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It’s no secret that companies offering same day delivery are becoming more popular than ever before. 

Whether you want to provide that sense of instant gratification to your clients, or if you need to find same day delivery services because you’re in more of a rush than usual, you can’t compromise when it comes to quality. 

But what are some of the things you should look for when you need the best delivery services Miami has to offer?

In this post, we’ll tell you the things that you should insist on to keep your clients happy and to protect your brand’s reputation. 

Ask If They Have Experience with Your Products

When you’re looking for same day delivery services, the first thing you should ask about is the company’s level of experience in handling your products. 

Have they had to transport sensitive documents before, for example? Do they know what steps need to be taken, whether it’s collecting signatures or verifying the recipient’s identity, when they deliver it? 

If it’s a heavier item, or one that’s difficult to ship due to its shape, how have they handled similar situations in the past? 

If you need to ship something that’s perishable, like a same day birthday delivery item like a cake, how will they protect the item? 

You need to know that you’re leaving your item, whether it’s a business or a personal delivery, in the very best possible hands.

Excellent Tracking/Shipping Notifications

When you’re looking for a same day delivery service provider, you also need to consider how they plan to keep you informed of the delivery process. 

Will you receive a notification when a courier is on the way to pick up your package? How will they keep you informed about where it is in the delivery process? What kind of confirmation will they be able to offer you once your package has arrived at its final destination? 

Look for delivery services that offer time-definite delivery. This way, you can rest easy knowing that your package is guaranteed to get to its destination on time. 

Superior Employee Training

The best delivery services are those that take the time to invest in their employees’ training. 

You need to work with a company that has licensed employees. Since, unfortunately, package theft sometimes happens with disreputable drivers, you need to make sure the one you’re considering has done their due diligence.

Have they conducted background checks on the people that they’ve hired? What is the training process like? What steps do individual couriers take in order to keep your packages safe?

In addition to taking the time to properly train and license their employees? 

You also need to make certain that the delivery service has insurance. 

If something happens to your package while it’s in transit, you don’t want to have to be responsible for the cost. The same thing goes if your courier gets injured on the job. 

If a courier/delivery service isn’t insured or can’t provide you proof of that insurance when asked? It’s time to move on.

The Ability to Provide a Quote

When you’re looking for rush or expedited delivery, you need to work with companies that can provide you with an instant quote. 

If a company tries to tell you that they’ll let you know the cost after the delivery has been made?

It’s a sure sign that they’re not a company worth working with. 

In order to provide you with the most accurate quote possible, delivery/shipping companies will need some information from you. 

They’ll need an estimate about the package’s weight, the pickup and destination locations, and what time you need it to arrive at its final destination.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to pay a higher fee for rush deliveries that are also out-of-state. 

However, if the price seems to high, it’s best to move on. If they can’t justify the quote they’re giving you to your satisfaction, you’re likely being taken for a ride.

We’re committed to brining you the best possible prices for your same day delivery needs — without compromising when it comes to quality. 

Excellent Customer Testimonials

The final thing that you need to be on the lookout for when you’re trying to find a reliable delivery service? 

Excellent reviews and references from past customers. Especially if you’re planning on using this company again in the future, you need to learn everything you can about the kind of service they provide. 

Ask to speak to at least two past clients directly. While reading online reviews will give you a bit on an idea about the service quality, it’s no replacement for speaking with someone directly. 

If the company doesn’t seem to want to give you that information? 

They’ve just told you everything you need to know about what working with them will probably be like. 

Need Reliable, Experienced Same Day Delivery Services?

We hope that this post has helped you to learn what you should look for in same day delivery services. 

No matter what you’re delivering or who it’s being delivered to, you deserve nothing less than the best. 

That’s what we aim to provide to our customers every single time. We offer a wide range of shipping and delivery options, and we have the experience to get it done the right way. 

Get an instant quote from us on our website. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need additional assistance or have questions about the shipping process in general. 


Vacations are so exciting! Hauling around lots of luggage, not so much.

Reliable Baggage Delivery Service

Reliable Baggage Delivery Service

What if there were a way to get your bags from your starting point to your destination without having to haul them all over the place? There actually is a better alternative to trusting the airlines with your precious cargo.

You can ship your luggage instead.

If this sounds interesting to you, keep reading. You’re going to want to learn about these 5 great reasons to use a baggage delivery service.

What Is Baggage Delivery Service? 

First off, what is a baggage delivery service?

How does it work? The courier company will pick up your bags from your location and handle everything from there. They make sure everything is wrapped and sealed up tight so that your belongings arrive safely at your destination.

Since your belongings will be traveling separately from you, you need some assurance they arrive. You’ll receive an email once your luggage has been delivered.

It’s that easy. All you have to do is take your flight and your bags will be waiting at the hotel when you arrive.

Now let’s take a look at those reasons why it’s such a great service.

1. No Stray Luggage

You take your luggage up to the counter and hand it to the smiling attendant. You watch it slide away on the conveyor belt and hope that you’re going to see it again at your destination.

To be honest, most likely you will. With advances in technology, airlines are doing better at not losing people’s luggage. In fact, only about 6 bags per 1000 travelers are lost. But if yours turns out to be one of the unlucky six that’s going to put a damper on your vacation.

Keep in mind that every connecting flight you have puts you at a higher risk for losing your bags. Every time your luggage changes planes is an opportunity for it to end up on the wrong flight or disappear completely.

These days nearly all airlines charge baggage fees. You’re going to have to pay for baggage service anyway. Why not pay and know that your bags are going to be there when you arrive?

