Our Courier Mail Service Is Always On The Go, So You Don’t Have To Be!

We know how hectic life can get. Between business, family and personal errands, it may seem that you don’t even have time to go drop off Aunt Betty’s birthday gift! Now, there is a reliable courier service available which can make sure that all of your packages are delivered on time and in tact. Additionally, there is express service available, which can ensure that your package or documents are delivered within a few hours!

A courier service is defined as a delivery service of packages. Couriers differentiate from regular mail service because they offer features such as increased security, faster speeds, up to date, real time tracking, signature requirements and even specialization and individualization of express services. They are one of the oldest services, dating back to ancient times. Back in medieval times, carrier pigeons and men on horseback were actually frequently used to deliver messages and letters in a timely fashion. Far before mechanized courier services were established and put to use, messengers on foot would spend a great deal of time running for many miles to their destinations, some even out of state! Today, there are actually still marathons which are related directly to known ancient messenger routes. Then, in the middle ages, European royal courts would hire their own individualized messengers who were paid similarly to common laborers.

The courier industry has come a long way since ancient times! In today’s day and age, many of us have businesses which must ship items both nationally or internationally. Using UPS, USPS and FedEx is always an option, but sometimes it can be important to have that personal touch. Also, ASAP courier service is one of the few who offer the unique same day shipping option. Their reliable drivers will make sure that your delivery arrives to the correct recipient, on time and will notify you along the way as well.

For those of us with small businesses, pricing is always key. ASAP’s competitive prices will help you save money, while providing exceptional service. Quotes are always free online or over the phone and you can even e-mail info@asapcourierfll.com for a quote or additional information. Their representatives are always on call to answer any questions you may have, or provide a real time status update of your delivery or shipment.

ASAP has the ability to deliver both small packages (letters and documents) to large freight deliveries.  They offer local, national and international service to make sure your business or personal delivery runs smoothly. There is no reason to rely on regular mail or constantly have to check your tracking information online, simply call courier today at 800-446-7477 for a free quote and learn how to improve your professional and personal logistics!