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How does quick delivery impact your sales?

August 30, 2017 Courier

In the growing and expanding market, ecommerce has become a staple of how we go shopping throughout the year. Stores like Amazon and WalMart have capitalized on ecommerce, and have begun using it to their advantage. For instance, Amazon has Black Friday sales and that means consumers can take up incredible deals without leaving the comfort of their home. Amazon has brilliantly introduced “Prime Day” as well more recently to incentivize on line shoppers even more. WalMart offers the option to order online, and to pick it up at the store — making it convenient for consumers who don’t have time to search isles for an item.

However, for retailers in a competitive and mature ecommerce market, offering choices on delivery is one of the soundest ways to get ahead of the competition. Options of 5-7 days are no longer viable. Instead, the consumer wants an array of choices and, if one fits their lifestyle, they’ll be bound to buy.

Couriers and Your Shop

As store owners, especially if they operate online, have been feeling some sort of overwhelm and stress when it comes to deliveries. Amazon has changed the game entirely with their Prime service. In many big cities, Amazon deliveries can even be done on the same day through one of their Amazon lockers.

So can a retail store or online shop compete? Of course.

Particularly, they can use a courier company that will be able to cater the needs of the owner and the customer. While Amazon offers a large selection of items, what makes them beat out their competitors is the delivery options.

The great news is that you can now offer your unique and particular products, coupled with the delivery options that your customers crave and require.

Delivery options for online retailers don’t necessarily mean only offering one or two day shipping. Rather, offering standard delivery, next day, special packaging, signing at the front door, same day (if possible), etc. Another option is offering convenient options such as click and collect, and nominated delivery slots.

These choices will allow you, the business owner, to appeal to a large group of customers and gain a significant edge over their rivals. Secondly, adding delivery options will impact your ability to offer more holistic customer service, further adding value to your brand and store.

As ASAP Courier, a premier Miami courier service, we’re more than happy to offer you the delivery and logistics options your online store, and customers need and demand. We’re ready to work with your brand to help you raise sales and expand in ways you never thought possible.

In this ecommerce market, you can be a competitor, and with a few strategic moves, you can ensure your product gets out to all who want it.! Call US and find out more: 954-527-4444