2. No Waiting in Line for Bags

You already tend to do a lot of waiting in line at airports. You have to go through security, you have to get your passport stamped, and if you want to buy food there’s usually a line for that too.

Why not cut out some of that waiting in line?

With a baggage delivery service, you don’t have to wait in line to check your bags. When your flight lands you don’t have to stand there waiting at the carousel to get your bags. Once you get your passport stamped you can just head straight out of the airport.

3. Personalized Attention

Airlines deal with thousands upon thousands of travelers every day. The sheer volume makes it difficult to provide truly personalized attention.

On the other hand, a courier service is smaller and can tailor their service to your needs. You’ll usually get an email alerting you when your baggage has arrived at your hotel. Plus, if you need to make any itinerary changes you can simply call the company and they’ll make sure your bags end up where they should.

4. Proper Handling of Unusual Luggage

Traveling with unusually sized luggage can be a pain. Depending on its size and shape, the airline may charge you more in baggage fees. There’s also no guarantee it will arrive unscathed at your destination.

Airline employees are notorious for being extremely hard on luggage. Unusually shaped or very large packages can often take the brunt of this.

A baggage delivery service, however, will handle your luggage with care. It doesn’t matter how oddly-shaped or how large your luggage may be. Plus, they’ll have the equipment necessary to take good care of your stuff.

5. Ability to Track Luggage

One huge benefit to baggage delivery service is the ability to track luggage. This offers you the peace of mind that you need when traveling. Traveling is already stressful enough. Why make it harder on yourself?

When you check your bags with the airline, you watch them roll away and hope you’ll see them again. With a baggage delivery service, you can follow your luggage as it goes on its journey. You can check in and see where it is at any given time right from your smartphone.

6. Convenience

As you can see from the other reasons, baggage delivery service is incredibly convenient. Whether you’re traveling with small children, folks with disabilities, or simply a lot of luggage, hauling your luggage around with you is a pain.

With baggage delivery service you skip all that. You don’t have to haul it with you to the airport. You don’t have to wait in line to check it. You don’t have to pick it up from the carousel. And you don’t have to haul it to your hotel.

You simply go and your bags will meet you there when you arrive.

Ready for Your Next Trip? 

What do you think after reading about these great reasons to use a baggage delivery service? Are you ready to try it out for your next trip?

Get a quote now to find out how affordable it is to get your baggage from one place to another. Plus, you can’t really put a price on the peace of mind that comes with knowing your stuff will be where you need it, when you need.


Have you ever experienced delays when it comes to online shopping?

If not, then you should consider yourself lucky. Most people encounter problems when it comes to online shopping. Most of the time, they only experience a delay of 1 day or more, but others have it much worse.

Sometimes, customers receive their orders with delays reaching up to a month. Others don’t receive it at all because of errors during shipping. With online shopping becoming a crucial part of everyday life, how can you make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen to you?

Last mile delivery services are the solution.

Final mile delivery ensures that there are no problems when it comes to online shopping. This makes one of the must-have qualities of a great courier service.

What is it and how can it help you? Read what’s below to find out how important this service is.

1. What Does Last Mile Delivery Mean?

It is a term named so because it is the final stop of a package before it reaches your home. This means that your package first arrives at a location close to its final destination. Workers perform all kinds of checks to confirm everything is in order before sending it to you.

Often, these locations are distribution and fulfillment centers. With many fulfillment and distributions scattered across the United States, this means the package may be closer to the customer. This makes it an important service to have if businesses aim to please their customers.

Last mile logistics also focus on evolving the e-commerce scene. Many employees grind to think of ways to better their services for their clients. So, you can expect the e-commerce scene to get better as time goes on.

However, this service does not exist without its own drawbacks. It is expensive to avail in this service. With people also expecting to not pay anything to cover for shipping fees, it’s up to the retailers to shoulder the hefty expenses.

It’s also a time-consuming process. While it’s not much of a problem in a busy metropolis, rural areas suffer the problem of delivery time.

Dropping areas are often few and far between there. This means that it may take a while for customers living in such areas to get their orders.

2. Importance of Last Mile Services

As mentioned above, online shopping is becoming important for individuals and businesses. Imagine that no one receives their packages after arriving at the drop point. People will have to go to the distribution or fulfillment centers themselves.

This may turn people away from the e-commerce scene, which may make people relying on e-commerce jobless. It may also result in people crowding the fulfillment and distribution centers. This is where last mile solutions come in.

Last mile couriers are responsible for delivering a client’s order to their doorstep. This makes it important in keeping e-commerce as a productive business.

This is because it provides customers with convenience. It’s important to provide them with convenience because most of the time, they expect to receive such treatment. Doing this ensures that they avail of the same services again in the future.

The last mile service also gives shoppers more choices in customizing their deliveries. For instance, they can choose where the final drop-off will be in. Other customization options also include some notes the clients can write like special delivery instructions or directions to a customer’s home.

This service also allows other courier services to become relevant. Amazon Prime is a dominant presence in e-commerce. This is because they’re popular and they provide many delivery options.

Last mile services give other couriers a chance to stand against Amazon Prime. This gives them the opportunity to provide deals to appeal to their customers. This keeps the e-commerce market competitive.

3. Benefits of Last Mile Services

Last mile services offer many benefits. These range from customer satisfaction to technological advancements for the market.

Next Day Shipping

A big part of keeping customers satisfied with courier services is time. People are likely to employ the same courier service if they receive their package earlier than expected. This pushed many retail services to think of faster ways to deliver packages.

