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What Are Last Mile Delivery Services and How Can They Help You?

January 8, 2019 last mile service

Have you ever experienced delays when it comes to online shopping?

If not, then you should consider yourself lucky. Most people encounter problems when it comes to online shopping. Most of the time, they only experience a delay of 1 day or more, but others have it much worse.

Sometimes, customers receive their orders with delays reaching up to a month. Others don’t receive it at all because of errors during shipping. With online shopping becoming a crucial part of everyday life, how can you make sure this kind of thing doesn’t happen to you?

Last mile delivery services are the solution.

Final mile delivery ensures that there are no problems when it comes to online shopping. This makes one of the must-have qualities of a great courier service.

What is it and how can it help you? Read what’s below to find out how important this service is.

1. What Does Last Mile Delivery Mean?

It is a term named so because it is the final stop of a package before it reaches your home. This means that your package first arrives at a location close to its final destination. Workers perform all kinds of checks to confirm everything is in order before sending it to you.

Often, these locations are distribution and fulfillment centers. With many fulfillment and distributions scattered across the United States, this means the package may be closer to the customer. This makes it an important service to have if businesses aim to please their customers.

Last mile logistics also focus on evolving the e-commerce scene. Many employees grind to think of ways to better their services for their clients. So, you can expect the e-commerce scene to get better as time goes on.

However, this service does not exist without its own drawbacks. It is expensive to avail in this service. With people also expecting to not pay anything to cover for shipping fees, it’s up to the retailers to shoulder the hefty expenses.

It’s also a time-consuming process. While it’s not much of a problem in a busy metropolis, rural areas suffer the problem of delivery time.

Dropping areas are often few and far between there. This means that it may take a while for customers living in such areas to get their orders.

2. Importance of Last Mile Services

As mentioned above, online shopping is becoming important for individuals and businesses. Imagine that no one receives their packages after arriving at the drop point. People will have to go to the distribution or fulfillment centers themselves.

This may turn people away from the e-commerce scene, which may make people relying on e-commerce jobless. It may also result in people crowding the fulfillment and distribution centers. This is where last mile solutions come in.

Last mile couriers are responsible for delivering a client’s order to their doorstep. This makes it important in keeping e-commerce as a productive business.

This is because it provides customers with convenience. It’s important to provide them with convenience because most of the time, they expect to receive such treatment. Doing this ensures that they avail of the same services again in the future.

The last mile service also gives shoppers more choices in customizing their deliveries. For instance, they can choose where the final drop-off will be in. Other customization options also include some notes the clients can write like special delivery instructions or directions to a customer’s home.

This service also allows other courier services to become relevant. Amazon Prime is a dominant presence in e-commerce. This is because they’re popular and they provide many delivery options.

Last mile services give other couriers a chance to stand against Amazon Prime. This gives them the opportunity to provide deals to appeal to their customers. This keeps the e-commerce market competitive.

3. Benefits of Last Mile Services

Last mile services offer many benefits. These range from customer satisfaction to technological advancements for the market.

Next Day Shipping

A big part of keeping customers satisfied with courier services is time. People are likely to employ the same courier service if they receive their package earlier than expected. This pushed many retail services to think of faster ways to deliver packages.

This gave birth to the next day and same day shipping. Same day shipping was a great idea, but it relied on too many factors. For instance, the closest fulfillment center had to have the exact product on hand.

This is the reason why many retailers opt to provide next day shipping instead, which 73% of last mile services provide. This made sure their customers didn’t have to wait long while being realistic enough to fulfill the promises they made to deliver their orders on the next day.


With e-commerce branching out, many people also branch out to find innovative solutions to their delivery problems. Many businesses resorted to sourcing their delivery tasks to suitable individuals.

This gave birth to the term crowdsourcing. This is where retailers employ other services to deliver packages faster than expected.

For example, Amazon hires Uber drivers to take part in their Amazon Flex program. They make use of their skills to deliver packages to their customers an hour after they order it.

This not only benefits the retailers but also gives people more job opportunities. This means that the economy of a country will grow as a result of last mile services. This also means there will never be a shortage of last mile carriers.

Technological Advancements that Support Last Mile Services

As e-commerce grows, there also technologies that grow to support them. For example, drones are now used by some companies to deliver packages.

There is even a courier robot fresh out of development. People can use them to deliver anything from parcels to groceries. All people need to do is download an app to be able to place an order.

Those are only a few examples of how technology helps last mile services. Many more are in development. This means last mile services will become faster and more advanced as time goes on.

Learn the Importance of Last Mile Delivery Services Today

Now that you know what last mile delivery services do, you know how important they are in the shipping process. Avail in one now!

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