers employ other services to deliver packages faster than expected.

For example, Amazon hires Uber drivers to take part in their Amazon Flex program. They make use of their skills to deliver packages to their customers an hour after they order it.

This not only benefits the retailers but also gives people more job opportunities. This means that the economy of a country will grow as a result of last mile services. This also means there will never be a shortage of last mile carriers.

Technological Advancements that Support Last Mile Services

As e-commerce grows, there also technologies that grow to support them. For example, drones are now used by some companies to deliver packages.

There is even a courier robot fresh out of development. People can use them to deliver anything from parcels to groceries. All people need to do is download an app to be able to place an order.

Those are only a few examples of how technology helps last mile services. Many more are in development. This means last mile services will become faster and more advanced as time goes on.

Learn the Importance of Last Mile Delivery Services Today

Now that you know what last mile delivery services do, you know how important they are in the shipping process. Avail in one now!

In need of a courier service? Contact us here and we’ll provide the best courier service you deserve.


In 2017, people spent over $450 billion on online purchases. By 2020, experts project that number will close in on $613 billion.

If you’ve started an e-commerce company recently, this all sounds exciting — and it is. The industry is booming and only getting bigger.

However, there is a problem. When starting up, you probably didn’t factor in the 80-plus hour workweeks or the massive amount of effort it takes to get your product to your customer’s front door. Not to mention, the high cost of it all. For every minute you’re in the back picking and packing, that’s money lost in sales. 

Your strength is on the front lines, handling customer service and dealing with vendors.

Yet, here you are. You’re frustrated and exhausted. You really don’t know what to do.

But, we do. The answer to all your time, money, and blood pressure problems is simple. You need to find a 3rd party fulfillment service.

But what is 3rd party fulfillment and how do we know that’s what will solve your problems? We explain below. 

Types of Order Fulfillment

When e-commerce entrepreneurs set out to become one of the 30 million small business owners in America, they have to make a decision. It’s the same decision you had to make when you started your business.

Who’s going to handle everything?

You, along with millions of other start-ups, figured you’d save the most money by doing everything yourself. It’s starting to look like you were wrong. Don’t throw the towel in just yet.

There are three options for order fulfillment: self-fulfillment, dropshipping, and third-party order fulfillment. We’ll go over each of these below.


If you’re running your online store, picking and packing, shipping, and handling support, you use self-fulfillment. It’s pretty straightforward. 

You may have rented a large space with a warehouse that’s draining money every day. You’re concerned you’re losing sales because you can’t get to customer emails. 

You can hire more people, but how will you pay their salaries? How much longer can you pay your monthly rent? 

The overhead is what’s hurting you. That, and the lack of sleep. 


Someone may have suggested you start dropshipping. They told you that you’d save time, money, and headaches. 

Two out of three ain’t bad.

If you now realize that self-fulfillment isn’t efficient, you won’t feel much better about dropshipping.  

The theory goes that dropshipping saves you time and money. The reality is, it comes at a huge trade-off.

When you dropship, you find a supplier, usually online. They manufacture and warehouse a product. When an order comes in on your e-commerce site, the dropshipper puts your label on it and sends it to your customer.

Sounds great! What’s the problem?

Nowadays it’s very common to find these suppliers in China. This leads to obvious drawbacks. 

First, you can’t pick up the phone and call the supplier when there’s an issue. For one, do you speak Mandarin Chinese? Another issue is that Beijing is 13 hours ahead of Fort Lauderdale.

That’s a lot of effort to tell your supplier that you have a shipping issue. Speaking of shipping…

The Biggest Disadvantages to Dropshipping

The shipping process is slow. How slow is it? We thought you’d never ask.

It can take a month for your product to reach your customer. Yes, 30 days. There are reports it’s taken longer.

Amazon, the King of e-commerce, found out that 60% of their customers didn’t think their lightning-fast shipping options were fast enough. So, do you know what Amazon did? They started their own logistics system

Do you think your customers are going to wait four weeks? Of course not. You wouldn’t, why would they? 

Another disadvantage is that you have no control over the quality of the product. All you do is upload a photo of the product to your online store. The only way you’ll know what kind of quality the product is, is by ordering one yourself. 

The customer clicks the product, you contact the supplier, they ship it.

Weeks later, voila! It’s not the right product or the quality is poor.

Now what? Ordinarily, your customer returns it and you send a new one. The return process for dropshipping is often a nightmare.

For starters, the customer sends the faulty product back to you, at your expense. You may have to give them a refund. You might have to send them a replacement.

You pay for every single one of those options. Plus, there’s still a chance your now former customer leaves you a bad review. Not the look — or a headache — you want. 

3rd Party Fulfillment

When you use 3rd party order fulfillment, you partner with a company that specializes in getting your product into the hands of your customer. That’s the entire job — ensuring the process is seamless.

They’ll receive your product, inventory it, and store it in their warehouse until you get an order. Sometimes, the 3PL company will have a direct ordering system attached to your store. 

Other times, you simply forward the order to them. They’ll receive it, then get to work. They’ll pick and pack your product, often using your packaging. They usually get a good deal on shipping costs, too.

A reputable third-party fulfillment company will pass those savings onto you. They’ll also handle returns and stay in constant communication with you throughout the process.

That leaves you to focus on sales and providing excellent customer service. So, what’s the catch? 

If you don’t choose the right warehousing and fulfillment service to partner with, it can get pricey. But, a company with a great reputation and a lot of experience will look for ways to keep your costs down.

What You Pay For with 3rd Party Fulfillment

Most fulfillment services use activity-based pricing. This means they charge you for what they actually do for you. 

You’ll pay an initial set-up fee. After that, there are four fees you’ll see on your invoice: 

  • Receiving fees
  • Storage fees
  • Pick and Pack fees (aka, the actual order fulfillment)
  • Shipping costs

Some companies charge an initial set-up fee for as little as $100. Bigger warehouses or 3PL providers may charge as much as $500.

They’ll charge you an hourly rate or per-unit rate for receiving your product. But, this is usually an umbrella term that includes more than opening up a receiving door. Many companies include product unloading, inventory data entry, and even barcoding.  

Companies base warehousing costs on the amount of cubic footage, square footage, pallet storage, or bin storage your product takes up. They’ll charge you monthly, so this will vary depending on what your inventory is at the time. 

And that’s one of the biggest benefits of 3rd part fulfillment.

You only pay for the activity on your account. If you don’t have new product come in, you’ll only pay for the product that went out. It’s very transparent.

How to Find the Best 3rd Party Fulfillment Company

Finding a 3rd party fulfillment isn’t difficult. There are 3PLs everywhere. The hard part is finding one that’s best for you. 

When you search for a fulfillment service, make sure they’re upfront with you about the services they’ll charge you for. Ask them how they handle returns and how they figure your shipping costs. 

If you’re in Fort Lauderdale, your answer’s are even easier to find. 

At ASAP Courier, we provide a wide array of services for every business. We offer everything from refrigerated service to warehousing to last mile delivery. 

Contact us today and let us know how we can streamline your business and help you increase your bottom line.