This gave birth to the next day and same day shipping. Same day shipping was a great idea, but it relied on too many factors. For instance, the closest fulfillment center had to have the exact product on hand.

This is the reason why many retailers opt to provide next day shipping instead, which 73% of last mile services provide. This made sure their customers didn’t have to wait long while being realistic enough to fulfill the promises they made to deliver their orders on the next day.


With e-commerce branching out, many people also branch out to find innovative solutions to their delivery problems. Many businesses resorted to sourcing their delivery tasks to suitable individuals.

This gave birth to the term crowdsourcing. This is where retailers employ other services to deliver packages faster than expected.

For example, Amazon hires Uber drivers to take part in their Amazon Flex program. They make use of their skills to deliver packages to their customers an hour after they order it.

This not only benefits the retailers but also gives people more job opportunities. This means that the economy of a country will grow as a result of last mile services. This also means there will never be a shortage of last mile carriers.

Technological Advancements that Support Last Mile Services

As e-commerce grows, there also technologies that grow to support them. For example, drones are now used by some companies to deliver packages.

There is even a courier robot fresh out of development. People can use them to deliver anything from parcels to groceries. All people need to do is download an app to be able to place an order.

Those are only a few examples of how technology helps last mile services. Many more are in development. This means last mile services will become faster and more advanced as time goes on.

Learn the Importance of Last Mile Delivery Services Today

Now that you know what last mile delivery services do, you know how important they are in the shipping process. Avail in one now!

In need of a courier service? Contact us here and we’ll provide the best courier service you deserve.


In 2017, people spent over $450 billion on online purchases. By 2020, experts project that number will close in on $613 billion.

If you’ve started an e-commerce company recently, this all sounds exciting — and it is. The industry is booming and only getting bigger.

However, there is a problem. When starting up, you probably didn’t factor in the 80-plus hour workweeks or the massive amount of effort it takes to get your product to your customer’s front door. Not to mention, the high cost of it all. For every minute you’re in the back picking and packing, that’s money lost in sales. 

Your strength is on the front lines, handling customer service and dealing with vendors.

Yet, here you are. You’re frustrated and exhausted. You really don’t know what to do.

But, we do. The answer to all your time, money, and blood pressure problems is simple. You need to find a 3rd party fulfillment service.

But what is 3rd party fulfillment and how do we know that’s what will solve your problems? We explain below. 

Types of Order Fulfillment

When e-commerce entrepreneurs set out to become one of the 30 million small business owners in America, they have to make a decision. It’s the same decision you had to make when you started your business.

Who’s going to handle everything?

You, along with millions of other start-ups, figured you’d save the most money by doing everything yourself. It’s starting to look like you were wrong. Don’t throw the towel in just yet.

There are three options for order fulfillment: self-fulfillment, dropshipping, and third-party order fulfillment. We’ll go over each of these below.


If you’re running your online store, picking and packing, shipping, and handling support, you use self-fulfillment. It’s pretty straightforward. 

You may have rented a large space with a warehouse that’s draining money every day. You’re concerned you’re losing sales because you can’t get to customer emails. 

You can hire more people, but how will you pay their salaries? How much longer can you pay your monthly rent? 

The overhead is what’s hurting you. That, and the lack of sleep. 


Someone may have suggested you start dropshipping. They told you that you’d save time, money, and headaches. 

Two out of three ain’t bad.

If you now realize that self-fulfillment isn’t efficient, you won’t feel much better about dropshipping.  

The theory goes that dropshipping saves you time and money. The reality is, it comes at a huge trade-off.

When you dropship, you find a supplier, usually online. They manufacture and warehouse a product. When an order comes in on your e-commerce site, the dropshipper puts your label on it and sends it to your customer.

Sounds great! What’s the problem?

Nowadays it’s very common to find these suppliers in China. This leads to obvious drawbacks. 

First, you can’t pick up the phone and call the supplier when there’s an issue. For one, do you speak Mandarin Chinese? Another issue is that Beijing is 13 hours ahead of Fort Lauderdale.

That’s a lot of effort to tell your supplier that you have a shipping issue. Speaking of shipping…

The Biggest Disadvantages to Dropshipping

The shipping process is slow. How slow is it? We thought you’d never ask.

It can take a month for your product to reach your customer. Yes, 30 days. There are reports it’s taken longer.

Amazon, the King of e-commerce, found out that 60% of their customers didn’t think their lightning-fast shipping options were fast enough. So, do you know what Amazon did? They started their own logistics system

Do you think your customers are going to wait four weeks? Of course not. You wouldn’t, why would they? 

Another disadvantage is that you have no control over the quality of the product. All you do is upload a photo of the product to your online store. The only way you’ll know what kind of quality the product is, is by ordering one yourself. 

The customer clicks the product, you contact the supplier, they ship it.

Weeks later, voila! It’s not the right product or the quality is poor.

Now what? Ordinarily, your customer returns it and you send a new one. The return process for dropshipping is often a nightmare.

For starters, the customer sends the faulty product back to you, at your expense. You may have to give them a refund. You might have to send them a replacement.

You pay for every single one of those options. Plus, there’s still a chance your now former customer leaves you a bad review. Not the look — or a headache — you want. 

3rd Party Fulfillment

When you use 3rd party order fulfillment, you partner with a company that specializes in getting your product into the hands of your customer. That’s the entire job — ensuring the process is seamless.

They’ll receive your product, inventory it, and store it in their warehouse until you get an order. Sometimes, the 3PL company will have a direct ordering system attached to your store. 

Other times, you simply forward the order to them. They’ll receive it, then get to work. They’ll pick and pack your product, often using your packaging. They usually get a good deal on shipping costs, too.

