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What To Look For When Choosing a Last Mile Delivery Service

June 12, 2018 Courier

last mile delivery
last mile delivery

The United States Post Office delivers about 500 million pieces of mail in a single day. The takeaway here? With everything else they have to deliver and take care of, there’s a chance your important package, letter, or shipping box could be delayed, damaged, or even lost. When it’s not worth the risk, you need to rely on a last-mile delivery service. But what should you look for when choosing a last-mile delivery service?

Keep on reading this post to find out.

Ask About Employee Screening and Training

When it comes to finding the right last mile delivery service, the security of your packages and the professionalism with which they’re delivered are the two most important things.

Unfortunately, there are dishonest mail carriers and couriers out there who will take advantage of you.

That’s why, when you’re trying to find a last-mile delivery service, you should ask about how the company screens their potential employees. Do they run background checks on them?

How are they trained to keep your mail secure on every step of the journey?

What sort of company standards does the delivery service enforce, and what sort of training programs and certifications (including driver’s licenses, etc) do they use?

Finally, when they meet with your customers, how do they identify themselves? What special care, like white glove service if needed, do they provide? After all, these people will be representing your brand and company, even if they’re not your direct employees.

Consider Tracking Ability

When you’re choosing a last-mile delivery service, you also need to understand how the company will help you to track your packages every step of the way.

Look for a company that makes it incredibly easy to schedule pickups through a phone call, an app, or simply online. You want to be able to get a quote in a few minutes, and you will need to be able to place an order for a pickup or delivery no matter where you are.

Additionally, ask if the company will send you an email once your package has been picked up. Ask when you’ll be able to get a tracking number, and how they will provide you with an electronic proof of delivery.

You should also ask the company you’re thinking of doing business with if they will be able to send you text message updates. That way, you can check on the status no matter where you are.

Read Reviews and Speak to References

When you’re on the hunt for a reliable last mile delivery service, one of the best ways to understand the level of service you can expect is to look at what past customers are saying.

Sure, you can read the testimonial page of a website.

But remember that companies aren’t likely to put negative reviews or suggestions for improvement from past clients on their site. Check out their reviews on Google My Business and Yelp.

While a few negative experiences are fine, be cautious if bad service seems to be the norm, not the exception. The same thing goes if you note that the company hasn’t responded to or tried to remedy these negative reviews in any way.

You should also make it a point to speak with past customers directly. Ask them if there were any hidden last mile delivery costs if the shipments were made on time and if they got the tracking updates that they needed.

Make sure that you talk to past clients who had the same size, weight, and type of items shipped and delivered that you’re considering.

If you’re thinking of choosing a last-mile delivery service that doesn’t want to give you references, now is the time to start your search over again. It’s just not worth it.

Think About The Speed

With fast shipping speeds now among the most important parts of consumer experience, when you’re working with a last-mile delivery service, you need to know you can count on them to deliver quickly.

You don’t want the reputation of your business to suffer because of a lackluster delivery and courier service.

Ask how they calculate the standard shipping speed, and whether or not they offer any guarantees for a delivery time.

Also, ask about the different delivery window options they offer. Can your clients get what they need at any time, or will they be forced to wait?

Additionally, talk to the courier service about how they’ll respond in the event of bad weather or another factor that’s likely beyond their control.

Sure, you can’t always help slow delivery times, but you need to know how they’ll work to get things as close to on-time delivery as possible in these situations.

Need a Reliable Last Mile Delivery Service?

We hope that this post has helped you to understand what you need to look out for when you’re in the market for a last-mile delivery service.

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