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Rush Messenger Service Miami?

October 27, 2016 Courier

Miami is one of America’s most beautiful cities and with that comes lots of energy! Whether people are sending each other personal packages and gifts, or businesses shipping items back and forth, there is always a need for fast and reliable couriers!  The Rush Messenger Service of Miami has come up with and improved on all of your shipping needs!

ASAP Courier of Miami is the most reliable, efficient way to have packages sent or received. With a combined total of 100 years of experience in the messenger and courier industry we can guarantee a timely, smooth delivery for all parties involved! Whether big or small, we can facilitate your delivery and arrival as specified to a tee!


Overnight Delivery!

We realize that your time is valuable and our goal is to help your personal or business package arrive on time, no matter how tight a time frame you have. Our dispatchers study current business and retail needs and realizing how often emergencies come up have found the best methods of transport for each industry’s most sensitive deliveries.

As a part of the Arrow Delivers Family ASAP offers a  24 hour coverage of your deliveries to almost any major city. You can receive the benefit of personalized service combined with large company resources.

We have an affordable, competitive overnight delivery policy, which is 100% guaranteed! This means that there is no need to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to confirm that your delivery has arrived at it’s destination, we remove the guesswork!

Whether sending an important legal document or gift for your cherished family member, contact ASAP Courier. We stand strongly by our overnight delivery promise, so you can rest assured that your package is in the very best hands!