A reputable third-party fulfillment company will pass those savings onto you. They’ll also handle returns and stay in constant communication with you throughout the process.

That leaves you to focus on sales and providing excellent customer service. So, what’s the catch? 

If you don’t choose the right warehousing and fulfillment service to partner with, it can get pricey. But, a company with a great reputation and a lot of experience will look for ways to keep your costs down.

What You Pay For with 3rd Party Fulfillment

Most fulfillment services use activity-based pricing. This means they charge you for what they actually do for you. 

You’ll pay an initial set-up fee. After that, there are four fees you’ll see on your invoice: 

  • Receiving fees
  • Storage fees
  • Pick and Pack fees (aka, the actual order fulfillment)
  • Shipping costs

Some companies charge an initial set-up fee for as little as $100. Bigger warehouses or 3PL providers may charge as much as $500.

They’ll charge you an hourly rate or per-unit rate for receiving your product. But, this is usually an umbrella term that includes more than opening up a receiving door. Many companies include product unloading, inventory data entry, and even barcoding.  

Companies base warehousing costs on the amount of cubic footage, square footage, pallet storage, or bin storage your product takes up. They’ll charge you monthly, so this will vary depending on what your inventory is at the time. 

And that’s one of the biggest benefits of 3rd part fulfillment.

You only pay for the activity on your account. If you don’t have new product come in, you’ll only pay for the product that went out. It’s very transparent.

How to Find the Best 3rd Party Fulfillment Company

Finding a 3rd party fulfillment isn’t difficult. There are 3PLs everywhere. The hard part is finding one that’s best for you. 

When you search for a fulfillment service, make sure they’re upfront with you about the services they’ll charge you for. Ask them how they handle returns and how they figure your shipping costs. 

If you’re in Fort Lauderdale, your answer’s are even easier to find. 

At ASAP Courier, we provide a wide array of services for every business. We offer everything from refrigerated service to warehousing to last mile delivery. 

Contact us today and let us know how we can streamline your business and help you increase your bottom line. 


courier service
courier service

Want to keep your customers happy and loyal? One great solution is to offer faster delivery services.

Instant delivery is becoming the focus of many retailers online. Amazon is even going as far as using drones for this purpose. Although that’s the case, companies are still finding it hard to meet the demands.

The whole supply chain management and planning involves several processes. From the packing of the item to the receiving, companies should give importance to every step. These steps then involve several handlers, including the final mile carrier.

Wait, what is the final mile carrier? Well, it’s a crucial service for businesses and customers alike. Read on to find out what it is and why it’s valuable.

What is a Final Mile Carrier?

The term “final mile” or “last mile” refers to the final leg of the transportation of goods. It’s the movement of the package from the hub to the end user, which can be a business or the home of the recipient. The term is quite misleading, as this leg can range from a few of blocks to 100 miles.

In other words, it’s the part in the delivery process that matters most to the customers. After all, the transport of their parcel from the origin to the hub and the other points in between is none of their concern.

As such, the management should put greater importance in last mile deliveries. It’s the part of the process that the customers are aware of.

The final mile carrier is, therefore, the service that handles the final leg.

Why is Last Mile Delivery Important?

With the growing demands of consumers and businesses alike, last mile deliveries have also grown to be an important part of the whole process. Here are the exact reasons why.

1. Growing E-Commerce Market

The e-commerce market has had an exponential growth since it appeared. Still, we haven’t even seen its final form.

Experts are expecting it to grow even further. This means the demands for a reliable last mile carrier are growing as well.

2. Diverse Shipping Options

Businesses should be able to provide various shipping options to their customers. Although this puts importance on the whole process, the last mile is important in and of itself.

Businesses must be able to ship the parcel to the customer whenever and wherever they are. This presents the challenge of figuring out the logistics of getting a product to the customer’s location. The final mile carrier solves this issue as it commits to delivering the package at any location.

3. Convenience for the Customer

Buying a product is more convenient nowadays as online shopping, two-day shipping, and online payments are available. However, customers want even more. They want faster deliveries that are, at the same time, cheap or even free.

The customer demands are among the biggest challenges of last mile deliveries. To be able to continue providing a fast and affordable option, carriers must implement new technologies and processes.

Furthermore, the final mile delivery depends on other factors in the supply chain. It takes all the efforts of all companies involved to be able to deliver the package on time and without a hitch.

What happens if the package arrived late to the hub? Whenever a package is out of schedule, it’s up to the last mile carrier to fix it. Customers only know that the last mile delivery person is late and not why or how.

4. Customer Satisfaction

The last mile delivery persons are the face of the whole process. As such, they’re responsible for ensuring the satisfaction of the customers.

Reiterating the point above, the parcel must be on time so as not to cause an inconvenience to the customer. Of course, the package must also be in good condition when it arrives in the doorstep.

This means that the post-purchase might be as important as the shopping experience. Customers now judge how the delivery person dresses and if he/she is respectful. For this reason, businesses must choose a good company that will also serve as a representative for the brand.

Challenges of Last Mile Logistics

Being that the last mile delivery involves the customers, it can have greater challenges than the other parts. Perfecting it has become a necessity, although we’re still far from doing that. Here are a couple of challenges that last mile deliveries are facing.

Customers Want to Customize Their Experience

In the past, customers don’t have many expectations. They’ll be happy to receive a package a month later. Today, however, they want their items on their doorstep that same day.

More than that, they also want to be able to customize their experience. They want control over where they want to receive the item. Do they want it on their home or at a certain pick-up point?

They also want to be able to dictate a time most convenient for them. This is understandable as people are busier than ever.

However, this is a great challenge for final mile carriers. They not only have to deliver the package as fast as they can, but they also have to make sure that it’s within a certain timeframe.

There are a Lot of Unpredictable Circumstances

Last mile carriers also have a lot of risks. When a customer isn’t home, it’s an immediate loss for the company. Someone might also steal the package, the blame for which will go to the courier service.

What happens if there’s a heavy congestion on the street? What happens if there’s an accident on the way, causing a build-up of cars? There’s a chance of the package arriving late, thus missing the customer at home.

Moreover, this isn’t a simple case of being ready for such circumstances. The same-day and two-day deliveries don’t provide much room for emergencies and other unexpected events.

Finding the Right Partner is Important, Too

The challenges above highlight the fact the final mile carrier is important. If you’re looking for a trustworthy carrier that you can rely on as a partner in providing a great customer experience, don’t hesitate to contact us now! Let’s discuss the right logistics solutions for your business.


The original mail order catalog in the U.S. was the Tiffany and Co.’s “Blue Book,” which was published in 1845. At that point in time, it took weeks, if not longer, to deliver this catalog to everyone across the country.

Today, packages are able to circle the globe at impressive speeds, that continue through all types of weather, political climates and holidays. These delivery services are considered a “must have” for today’s competitive business atmosphere.

Are you still unconvinced that same day service is an asset to your business? If so, keep reading to learn how it can benefit you, your business and your clients or your customers.

1. Reduced Inventory Costs

If you use a same-day delivery service, you can reduce the total amount of inventory you have stockpiled every day. This is because you can move stock in and out of your warehouse extremely quickly.

When you have higher order volume, it’s much easier for you to provide systems for automated sorting. This can further help and reduce expenses by helping to streamline your costs.

2. Make Things Easier for Your Customers

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. After all, making life easier for your customers should always be a top priority.

As a result, if you want to make ordering products from your company more convenient, then offering same day shipping is a plus. What better way to do this than with a same day courier service?

This is much better than two-day shipping, and even overnight shipping. Within a few hours, your customers can have a brand-new product in-hand, without ever having to leave their home.

3. Minimize Vehicle Costs

With a same day courier service, you have the benefits of choosing the vehicle that “fits” the package. For example, do you have a letter or small package to deliver nearby? If so, you can use a courier service with delivery people on bikes.

For larger deliveries, you can use the fleet of vehicles the courier has on stand-by for this purpose. This allows you to reduce the cost associated with operating your own vehicles.

Since your fleet isn’t being driven as often, fuel costs, maintenance, and repairs are all lower.

4. Stay Ahead of Your Competition

There are a large number of companies now offering next day delivery, along with other benefits. This means it’s more important than ever before to offer services your competition doesn’t.

When you offer same day delivery service, you can compete with other businesses in your local area. You can also entice customers to choose you, over the competition.

5. Increase Your Margins

An extremely important advantage offered by same day courier delivery is that you can actually have higher margins

For example, do you have a customer who is in desperate need for your product? If they need it so badly, they have to have it delivered the same day, then you can ask a higher price than you usually do (within reason, of course).

What really matters to your customer at this point is that the package arrives on time. As a result, they are willing to pay a premium.

6. Avoid Losing Letters and Packages

Usually, when you put something in the mail, then you can only be “mostly” sure it is going to arrive at the target designation. Each day, 493.4 million pieces of mail are processed by the Postal Service. It isn’t surprising that a few hundred or even thousand are lost or misplaced.

If you have something important to send, chances are you can’t take the chance of being in that small percentage of lost letters or packages. This could lead to serious consequences.

When you use a same day delivery courier service, you don’t have to stress about stolen or lost packages. That’s because they are taken directly to the recipient just hours after being picked up from your warehouse.

7. Improve Business Productivity

The way you have to incentivize your business’s structure is going to depend greatly on the productivity levels of your workers. If a team believes they are only going to leave when all orders are done, they speed up their production.

Unlike a traditional warehouse, where things are packed up and shipped over time, to make the same day delivery possible, you have to provide incentives (mentioned above) to ensure your workers meet these demanding terms.

This improves business productivity, which eventually leads to more profits.

Selecting a Reliable Same Day Service Courier

When it is time to choose a same day service provider, be sure to do some research to choose a reliable option. Just like anything else, shopping this service around is highly recommended. It can also be beneficial to get familiar with the qualities of a good service provider.

You can minimize issues with pickup and delivery by taking the time to find a reputable courier service ahead of time.

Enhance Your Business with Same Day Service Delivery

If you are at the point where you are ready to decimate your inventory costs, then it is time to add a same day service courier to your team. When there are more packages traveling through your facility, there are going to be fewer sitting in it.

You can also raise your margins when you offer this same day service. After all, your customers will be willing to pay for the convenience.

The same day service can help you gain a competitive edge over other, similar businesses in your area. After all, there’s a good chance they won’t be able to fulfill orders the same way as you do.

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on demand delivery services

Remember when you actually had to wait for a delivery?

It seems like a lifetime ago when you had to wait a week or more for your packages to be delivered. Now, companies like Amazon have led the charge of getting things delivered in only one or two days.

This may seem like a change that happened overnight. However, on demand delivery services have had a long and strange history.

Keep reading to discover the evolution of on demand!

What Are On Demand Delivery Services?

We have put together a comprehensive guide to the evolution of on demand delivery. Before we go any further, though, it’s important to establish exactly what on demand delivery services actually are.

The most basic definition of on demand delivery is that it is the very speedy delivery of a product after you have placed your order.

Behind the scenes, on demand delivery service is actually much more complex. It involved companies such as Amazon figuring out how to solve some of the complex logistical issues involved behind making deliveries speedier.

In order to do this, they had to tackle one of the biggest logistics issues of all: last mile delivery.

The Problem With Last Mile Delivery

The biggest obstacle to speedy on demand delivery is what is called “last mile delivery.” And it was an issue that vexed some of the biggest companies in the world for decades.

Basically, shipping items across the country or even across the world is the easy part. Chances are that you have marveled at how fast an order from, say, the west coast made its way over to the east coast.

However, the slowdown occurs once the item is in your town. Companies must balance delivering everything to each customer’s door while also not messing up the timing of their various deliveries.

In time, things like peer to peer delivery would help to close this gap. Before that, though, Amazon would work on perfecting deliveries in conjunction with existing delivery services.

Amazon: The New Challenger

As you know, Amazon was the really big game-changer in terms of on demand delivery. And it all started with a simple concept: Amazon Prime.

Amazon began offering free two-day shipping back in 2005. However, there was a catch: this “free” shipping required an annual membership with Amazon Prime.

This proved to be a great short- and long-term strategy for Amazon. In the short-term, these memberships helped to subsidize the necessary costs involved with moving thousands of new orders a day and ensuring they were delivered within two days.

As a long-term goal, however, Amazon was making Prime an indispensable part of how customers shopped. Over time, they would begin to add additional services for Prime members, including the ability to stream free music and movies.

This culminated in the creation of Amazon’s Prime Day. As the name implies, this is a day of celebrating Amazon Prime with special sales intended only for Prime members.

The Larger Cultural Shift

The focus of this guide is the evolution of on-demand delivery services. However, it’s important to note that this was part of a larger cultural shift in consumer attitudes.

In short, the world soon became on-demand everything. Faster internet connections had led to streaming video through services such as Netflix. This led to the death of various movie rental chains such as Movie Gallery and Blockbuster video.

Meanwhile, Apple had kicked off a new kind of musical revolution where customers could pay to download a single song or an entire album to their iPods. Other consumers could now skirt the law and download music illegally and load it onto their iPods to play.

This was a time period in which consumers became very accustomed to getting what they wanted as soon as they wanted it. Therefore, Amazon and others embraced on demand delivery so they could keep up with the fast pace of consumer demand.

Peer to Peer

A few years later, another cultural shift took place. And this shift ended up changing the world of on demand delivery once more.

The so-called “gig economy” eventually gave way to various peer to peer services. This refers to any service where you are dealing directly with an individual rather than a larger business.

This led to everything from peer to peer lending to the advent of Etsy and Uber. And before too long, there was peer to peer shipping.

Uber eventually created Uber Eats as a way to transport non-delivery food to people at home. And companies like Postmates helped deliver groceries to people who could not or would not leave the house.

While Amazon did not create the peer to peer model, they certainly took note of it. And they eventually created their own version of peer to peer in the form of Amazon Flex.

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex took the same idea behind Postmates and Uber and applied it to Amazon packages. Specifically, this is an on demand delivery service in which anyone can deliver packages from Amazon.

The Flex employee receives packages from Amazon at a time they have scheduled via a specialized app. And then they can deliver these packages to recipients in nearby neighborhoods.

This on demand delivery service is not intended to provide a full-time source of income. Rather, like most of the “gig economy,” it lets people earn a few extra bucks here and there as needed.

Wal-Mart Takes Note

Many have wondered if Amazon will fully put brick-and-mortar stores out of business. However, giant companies like Wal-Mart are not going down without a fight.

Now, Wal-Mart offers shipping directly to customers’ houses. And along with their new pick-up service (in which you order ahead of time and have the goods delivered to your car), this helps make brick-and-mortar shopping a little more convenient.

The Bottom Line

Now you know the evolution of on demand delivery services. But do you know who can deliver everything with speed and accuracy?

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Courier Service

We know that you only want to work with the best suppliers, employees, and even clients and customers.

So why should you compromise when it comes to finding the right courier business?

No matter what you need to be delivered, and when you need to have it delivered, you need to know what to look for in a qualified courier service.

Read on to find out.

We’ll let you know where you can go to find the best courier service in your area.

When you’re ready to upgrade your delivery services and spend less time worrying about when your packages will arrive, learn what you should look for.

1. Many Different Delivery Options

The most important thing that you should look for in a courier business?

A wide variety of delivery options.

You need to work with a company offering rush and on-demand services, for those last-minute or unexpected deliveries. Also, look for pre-scheduled delivery services, so you know the package will arrive at a convenient time for the recipient.

Can the company deliver different things, like luggage, envelopes, multiple boxes, and even your retail store deliveries?

What about Last Mile home delivery services?

And can they deliver your items on foot, by air, and even by sea?

Make sure that you’re working with a company that’s able to conform to your needs.

2. Excellent Tracking and Communication

There are few things more frustrating than trying to figure out where in transit your package is.

Except, of course, having to explain to a client or colleague that not only is the package late, but also that you’re not certain where it is.

This isn’t something that a qualified and experienced courier business will force its customers to have to put up with. Instead, the best courier service is one that makes it easy to track your package.

When it’s first sent out, you should get an email or alert letting you know the delivery process has been initiated. You should also be provided with a tracking number for your package, so that you can get updates as it continues to make its way towards the destination.

This way, even if something like an accident, bad weather, or even a change in the time that the recipient can pick up the package happens, you will know about it. This will allow you to make changes and to plan accordingly.

A tracking number doesn’t just make your life easier. It’s also a sign that the courier service business you’re thinking of working with takes on-time delivery seriously. This isn’t certainly something that you don’t want to leave out.

Flexibility is key in any industry, but it’s especially important when it comes to shipping and delivery. Work with a service that you know can adapt to anything.

3. Ease of Scheduling

Especially if you need same-day delivery, or if you need to rush an item, you don’t have time to waste trying to figure out the scheduling process of different courier services.

The right courier service company makes it easy for you to schedule a delivery window. You should be able to book the services you need from anywhere, on the device that works the best for you.

Look for a company that allows you to schedule deliveries across multiple channels.

Whether you want to use an app, make a phone call, or simply get a quote and place an order online, placing your order shouldn’t be complicated.

4. A Commitment to Security

There are two types of security that the best delivery service can provide.

The first refers to the safe delivery of your documents, packages, or products. Especially if you’re sending something to a high-level client, a potential employer, or even someone special.

You know that the shape that your package arrives in is just as important as what’s inside of it.

It doesn’t matter if you’re delivering a contract, a perishable item, a piece of art, or a product a customer ordered online.

You need to feel secure about the courier business you’re working with will take great care in proper packaging and protecting it throughout the shipping journey.

Additionally, we know that you want to ensure that your delivery is placed in the hands of the intended recipient. Plus, what should you do if you need to have personal information or sensitive data delivered?

A breach due to improper security measures of your courier service company is unacceptable. After all, your company’s reputation, or even your personal one, is at stake.

Make sure that the service also provides you with an electronic proof of delivery., and that they require the recipient’s signature.

Need a Courier Business That You Can Trust?

We hope that this post has helped you to understand what some of the most important things to look for in a courier business are.

Whether you’re shipping business-related items or personal documents, you need to work with a service that you can trust.

If you’re looking for the best delivery service, we hope that you’ll give us the opportunity to prove to you why we fit that description.

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how to ship perishables

Many people are skipping the grocery store and buying frozen food online instead. A recent report shows that the number of Americans regularly purchasing frozen foods is rising.

Businesses across the country are faced with the task of shipping frozen food. Knowing how to ship perishables properly can save your business time and money. Your food will remain fresh during its journey, keeping your customers satisfied.

So, what’s the best way to keep your food cold on the road? Take a look at our guide to shipping perishables:

How To Ship Perishables

Using the right insulation and packing materials will ensure that your shipments will stay fresh. Insulation keeps the heat out, allowing your food to remain cold or frozen.

Styrofoam Boxes

Styrofoam is made of polystyrene foam, which deters heat. Styrofoam isn’t a very good conductor of heat because it’s mostly made of air. That’s what makes it a great insulator for frozen or cold products.

You can order these boxes in various sizes and thicknesses. A thicker box will keep your food cool for longer. You won’t have to go through as many dry ice or gel packs with a thicker box, but it’ll be more expensive.

Styrofoam Cutsheets

Styrofoam cutsheets are cheaper than the entire Styrofoam box, but they aren’t as good at keeping your food fresh for long periods of time. You can also order these cutsheets in custom or standard sizes.

Insulated Box Liners

Insulated liners are inserted right into your box and protect your shipment from spoiling. If you have extra space around your item, you can use bubble wrap or foam peanuts for additional protection.

Air-Filled Insulated Box Liners

These liners are cheaper than other types of liners because they just use air. They usually come equipped with a hand pump or air tank depending on how large your shipments are.


Only use packing tape when sending out your products. Make sure to cover all the edges of your box with tape in order to prevent the item from melting or spoiling.

Dry Ice or Gel Packs?

Your decision to use dry ice or gel packs depends on whether the item you’re shipping needs to be kept cold or frozen. You might be shipping out dairy products or fruit that need to be refrigerated, or you could be sending meat or fish that must be frozen.

Dry ice and gel packs both have different qualities and shipping requirements that you should know before you start sending perishables to your customers.

Dry Ice

If you’re wondering how to ship frozen food, don’t worry–it’s easy. Just use dry ice.

You can purchase dry ice at your local grocery store or butcher for only $1 to $3. Dry ice comes in snow, pellet, and block form–all are effective in maintaining a freezing cold temperature.

For larger shipments, you’ll need to use more dry ice than you would for smaller ones. Take note of the current season, the product’s weight, and the product’s destination when you’re trying to determine how much dry ice to use.

In general, you should use about 5-10 pounds of dry ice for every 24 hours that will pass during the product’s shipment. You can multiply this amount of dry ice if you have bigger containers or a longer shipping time.

Dry ice is a dangerous material that is made from frozen carbon dioxide, and it must be handled with care. Use gloves and goggles while handling it, and don’t let it come into direct contact with any of your food. You also have to leave extra space in the box so the dry ice can expand.

When you use dry ice, always be sure to put a label on the outside of your package stating that there’s dry ice inside.

Gel Packs

For food that must be kept cold but not frozen, you should use gel packs. Refrigerated foods should be kept cool around 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Gel packs are made so that they can fit in tight places around your product’s container.

Gel packs will keep your food cold for long shipping periods, but it’s still ideal to choose faster shipping options. Simply place your food in the center of your insulated shipping box, and insert gel packs on top or on the sides. Better yet, gel packs are safer to handle than dry ice and don’t require additional labels on the package.

To figure out how many gel packs to use, test out different amounts and sizes of gel packs on your products before you ship them. You’ll be able to save more money if you use packs meant for one use only.

Other Options to Keep Food Cool

Gel packs aren’t the only way to keep your refrigerated items cold. You can also try using foam bricks, solid plastics, or pliable packs.

Foam bricks are usually used alongside a Styrofoam container. They’ll stay the same shape and can be frozen for multiple uses.

Solid plastic packs are hard and inflexible. They’re also used with Styrofoam containers and can be used more than once.

You should use pliable packs if you need to fit a freeze pack in a tight place. Pliable packs are always flexible and are great to place on the sides or top of an insulated container.

Speedy Deliveries

If you don’t have access to refrigerated delivery, then you’ll want to make sure that your product can be shipped as fast as possible. Your package should be labeled with “Perishable” and “Keep Refrigerated.” It’s also recommended that you let your customer know when their product is arriving so they can immediately store it in their fridge or freezer.

Smarter Shipping

Knowing how to ship perishables can save you from an angry review from a customer who received spoiled or rotten food. With the frozen food market constantly expanding outside of grocery stores, more people will be tempted to order their meals online.

If you’re in the Miami or Fort Lauderdale area, be smart about your shipping. Choose ASAP Courier to ensure that your goods get shipped in a timely and cost-effective manner. Visit our website to get a quote.


Wouldn’t it be great if you could ship anything you wanted and never have to worry about it getting broken? Maybe in a perfect world you could simply throw your item into a box, send it off, and it would arrive in perfect condition. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in.

Shipping fragile items requires a certain amount of care and strategy. The goal is to send your package from Point A to Point B without it getting damaged on the way to its destination. With that in mind, here are a few tips that can help you be sure that your shipment arrives in one piece each and every time!

Shipping Fragile Items: How to Prepare Breakable Packages for the Mail

Though courier services are a reliable shipping method, there’s always a risk of damage when shipping fragile items. Keep reading this article to learn how you can best prepare your breakable products for the mail.

Be Sure to Use the Right Size Box

The size box you choose for shipping your item is more important than you might think. Many people make the mistake of using a box that is too big so that they can stuff it full of extra padding.

This is actually not a very wise idea because the peanuts or bubble wrap can shift around during transit, allowing the fragile item to shift around as well and increase the chances of getting damaged. A larger box will also require higher shipping costs.

The perfect size box will give you a couple of extra inches on each side of the item you’re shipping. This allows you enough room for ample padding materials yet also creates a snug fit so that nothing moves around.

Use a Box that is Made of High-Quality Materials

Saving a little money on a fragile box is something you’ll probably regret in the long run. A box made of flimsy materials won’t hold up, and could ultimately get severely dented or crushed in transit.

When shopping for shipping containers, look for mailers that are at least 1/8 inch thick, and boxes made of B-flute. The cost for a higher-quality box typically amounts to very little money. And this will ultimately prove to be a small price to pay for the peace of mind of knowing that your breakable item is adequately protected.

Use Bubble Wrap

Investing in bubble wrap is probably the best way to protect fragile items from damage. Just be sure to buy plenty and to make liberal use of it.

If you’re shipping an item like a drinking glass or vase, fill the empty cavity with bubble wrap or stuff in some crumpled paper. Then cover the item with a layer of paper before adding another layer or two of bubble wrap.

Be sure to use plenty of tape, but not too much. Remember that someone on the other end will need to unwrap the item, and endless amounts of tape can make the task extremely frustrating and time-consuming.

Use Padding Inside the Box

Now that your item is secured encased in bubble wrap and paper, it’s time to prepare the box. As mentioned before, you’ll want a box that offers a couple extra inches of space for adding some layers of padding.

Filler material like peanuts, bubble wrap, or air pillows work best. So start at the bottom of the box and make a nest for the item to rest in. Remember that the primary goal is to keep your item from moving around inside.

After placing the item inside, cover it with a layer of padding, leaving just enough to space to be able to easily close and seal the box and seal it with tape.

Be Sure to Label the Box as Fragile

We understand that simply writing “FRAGILE” on the outside of the shipping box isn’t a guarantee that it will be handled with care while in transit. But it does help bring attention to the fragile contents.

Not every package gets handled with love or gets placed gently among other boxes. This is just a reality of the shipping business. But by not taking the time to label your box as FRAGILE, you are almost certainly lowering the odds of it arriving at its destination undamaged.

Prepare the Item for Unpacking

So much time is spent careful packaging fragile items for shipment that many people forget to consider that each item will need to eventually be opened and removed from the packaging.

For example, let’s say that you are moving to a new house. You’ve used great care and spent a lot of time boxing up dishes and other fragile items for shipment. So be sure that everything is labeled so that the unpacking process is simple and easy.

Also, keep in mind what you plan to do with the materials that you used for shipping. All of the paper, peanuts, and bubble wrap can be recycled rather than tossed out with the garbage. Being a good citizen and recycling your packing materials can go a long way toward saving the environment.

Talk to an Expert

Not everyone is as skilled at preparing a package to be shipped as others. Does this describe you? There’s no need to panic.

There are plenty of resources available for those who lack the time or skills to prepare their fragile items for shipment. Look online for help or contact a moving specialist for tips. These experts are always happy to help, and their advice can make your shipping experience much less stressful.

Handle With Care

Shipping fragile items is actually easier than you might think. Your delicate possessions are important to you, and thus you want to take whatever steps are necessary to prevent damage during shipment.

Accidents do happen, but these tips should go a long way toward helping you learn how to ship fragile items without incident. Just remember that preparing fragile items for shipment isn’t rocket science, but it is an art form.

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